Wednesday, August 27, 2014


As beginning, let me happily announce that this post is sort of an announcement to my incoming post series in this very own blog. Those posts soon to be are gonna talk a lot about my many favorite topics in life.
I've been doing a lot of research lately, I visited so many blogs to look for some idea and to observe what most people talking about in their blog. The relationship and self-help stuff, besides those fashion and beauty related posts, are still the best thing to discuss in almost all my daily read.
I don’t have the ability to write a poetic writing or a beautiful evocative article, and as you probably already realize that all my writing will end up not far from my own experiences and what I feel—yeah, it’s all about me. Not that I’m include into that narcissistic kind of person, not really, but those kind of writing are the field where I feel most comfortable with.
It’s what finally bring me to the decision to make a set of series with one big theme, and the theme will be change at a certain time. I recall how the teenager me enjoy read a self-help book so much, I was obsessed to live an upright life. Still do until today. My most favorite is Richard Carlson’s Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, which I read over and over and over again back then. Since then I have this tremendous interest towards human feeling and how they act based on it, other people struggle and survive story is mesmerizing me in the most intellectual way possible. I also always enjoy—a little too much—and happy to share my experiences with other people, and I've been told that I’m a good listener and adviser too.
My life isn't exactly an open book, but I still love to share some inside stories of that book anyway. With that in mind, starting next month I’ll see you in my theme post… how excited!!

Love, U.

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