Saturday, November 2, 2013

November. Already.

So, hello...
How's your halloween, how's your first day in November? Mind is in an uber chaos.
Cerita singkatnya adalah gue untuk kesekian kalinya kembali bermasalah dengan kartu ATM. Mulai dari kehilangan kartu ATM di taksi, kartu ATM ketelen di mesinnya, dan uang yang terdebet di rekening tapi nggak keluar wujudnya. Kali ini gue kembali mengalami masalah yang terakhir, kembali lagi uang gue terdebet dan tiba-tiba hilang pas gue mau narik dari ATM. Hasilnya? Miskin mendadak sodara-sodara, to the point that I have to borrow some cash from my friend so I can eat... minimal sampai uang gue selesai diproses di bank dan kembali. Jadi begitulah kisah sendu gue di awal bulan ini.

But let's just get over it -- I'm so used with my own clumsiness that having problems because of it is not a big matter anymore for me -- kembali ke November... Nggak berasa ya mendadak udah tinggal dua bulan lagi menjelang 2014, cepat sekali waktu berlalu.
I have so many things to share here this month. If only I can success on managing my time... Menulis blog di sela-sela menyelesaikan skripsi, atau kebalik ya, menyelesaikan skripsi di tengah-tengah menulis blog. Apapun itu, setelah bulan lalu sukses ngeblog dengan benar, it give me a great pleasure so I really want to do so again this month.

Oh... and by the way, sebelum post ini harusnya ada satu scheduled post yang semestinya udah muncul di blog beberapa hari yang lalu tapi ternyata ga muncul-muncul. My bad actually, seharusnya tanggal di schedule nya adalah 29 Oktober 2013, tapi yang gue tulis adalah 29 Oktober 20...... 14. :|
Me and my stupid brain.

So I'll just recap that post with this one, eventually I have written a long post already but since I decide to combine it, then I'm gonna make it shorter.
It is supposed to be a product review, products that I've been enjoyed using in October. I consider to make it a monthly post but then I realize it is not a very good idea... because I'm a very loyal customer, even towards the random products that I usually just buy in a common super market or drug store, if I like it means I'll keep using it for a very very long time until I finally find a better one.
Then here a little sneak peak of a new things I just bought last month and I love them!

First thing in the first box is my galaxy tab and the sensational The Simpsons Tapped Out, at least I do think it is sensational, because I'm such a forever big fan of The Simpsons. Tapped Out is actually a free game in the Google play store, I still have no idea why they even make it free, such a very great game with a super smooth graphic. I am so love the halloween season in Tapped Out this year, so many new and bizarre characters pop out here and there, my favorite one is the resurrection of Maude -- Ned Flanders' deceased wife -- who suddenly come to life as a ghost to pay her revenge to Homer. Also I love the scary ambiance on this special halloween upgrade, like everytime you open the game you will hear a super spooky shriek, I did shocked for two or three times a day because of it.
The second box is my skin savior... those are POND's Flawless White Series, night and day cream. I have a problematic skin, the type of skin that I should't forget to clean every night and morning because if I skip it even for once, my skin will drastically change from clean and nice into it's worst condition. So I really put my money in my skin, I bought the creams for around IDR 90.000 each if I'm not mistaken, which is I consider as expensive. But seeing the effect of that creams in my skin, no complain, I'm a happy customer.
The third thing is Puteri Natural Skin Whitening Complex Hand & Body Lotion. No, not that I want to whitening my skin or what... I just love how it nourish my body skin, not like another lotion I've used, this one didn't feel sticky at all, in fact it feels very moisturizing. Also the prize is kinda cheap, for 200ml bottle you only need to pay IDR 15.000, just great!
In the fourth box is my current favorite snack, Astor Skinny Roll. Delicious!
The thing in the fifth box is my obsession, red lipstick! This one is Pixy Rouge Tango Lasting Matte Lipstick which is pretieeeeeee~ Bought it for IDR 36.000, I think it is consider as cheap for a very good lipstick, its all worth the buy.
The giant Oreo in the sixth box? Of course it is not a real cookies, it is just a super cool lunch box in Oreo's shape, I got it after buy a special Oreo's package contain three packs of Oreo in different flavor for IDR 18.000 at Carefour. I haven't finish eat the Oreos, but I like the lunch box very much! :p
Last box is my scented candle, Candle-lite Juicy Black Cherries. Not my favorite scents but it didn't smell bad too. Bought it for IDR 110.000 at Ace Hardware.

So that's it, my recent favorites! I hope it will help you, just in case you wonder what to buy next time you go to super market or any store, or even if you confuse about what to download in Google play store. :D

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