Thursday, October 24, 2013

A 4o'clock in the Morning Post

Good morning-good morning-good morning!!
(...Or is it still too early to call this time a morning?) But whatever, I just woke up from a really short sleep. Gue mungkin baru tidur kira-kira dua setengah jam yang lalu, kemudian kebangun dengan uring-uringan karena ada nomer ga dikenal yang telepon... dan salah sambung. Pfffft.

Actually, as usual, I have no idea what to write... I just feel this urgent need to write something whatsoever. But I have one and two things to tell, a little update about my life maybe?

The first thing to report is: #IdeaSwap project is finally wrapped uuuuup!! Yeiiiy!!!! So it means, the new project will coming to this blog! Wait, I think I use too many exclamation mark in one sentence already. I'm excited, what can I do then?
Just as the previous project, the coming up project is also a collaboration with Miss -- hit the link and follow her blog too! The tag of next project will be #MyFave5, the rules are clear enough... Me and Janet already swapped the topics, all we have to do next is choose our five favorite stuff based on the topic and write it. Easy but challenging enough for me, because choosing five from many are difficult, no? Buuut... before we start the tag, we also have some sort of warming up post to do, we have to post a 50 facts about me first before start doing a real tag.
The aim of this project are not so different from the previous project, to free us from writing block and to stay productive of course, but I think especially for this project, not only it will give us so much fun when we write but also we really hope our choice can give you a good information too.
The second thing to report, hmm, I don't really have anything important too share actually... But hey, I'm changing my blog look again, how you like it or hate it? It is little bit flowery this time, I just feel in the mood for flower lately... don't ask me what another kind of syndrome is this, after brown madness now I suddenly got attacked by an obsession against anything vintage with some floral in it.
The third thing to report? Nothing... Recently my life are just going so-so. Oh, but I remember one thing I want to tell here in blog. This few days back I've been active again on Tumblr, so don't forget to check my tumblr too here, I do online a lot there... every day if not every hour. :p

So, that's all I can tell you right now. I have to hurry up and do my subuh prayer before I running out of time then go back to sleep.
Again -- its 5o'clock now -- good morning! 

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