Friday, July 18, 2014

Make-up haul: The Face Shop, Etude, Maybelline

So it's actually quite a long time--if not forever--since the last time I'm doing a beauty review. These are my recent buy, and some of stuff isn't include in the picture above because I bought it after I took the picture and I'm too lazy to re-shoot it... you guys not even shock right?

But first, a little life update, I'm still try to keeping up with everything because all things are amazingly seems new for me right now. And it's not what I imagining at first at all, so I feel grateful but also a little confuse too. There are so much to handle at the same time, glad to finally able to check some of those from my never ending to do list. So what I'm still currently doing now is decorating my house (halfway to go!) and FINALLY start looking for a job after being unemployed for a ridiculously long time... other than that I'm just spending another ridiculously lot amount of time chillin' in front of my television and doing a casual blogging. Oh-what-a-life, right? life is good...

Then, shall we start digging the shopping bag now?