Monday, October 27, 2014

Today Is a National Blogger Day!

I feel like today is my birthday, only instead I celebrate it together with thousands of my fellow bloggers out there.

But first thing first—wow, it feels like forever since the last time I blog something chitty-chatty like this. I don't know, maybe because lately I feel so content and rather occupied with my life that I don't really feel like sharing anything in the blogland.
Now that I'm writing this, I realize how I miss doing this on the blog... you know, a post with no theme, just me blabbering around about myself & my life.
Oh, and I'm writing this post via the blogger app on my phone too... which also I've been not doing since a long, long time ago. Maybe almost a year or so.
Not to mention how me rereading all ten The Princess Diaries series makes me kind of miss writing a journal. I remember how I used to diligently wrote a diary when I were 8 to 19 years old... I have no idea why that habit just stop when I hit my 20s. Maybe because I suddenly feel too old for any dear diary moment. Or maybe I'm just lazy.
But yeah, I think it's not a bad idea to doing this kind of post again in near future... talking to the internet is hella fun! Not that I feel like my life is THAT interesting to share to the whole internet population, it's just me wanna talk about stuff. Because I'm weird like that.
Nice, no? Having this kind of sentient in a good day like today. October 27th is one of my all time favorite day since I decided to join in this blogger la-la-land. So once again, happy blogger day to all Indonesian bloggers out there—feature blogger, fashion blogger, movie blogger, food blogger, beauty blogger, fanfiction blogger, any blogger! Today is our day, let's keep blogging the good stuff and keep this little part of world call internet awesome.

Xo, U

Monday, October 13, 2014

"Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns" : The devil in high heels is back, still as evil as she's always been

(This post contain spoiler)
“First loves were powerful and private, and they stayed with you for a very long time. A lifetime. There would always be a small, intimate piece of your heart tucked away for the person you loved first.”
When I bought this book... I bought it right after my eyes caught the first glance of the cover at the bookstore. Without further thinking and even without reading the synopsis first. I just grabbed it and went straight to the cashier. Because the thing is; the former series of this book, Devil Wears Prada, is so goooood I read it more than four times cover to cover.
So with that high expectation, I started read the book as soon as I'm home. Here comes the bad news, I'm halfway through chapter one when I realized, man... why is this didn't excite me as much as the first book?

Before I make a further (personal) judgement, let me review and spoil the story a little bit...
The story take time ten years after Andrea Sachs resigned from Runway. And it's kind of perplex me when a character name Emily Charlton appear as Andy's best friend. I tried to recall the story and as long as I remember, the only Emily in the novel is the Emily whom once was Andy's colleague in the Miranda Priestly--the devil--secretarial office. It took long enough until I reached almost the middle of the book when the story finally explained how Andy and Emily suddenly turn out to be a BFF when we all agree that they supposed to be an old nemesis instead of good friend.
Andy and Emily reunited in one session of cooking class which gone all wrong and learn the fact that not long after Andy resigned from the magazine, Emily was being sacked by Miranda. Practically since that moment Andy and Emily bonded by their hatred over Miranda.
Now Andy and Emily are two hell of successful career women, they have their grown magazine too now, The Plunge, a high-end bridal magazine own by them. While Emily is married to Miler Everett, who is also a best friend of Andy soon-to-be husband, Max Harisson. Max is a typical New York tycoon with a "royal" family background, a big company which he inherited from his late father, and a great apartment on the Upper East Side.
In their first meeting, Andy and Max both have no romantic intention towards each other at all. Because basically they're start of as a business partner where Andy successfully convince Max to invest some money in The Plunge.
About Andy's personal life, after she resigned from Runway, she also broke up with her longtime boyfriend, Alex, who move to Mississippi for a teaching job and lost in touch after that. Andy become more all over the place with the fact that her parents got divorce, and her old best friend, Lily, also move to Colorado where she later have three kids with her live-in boyfriend. But Andy, as such a strong woman we all adore, manage to survive. Her life starting to back on the track after she befriend Emily, and having Max in her life.
But Andy and Max marriage is already shaky from the day of the wedding when Andy finds a letter from Max's mother, Barbara, who against their marriage and telling Max to not marry Andy. Also open the fact that Max met his ex-girlfriend--who apparently her mother one hundred percent approve to be Max's wife--and Max sort of forget to mention his accidental meeting with Katherine to Andy that make Andy questions the future of their marriage. And Andy, being such a drama queen, keep having an anxiety about it until Max confront her and later assure her that it's all nothing.
Not long after marrying Max, Andy learn that she's pregnant. Nine months later she gives birth to a baby girl name Clementine Rose.
While everything finally seems run smoothly in Andy personal life, her job life is another different story. Apparently the big news is that Miranda Priestly, who's not only still sit as an editor-in-chief at Runway but she also now become the editorial director at Elias-Clark, its publisher, contacts Andy and Emily with a mission to acquire The Plunge. This matter end up in Andy versus Emily, Miles, and Max different decisions. Where Andy is so sure that once The Plunge fall into Miranda's hand, she will take over the control of the magazine and leaving Andy and Emily, once again, under her tyranny and put them in a misery like she used to do in the past. But the other three have a whole opposite thinking that in contrary, The Plunge will be getting bigger and better under a big publisher company like Elias-Clark. In the end Max, Miles, and Emily sell The Plunge to Miranda even without Andy's approval. This is makes everything falling apart; Andy resign, divorce Max, and ends her friendship with Emily.
Andy later gets a job as a contributing editor for New York magazine while working in her first novel. Also Andy finds out that Alex has moved back to New York and after some love-drama with Alex girlfriend who turns out having an affair behind Alex's back. In the end, Andy and Alex back together.

So that's that...
Due to all my respects to Ms. Weisberger, who tell the story in the most enchanting way possible, but why is it have to end that way?
The twist is just insane. I really don't see it coming. Even thought the end of the story is still consider as a happy ending. But it just not happy ending enough. Oh, and I almost forget to tell; Andy's bad omen about Miranda Priestly's motive to buy The Plunge is true. Emily is fired ten weeks after La Priestly acquires The Plunge and take over the whole editorial staff. Emily then moves to L.A. with Miles where she later become a celebrity stylist.

I don't say that the story is all bad, it's great... but the ending is kinda "Eh, wow, okaaaay...". Yet then again, who am I to judge. Me myself won't even able to think that kind of twist if I were the one who write it. Maybe it's all will end up as happy and as cliche as it could be.
Still I encourage you to read the story yourself too, see if we have a same feeling about the ending or not! ;)

Over all, I give it 3/5 stars. This novel still live up its strong female characters and mesmerizing us with love-hate impressions about them like always.