Monday, October 27, 2014

Today Is a National Blogger Day!

I feel like today is my birthday, only instead I celebrate it together with thousands of my fellow bloggers out there.

But first thing first—wow, it feels like forever since the last time I blog something chitty-chatty like this. I don't know, maybe because lately I feel so content and rather occupied with my life that I don't really feel like sharing anything in the blogland.
Now that I'm writing this, I realize how I miss doing this on the blog... you know, a post with no theme, just me blabbering around about myself & my life.
Oh, and I'm writing this post via the blogger app on my phone too... which also I've been not doing since a long, long time ago. Maybe almost a year or so.
Not to mention how me rereading all ten The Princess Diaries series makes me kind of miss writing a journal. I remember how I used to diligently wrote a diary when I were 8 to 19 years old... I have no idea why that habit just stop when I hit my 20s. Maybe because I suddenly feel too old for any dear diary moment. Or maybe I'm just lazy.
But yeah, I think it's not a bad idea to doing this kind of post again in near future... talking to the internet is hella fun! Not that I feel like my life is THAT interesting to share to the whole internet population, it's just me wanna talk about stuff. Because I'm weird like that.
Nice, no? Having this kind of sentient in a good day like today. October 27th is one of my all time favorite day since I decided to join in this blogger la-la-land. So once again, happy blogger day to all Indonesian bloggers out there—feature blogger, fashion blogger, movie blogger, food blogger, beauty blogger, fanfiction blogger, any blogger! Today is our day, let's keep blogging the good stuff and keep this little part of world call internet awesome.

Xo, U

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