Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Black and Gold Obsession

I realize that personal touch and signature style in the everyday looks are somehow always become that one thing that I manage to remember from someone. I have a friend who wears boots along with almost her every outfits. I also have friend whom I never really know what her real hair color because she change it every three months to different color. Also a friend who always wear the same make-up style everyday.
I don't think it is a bad decision... it's nice to have something, some style that people recognize as a very-you-style.
I personally already have that so called signature style. Jeans, shirt, and outer wear in basic color along with my hijab are me basically in everyday life.
I occasionally find myself rooting in exact same color and style every time I do shopping for clothes or shoes or bag or anything. Black with a gold hardware it is. Not only buy it but what I wear everyday is also always turn out that way.

I really want to be a little bit experimental with my fashion. Not that I don't have the courage to wear something different, but indeed for everyday looks my basic needs is always comfort.
I love wearing a plain shirt and cover it with cardigan, jeans, a big bag so I can bring all my stuff with me all day long, a pretty flat shoes, comfy hijab, wrist watch and my lucky bracelet, face covered with light make-up... and I'm good to go.
Sometimes I do get bored with my own style, but every morning when I get to dressed up... I find myself back to my basic looks, and before I finish deciding if I want to change my outfit or not, I'm already out of time so I just get in a rush, grab my bag, and storm out from my house.
Yet then again, wearing a style that you're comfort with the most is never goes wrong. Because we're supposed to not only wear cloth, we also need to wear our confident and attitude. But indeed, a little fashion and pretty stuff will never hurt.

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  1. cool clutch and flat shoes :D