Monday, December 1, 2014


Today almost everybody I know channeling their Efek Rumah Kaca’s Desember, or Taylor Swift’s Back To December.
Because, weeeeee love December!

Desember artinya adalah natal dan tahun baru. Walaupun gue nggak merayakan natal, but the spirit is contagious. Jalan-jalan ke mall di musim natal adalah salah satu aktifitas favorit gue di bulan Desember seperti ini, just because the decoration!
Belum lagi detik-detik menuju pergantian tahun yang dibenci tapi dinanti semua orang. All the all-nighter, the fireworks, the midnight kiss, and the resolutions.
Buat gue pribadi, hal favorit gue tentang Desember adalah bagaimana bulan ini menandakan akhir dan awal dari perjalanan setahun gue. And I also get unusually melancholy on December. The reflection and the realization are no joke. Everything about the sudden wakeup call of how far this year made a difference to myself, and—at the same time, how I actually going nowhere while there are so much other things I supposedly able to achieve this past year will always put me on the edge of happy and sad at the same time.
But let’s save our new year thingy until the last week and day of this month. Here in Indonesia, today is December 1st and a Monday! What a perfect state to start over, huh?
And also, I already list some new exciting things to blog in the future. Finger crossed that I manage to write it in time.

So, December… let’s start!

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