Saturday, October 19, 2013

#IdeaSwap: Autumn

From all the idea swap topic, this probably one of the most hard title to write. I really wish I can just simply post a few photos as fall season is coming up, but no... the country where I live only have two seasons: First, the season when the sun is feels crazily hot. Second, the season when the sun is feels crazily hot too but thank God there will be rain for about two or three days once.
So let's just forget about the beautiful autumn pictures where many people probably busy taking photos when they go pumpkin picking or apple picking, it's literally summer for every each day in a year here... I'm sooo jealous of everyone live in four seasons country. Sob.

Well, autumn...
I am not really an autumn person. If I have to choose what's my favorite season is, it will be summer... and spring. But there's one thing that I love about autumn, the color.
Most people I know will pick autumn as their favorite season. Even so I'm not a big autumn fan, I think I know and understand the reasons. Autumn is when the temperature is going chill after a hot summer but not as freezing as winter, and also autumn is super prettieeeeeee, it seems like the earth is creating the most beautiful scenery as a grand finale before winter and since the season will start over again when spring is coming, a big-epic-beautiful-grand finale autumn is.

I love how the seasons can be compared with the circle of life, how each season picturing a different part of life itself.
As for me, I like to analyze the connection of some people's favorite picks with their personality or their philosophy of life. I tell you my secret, that's how I judge you. You like autumn? Then I will say that you're some sort of romantic person. You like winter? Probably you're the melancholic one.
But it's just me, it can be right or wrong...

Whatever the season is, autumn in half part of the world and soon it's going to rain a lot in my part of the world. I really wish all of us will have a new and exciting life to tell and to be thankful for.
Enjoy autumn! And don't forget your umbrella too!! 

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