Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Brown Madness

I just waken up by a very weird dream. A dream about me and unknown garden full of flowers, but the colors of my dream are all black, white... and brown. I mean, a black and white dream maybe not that strange but a dream in brown, like, really? Is it some kind of sign that I'm craving for chocolate? No?
But inspired by that dream, and also because I can't go back to sleep so I make a few change for this blog. As you can see, my blog now look all brown. I do realize that it is not as fancy as my previous theme, but I love this one more.
I'm a vintage girl at heart. But not that kind of classic-vintage type. How to put it in an easy term to understand, hmm... I love the color of instagram's filter! You know, the black and the white and the brown but with a touch of shocking pink or super bright red in it.

Oh, and whilst I'm writing this post... I realize another thing, it is not only my blog that now all brown. A few weeks ago I also change my path, twitter, and tumblr theme into brown, also all my social media photos are slightly have a brownie in it. What the... What's with me and my sudden addiction of brown lately? Weird that I just realized it now.

And talking about favorite color, just a random though that popped in my head; is there any research that state about favorite color and its connection with human psychologist condition?

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