Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Blog and blogs

Last time I really blog a real post here is about in the middle of January and not posting anything again until a few days ago. Do I purposely abandoning this blog? No, no, no... because instead of back after a very long hiatus and bring bad news, I have a good news. Me, yours truly, is finally graduated my bachelor degree two weeks ago!
Because of that I've been missing in action for so many months since I need to focused on finishing my thesis. It was awful. Not only I have to stop writing anything besides my thesis revision, I also stop doing other things in daily basis.. I stop hang out with my friends, I don't quite follow any television series, I have no idea what's new and what's over. But the hard work is worth it, with a little "A" letter in my thesis score table.
Then I actually planning to write something soon after I wrapped up my thesis hearing and waiting for graduation ceremony day to come... yet another problem come up, why my life is somehow full of random problem? My laptop are suddenly broke. Yes, broke, just like that. The keyboard is suddenly can't use, how can I write if the keyboard is not even working?
So finally, after many excuses... I'm here, ready to be productive again. Now that my status change from undergraduate student to an unemployed, I given this unlimited time to work on blog. And when people ask what am I doing after university, my answer is: I write... for my blog. Is the money good? No, no money at all, I just do it. See, I'm not really an unemployed then. At least, I do have something to do.

Also, I have another good news... first, that less then two weeks from now I'll move back to Jakarta. Since my duty here in Semarang is over already, I'm finally coming home. Second, me and janetsaid just launched our new collaboration project! In short, it is a new life diary blog, please kindly click here TheHeartsFlowers.blogspot.com and visit us... the blog is basically talking about us, something like diary but combined with many more happy stuff like random tags, fun reviews, and of course our story series.
Yet no need to worries, me, testing the limits of my professionalism dare myself to manage two blogs at once and I'm so going to nailed it.

Then I guess I'll see you in my next post around the corner. Love, U.

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