Sunday, September 15, 2013

To blogspot I finally returned

Hello again!
So I'm finally back here, and it's quite nice seeing a few of my follower friends still sticking around here even tough I've been like almost a year not posting anything here.

The reason I'm not blogging here for a very long time it's because I've been active on my other blog, but what can I do if in the end that other blog decide to broke and I can't access it all. The only thing I can do is of course back here, to my old lovely blog.
But no worry, this is practically same with my old blog since I obviously copy every posts I had there to here.

Actually one of my friend had offered me a help to fix my old blog, but I said no because it's just simply feel so right to be able to blog here again. Maybe I'm changing my blog channel a lot but this far I hardly only have two account, the other one I don't have any idea what the hell the password is anymore and another one is this account, the account I've been using since 2010 if I'm not mistaken.
Well... so I'm officially will back blogging here, feel so great and excited. Also I love love love my new blog look, I've been worked very hard to arranged it so I can't feel more happy about the result which is so me and I absolutely looooove it!

So I guess see you again on my coming post, I need to sleep now BTW, it's already 2o'clock in the morning here. Really need to fix my sleeping pattern, God.

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