Thursday, January 3, 2013

The 13th Beginning

It’s me again… I’m sure that nobody know who I am, but it’s still me.
So here’s the story, I used to be a pretty fine-good-not-so-famous-blogger kind of before I was forced to close my previous blog by one and another reasons.
So yes, to prevent more problems comes up and ruined everything, I decided to run away from the disaster that I delete my blog and stop blogging for a meantime. No, don’t ask me how hard it was. I cry my heart out for a full two days after doing that. I leave my blog, where I used to poured all my feeling, thought, even all my unnecessary blabber there. I also have a several people follow my blog, read my amateur posts and appreciate it very well. Not only closed my baby-blog, I have to leave my fellow followers also, by perforce. :’(

Talking about blogging, I’ve been doing it for a quiet long time. Perhaps, around 3 years? Currently I always blog on tumblr, posting and reblogging pictures. Yet like I said before, I stop writing anything for awhile. Until on last new year’s eve, I decided, cannot blogging is sucks… I have to have some place to write again. So… poof! Just like that, I’m on the board again.
Now I’m as happy as I can be! :D
I basically blog on three languages; Bahasa Indonesia, English, and sarcasm. Okay, don’t mind the last language.
Bahasa Indonesia as in what I speak daily, English as in what I learn daily (Yes, am an English Literature major at school) — that I will say sorry in advance for my poor English and even more poor grammar, or any typos. As long as what I  write is understandable, it will do just fine.
Last but not least, I’m not doing this blog for the sake of to read by other people anymore. I’m just doing this blog because it choke me to dead when I have no place to write anything after a long term not blogging at all.
So from now on I will just writing, talking, posting anything here as I want… Just a random thought of mine.
I’ll talk to you again in my next post!
P.S. For you to bookmarked: You can surfing my tumblr page, hello who? as the place of the drunk me and this blog as the place of more sober one ;p both are mine which delineate a different me.

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