Monday, October 7, 2013

Music Blurb: Miley Cyrus, Panic! At The Disco, Block B, Glee Cast, All Time Low, Busker Busker, Coldplay, Lorde

As I ever promised, I will try to make time for doing a review in my blog... and here it is!
A few days ago I already reviewed the latest K-Drama that I have watched. Now I'm going to review some freshly downloaded albums. Like I said before, compare with watching movie and reading a book, I'm listening to music a lot more... So you can expect this kind of music blurb post will pop here more often too.

The musics that I download are not always the new release album or song, sometimes I download an old records too... since I basically love to hear to everything, from any era.
Let's start, shall we?

Miley Cyrus, Bangerz
Tracklist: Adore You | We Can't Stop | SMS (Bangerz) | 4x4 | My Darlin' | Wrecking Ball | Love Money Party | #getitright | Drive | Fu | Do My Thang | Maybe You're Right | Someone Else | Rooting For My Baby | On My Own | Hands In The Air

This girl is definitely phenomenal... and I love her music as much as I hate her scandals. Been listen to her since Hannah Montana era until now, and never dislike her songs. This album feel a lot like her official announcement about her metamorphosis. People, don't you think Miley Cyrus will be going to be as controversial as Spears and Gaga?

My fave: Wrecking Ball, #getitright, Do My Thang, Someone Else, Rooting For My Baby --- ☆ 4/5

Panic! At The Disco, Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die!
Tracklist: This Is Gospel | Miss Jackson (Feat. Lolo) | Vegas Light | Girl That You Love | Nicotine | Girls/Girls/Boys | Casual Affair | Far Too Young To Die | Collar Full | The End of All Things

Well, Panic! At The Disco ladies and gentleman... as brilliant as always. Although I find this album is a little bit boring for me, but they still fulfill my expectation. I also always fascinated by how they always have a perfect title for their albums, they indeed are too weird to live but too rare to die.

My fave: This Is Gospel, Girls/Girls/Boys, Far Too Young To Die, Collar Full --- ☆ 3,5/5

Block B, Very Good
Tracklist: Very Good | 빛이 되어줘 | 언제 어디서 무엇을 어떻게 (Park Kyung solo Feat. Urban Zakapa's Jo Hyunah) | Nice Day | Very Good (Inst.)

It's a decent album. I can't really judge because this is a mini album and I'm not exactly a big fan of Block B. But I do able to enjoy their songs in this album, especially Park Kyung's solo... he sounds amazing.

My fave: 언제 어디서 무엇을 어떻게 --- ☆ 1,5/5

Glee Cast, Glee Sings The Beatles
Tracklist: Imagine | Yesterday | Help | Blackbird | Something | A Hard Day's Night | Hello, Goodbye | Get Back | Here Comes the Sun | Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club | All You Need Is Love | Silly Love Song | Hey Jude | Let It Be | You've Got To Hide Your Love Away | In My Life | I Saw Her Standing There | I Want To Hold Your Hand | Got To Get You Into My Life | Drive My Car

This album is too great to missed. I never can't get enough The Beatles, and a little dose of Glee everyday will never hurt. My favorite Glee's album so far!

My fave: Yesterday, Blackbird, All You Need Is Love, Silly Love Song, Hey Jude, In My Life, I Want To Hold Your Hand --- ☆ 5/5

All Time Low, Dirty Work
Tracklist: Do You Want Me (Dead?) | I Feel Like Dancin' | Forget About It | Guts | Time-bomb | Just the Way I'm Not | Under a Paper Moon | Return the Favor | No Idea | A Daydream Away | That Girl | Heroes | Get Down On Your Knees and Tell Me You Love Me | My Only One | Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass | Bad Enough For You

Released in 2011 and I just re-downloaded it because I was accidentally deleted mine a few weeks ago. Even this is a second time for me to sorting which songs are my favorite of all... It is still hard to choose. A really must-listened-to!

My fave: Guts, Time-bomb, Just the Way I'm Not, No Idea, A Daydream Away, That Girl --- ☆ 5/5

Busker Busker, 버스커 버스커 2집
Tracklist: 가을밤 | 잘할 걸 | 사랑은 타이밍 | 처음엔 사랑이란게 | 시원한 여자 | 그대 입술이 (With Putput's Cha Jiyeon) | 줄리엣 |  아름다운 나이 | 밤

Compare with their first album, I personally like the second album more. The overall feel of vol. 2 is still very Busker Busker, the reason why I love them but also the reason why I think they're get little boring. But the fact that this album is great enough to even compete with so many Korean idol group's comeback title song and win is proving that they're really is something.

My fave: 사랑은 타이밍, 시원한 여자, 그대 입술이, 줄리엣 --- ☆ 2/5

Coldplay, Coldplay Live 2012
Tracklist: Mylo Xyloto | Hurts Like Heaven | In My Place | Major Minus | Yellow | God Put A Smile Upon Your Face | Princess Of China | Up In Flames | Viva La Vida | Charlie Brown | Paradise | Us Against The World | Clocks | Fix You | Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

I downloaded this album for an obvious sad reason: I can't afford to go to their live concert so I listen to their live album. And this album is... ah-ma-zing! All the scream, all the fun, all the goosebumps are perfectly captured. For all the Coldplay fans out there, go buy this album now if you haven't!

My fave: Yellow, Up In Flames, Viva La Vida, Fix You, Every Teardrops Is A Waterfall --- ☆ 5/5

Lorde, Pure Heroine
Tracklist: Tennis Court | 400 Lux | Royals | Ribs | Buzzcut Season | Team | Glory and Gore | Still Sane | White Teeth Teens | A World Alone

Like, Adele who? Lorde is the next big thing. For me, it give the same taste as when I listening to Lana Del Rey, but Lorde sounds more fresh, most of the song have a slow to medium tempo but feels very energizing... I guess that's my best way to describe her music in word. Yet I really do expect something more great come up from her in the future.

My fave: Royals, Team, White Teeth Teens, A World Alone --- ☆ 1,5/5

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