Sunday, October 20, 2013

#IdeaSwap: For the Past and the Future

"The past has been there all along, reminding us: This time--maybe, hopefully, against all odds, we will get it right."
--Leslie T. Chang
Don't you think sometimes it scary how few things can change in a speed of light? I do. When I was a kid, a big bad world always overawe me. But as I'm getting older, the reality hurts, the world is indeed big and indeed bad.
I never know that my life will be like this, that I will write something about past and future in the middle of night whilst listening to Five For Fighting and brood over myself, what I have became and what I will become. I change a lot, even in this past three months, I've already transformed into a different person from what I used to be. If in a three months someone can change that much, what will happen in three years then?

All I know about past and future is that you can't live in it at the same time, for the time will shut one of them for you. You have to choose... being steady about your perfect past and live your present in a comfort zone or brave your present self to welcome an unknown future.

My past is a combination of a really beautiful memories and an inclement nightmare that I always thankful for, because it is what makes me Me today.
My present is currently... in a mess. As cliché as it may sound, for me everyday supposed to be a new day. Yet my recent situation is somehow messy, I practically fail to follow my own routine -- something like I have to go to sleep at this hour, I have to wake up at this hour, I have to take a bath at this hour -- and just do whatever I want. For some people maybe it sounds pretty fun, to be able to do whatever you want. But not for me, I might be a little indifferent but I hate being in the midst of chaos. At least I like living uprightly... with an exact schedule everyday, that I failed to do. Sigh.
My future is not yet known, so do your future. But I intend to make it as great as I can, for now all I can do is dreaming and working for it.

For the past and the future, the best choice is to live your present to the fullest that it means you embracing your past as a part of yourself and hailing to the future as it is also will become a part of yourself. Live it people, live it...

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