Wednesday, September 18, 2013

#IdeaSwap: Fix You

This is probably one of the best song I've ever heard in my life, ever. A beautiful song with a simple lyrics that present so many meaning behind it.
I read somewhere that Chris Martin wrote this song for Gwyneth Paltrow after her father died. A short conversation between them in the middle of tears and sadness, he asked her, "What can I do for you? Tell me how can I help...", her answered was, "Just hold me, 'cause you're the only thing that can fix me right now."

Listening to this song, I'm sure that everybody will have their own interpretation about it. Most people I ever asked said that this song are talking about lover. Many of them said this song somehow remind them of someone, a friend or a family who once ever faced a hard time and they were there witnessed everything.   Also a few of them said this song is simply depict their own life, the struggle their been through. And other said that this song have a some sort of impression about the relationship between God and Her people. (Yes, I do refer God as a She not a He, more about this in later post)

As for myself, I can relate to all four perspective above...
This song do remind me about lover. It is just simply portray the sentence "I love you so much", so much that no matter how you feel, in bad or good times... I will never, ever, stop loving you. An unconditional love is the most powerful kind of love. Because I love you that much, I'll always be trying to fix you.
This song do remind me about some people I know in my life. It's remind me about my Dad, who face a hard time during his divorce process. Remind me about my Mom, when she and I used to not talked at all because I blamed her for everything that happened in our family. Remind me about my best friend that seems to face a hard time over and over again. The moment when I realize that their life is hard, as their closest person all I can do is say sorry if I was the one who cause that trouble or if I wasn't I will just lean my shoulder to cry on and my ear to listen to them. Maybe I can't fix them, but I can help by stand next to them and comfort them until they strong enough and fix themselves.
This song do remind me about myself. All the struggle I've been through, a day when I was scream without a sound and cry without a tears, when I was helpless and searched for some friendly face to helped me out of my desperation but find no one. Until the point I realize that my life couldn't be worst than this, it was my lowest point in life and I refuse to go down even lower that that. This song talk a lot about healing a wound, and I did heal my wound.
This song do remind me about God, indeed. The thing about "fix you", She is the one that can do it. Just like the lyrics in this song, I will guide you home and I will try to fix you. Define clearly about how we don't need to be afraid even we ever feel alone in this world, we never will, as long as you believe in God then She will be always with you, always guiding you through this life.

In short, to interpret this song, just put your whole life in summary and that will be your answer.

...Light will guide you home
And Ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you...

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