Friday, July 18, 2014

Make-up haul: The Face Shop, Etude, Maybelline

So it's actually quite a long time--if not forever--since the last time I'm doing a beauty review. These are my recent buy, and some of stuff isn't include in the picture above because I bought it after I took the picture and I'm too lazy to re-shoot it... you guys not even shock right?

But first, a little life update, I'm still try to keeping up with everything because all things are amazingly seems new for me right now. And it's not what I imagining at first at all, so I feel grateful but also a little confuse too. There are so much to handle at the same time, glad to finally able to check some of those from my never ending to do list. So what I'm still currently doing now is decorating my house (halfway to go!) and FINALLY start looking for a job after being unemployed for a ridiculously long time... other than that I'm just spending another ridiculously lot amount of time chillin' in front of my television and doing a casual blogging. Oh-what-a-life, right? life is good...

Then, shall we start digging the shopping bag now?

Stamping on My Lips, Love Mark Tint on #01 Hot Kiss Red (190k) - Lovely me:ex, The Face Shop
Honest comment, the main reason I bought this was because the super adorable packaging I couldn't resist! Karena salah satu alasan perempuan beli sesuatu adalah karena lucu, bukan? But when I tried it, I love it anyway... It's basically a stamp with a lips like applicator and you just tap it straight into your lips as usual. It's smell so good and the color is also perfect. Minus point adalah harganya kelewat mahal untuk sebuah produk yang hasilnya hampir mirip dengan lip balm (Yap, lip balm bukan lip tint) lain yang harganya jauh lebih murah. Yet to be fair it's also will make your lips feels super moisture dan warnanya bertahan cukup lama.

Magic Tint Balm #01 (130k) - Etude House
This product is AH-MA-ZING!! Definitely my personal favorite, I bring this magic tint everywhere... the color is flawless, all you need is just a little amount of it on the tip of your finger, wear it and it will shine bright like a diamond and stay there for a really long time, sementara biasanya produk serupa mudah sekali pudar efek glossy nya. It's also smell so delicious. Jadi kalau kita sering lihat bibir personil Girls' Generation yang kesannya mengkilap terus, I can assure you they use this kind of lip product... so go buy it, totally worth the money!

Pastel Cushion Blusher in Coral cushion blusher (150k) - Lovely me:ex, The Face Shop
Again, The Face Shop's Lovely me:ex always have the most adorable packaging possible out there! Since I'm currently going gaga for anything coral... that's why I bought this blush on, a perfect shade of coral and the cushion applicator is fluffy enough to help you get a nice finish look on your cheeks. But since it's kind of glittery so it will give you a shiny effect more than you expected.

Daily Perfumed Hand Cream in Eau de rose/Petits fruits (80k) - The Face Shop
This is also my forever personal favorite. As long as I remember I always use this hand cream and never tried any other kind of any brand (If you use a better hand cream, please tell me! I will gladly give it a try). What I love the most about it that it's not pricey and the tube is so handy to slip on your bag, and of course... the perfect smells!

So Sweet nail buffer (30k) - Etude House
I'm actually not really sure what's this manicure thingy name, but yes I bought this at Etude for a pretty cheap price and it do its job perfectly, which is makes your nail looks nice... as comparison, for nail buffer my forever suggestion will be the one from Body Shop though, and I haven't find anything better than that.

Lip Perfume breath mist in grapefruit (50k) - Etude House
This is a must have in your make-up bag. Not that I suggest that we have a bad breath, of course we don't, but you know... just in case. A girl ought to be ready for any kind of circumstances, even the weird one. Pengalaman pribadi gue, penting terutama kalau lagi sariawan, when your mouth hurt and feel very uncomfortable... this is a savior!

Color Show nail polish in #216 Downtown red (30k) - Maybelline
It's probably the best cheap nail polish out there, you can also easily buy this practically everywhere. This also my forever favorite nail color because obviously when in doubt, wear red.

So that's it, my comeback on beauty review... I will review more in the future, and I really hope this can help you if you been wanting to buy something make-up related but not sure what to buy yet. You can easily buy all these products at the mall or drug store near you because except for some really important make-up stuff me myself also love to buy things which not too pricey too, hey... money don't grow on tree, don't they?
Aaaaand that's it for now, I'll see you on the next post Love! x

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