Monday, January 14, 2013

A Long-story Short-problem

Good morning!
This is the not-so-Monday-morning, it’s 10a.m. when I write this. I just woke up because my help lady come too early while I actually still deep in slumber.
So, how’s your 2013 so far people? Mine is boooooriiiiing… nothing really interesting happen lately. Yeah, how can I have an interesting life if what I do for this whole week is only staying at home, watching DVDs? Typically forever alone kind of.

But starting next week, I will have my final exam in campus this semester, after that I will go home, to Jakarta to spend the holiday with my family.
Sounds fun, huh?
By the way, I have a mission here… a mission to change my bad habit on writing. The habit of better-not-writing-unless-I-can-write-at-least-two-long-paragraphs-that-in-the-end-the-fact-is-I’m-not-writing-at-all. What a long and annoying sentence ya, you have to read it in single breath only actually, that’s why I’m writing-it-with-these. ;p

Back to the point, yes… that was my very problem on writing, I’m so used on writing a long write, so it feel weird to write a short one. But now I think, I’m not a person with a good time management, so if I insist to write the long paragraph, I’ll be end not writing anything, because I fail to find enough time to write. So from now on, I decide, to try to write anything and anytime no matter how short or unnecessary it is.
We’ll see if I able or unable to seize it this time.

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