Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The World We Live In

Finally, after three weeks failed on found a free time to write because I’m too busy meeting my relative/going out of town/doing impulses shopping since I’m arrived at my hometown for holiday, now I’m actually available whilst have nothing to do, well it’s time to call it a real holiday!

But something is actually killing my mood, to be honest nowadays gue mulai mengurangi kebiasaan online di social media, secara akhir-akhir ini gue suka ngerasa, knowing too much about other people business is overrated, karena satu kepo akan membawa ke kepo-kepo yang selanjutnya. Jangankan yang semacam facebook dan twitter, I even bury my blackberry deep in my bag and just opened it once by three or four days, since I want a holiday, away from all of those technology and stuff, I need to pay some times with my family and myself.

Nah, hari ini… gue memutuskan, I get my enough holiday today, now let’s get back to business; to my thesis, to my fiction project, to my blog, to my friends, to my study, to my hobby, to my everything… to my life, literally. But what did I found, sodara-sodara? A facebook and twitter timeline full with usual postings, usual complaints, usual inside jokes… World doesn’t change abit since three weeks ago I assume, which is a good thing, because it’s indicate the alien invasion is not happen yet and also not very good, because means that I still facing the same old world I live in, the cliche one.

Now, let’s get back to life.. live it to the fullest. Back to the moronic second nature of the very us.

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