Monday, June 9, 2014

A Reflection Moment

22 minutes to midnight and I’m still starring at the blank page in my computer screen, waiting to be written. To be honest I almost never write anything this past few weeks, let’s not blame my mood swing… it’s just that I have many other things to do, and well yeah, I’m lazy.
But then I somehow look into my twitter bio and read, there it is, a label I given to myself, ‘A blah-ger’ and what kind of blogger or in my case, a blah-ger, who never taking care of her own blog? That self-given label should be making me someone who talk a lot of non-sense and blabbing around in my blog, no?

It’s not like I have nothing to share, the fact is I actually have a lot to say…
So tonight after watching Coldplay: Ghost Stories concert documentary while sipping a glass of hot tea with milk, I literally reflect on myself, in a mirror. Then one question popped out of nowhere, “What have you done with this much time in your hand, girl?”
Because I’m currently unemployed, so I basically have so much free time yet I barely open my computer and write anymore.

My life somehow start moving into a new direction, almost like magic, I feel like there is this whole new scenario coming towards me. Considering myself lucky though, all I do lately just hanging out in front of my television set but life is still kindly working well for me.
Me, trying to not being such an ungrateful person should be live a life more normally than what I did lately. Perhaps for starter, let’s not making that A blah-ger label some kind of joke, may I?

Love, U.

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