Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Ere-2014 Post

So here's another excuses about me being missing in action for a past... wait, let me check my calendar, month?
No excuse actually, it is just another me and my problem with freakin' time management which I, obviously, failed to manage.

It's December 23rd today, wow... less than three days before christmas, and just a week more to new year. Can't believe 2013 will over soon, I'm pretty sure it is still around September, time flies.
I'm busy doing nothing except working on my thesis this month, and I spend many times hang out with friends. So that's why I've been unable to update my blog at all. As everybody know I'm such a slow writer, so if I don't have enough time to write then I won't write at all.
But, but... I do have some new ideas and weekly or monthly stuff to regularly write in this blog. Maybe starting this week? But then again, I can't promise anything, yet I really-really-really want to nail it like seriously.
Seems 2014 will be sooo fun... with all this thing I need to finish and need to start next year, it'll be busier than ever.

So... I think, I'll write a next post soon, in fact I'm writing some of it now.
Then I'll see you soon, and wishing you a merry christmas y'all!

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