Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Black and Gold Obsession

I realize that personal touch and signature style in the everyday looks are somehow always become that one thing that I manage to remember from someone. I have a friend who wears boots along with almost her every outfits. I also have friend whom I never really know what her real hair color because she change it every three months to different color. Also a friend who always wear the same make-up style everyday.
I don't think it is a bad decision... it's nice to have something, some style that people recognize as a very-you-style.
I personally already have that so called signature style. Jeans, shirt, and outer wear in basic color along with my hijab are me basically in everyday life.
I occasionally find myself rooting in exact same color and style every time I do shopping for clothes or shoes or bag or anything. Black with a gold hardware it is. Not only buy it but what I wear everyday is also always turn out that way.

I really want to be a little bit experimental with my fashion. Not that I don't have the courage to wear something different, but indeed for everyday looks my basic needs is always comfort.
I love wearing a plain shirt and cover it with cardigan, jeans, a big bag so I can bring all my stuff with me all day long, a pretty flat shoes, comfy hijab, wrist watch and my lucky bracelet, face covered with light make-up... and I'm good to go.
Sometimes I do get bored with my own style, but every morning when I get to dressed up... I find myself back to my basic looks, and before I finish deciding if I want to change my outfit or not, I'm already out of time so I just get in a rush, grab my bag, and storm out from my house.
Yet then again, wearing a style that you're comfort with the most is never goes wrong. Because we're supposed to not only wear cloth, we also need to wear our confident and attitude. But indeed, a little fashion and pretty stuff will never hurt.

The universe is always speaking to us.
…Sending us little messages, causing coincidences and serendipities,
reminding us to stop, to look around,
to believe in something else, something more.
-- Nancy Thayer

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Page 1 of 365

So here we are again... first day of another new year. Boy, does time flies. Cliché but true.
I don't really have any resolution for this year actually. Just want to do what I want and what I need to be done. The rest of it, better shush it and I'll keep it well inside my very heart.
But if I have to summarize what I expect in 2014; I expect many good, even great things comes ahead... and, note to self, don't fuck it up.

This is, first blog post on 2014. Happy new year!!