Saturday, December 26, 2015

"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" : The Dark and the Light Once Again

It’s Star Wars time!
…and obviously, a spoiler time too.
So last weekend me and my brother made it to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens, 3D version, two days after its premiere in Indonesia. And OMG, it’s so awesome! Even, to be fully honest, this is the Star Wars movie that I finally and truly love. I mean, not that the previous movies are bad, but really, for me personally nothing is as good as The Force Awakens.
Awalnya, gue berencana langsung menulis blog post ini malam itu juga, langsung setelah keluar dari bioskop dan sampai rumah. But as usual, apalah artinya rencana kalau si yang bikin rencana malah keasikan ngeributin Kylo Ren and fangirling over him with my friend online—hi Je, if you reading this, I’m talking about that particular Star Wars fever night.
And after that a week gone by dan gue baru punya waktu buat duduk manis di depan laptop sekarang.
The bad news is, considering how forgetful I am, hampir setengah dari film-nya sudah lepas dari ingatan.  The good news is, I’m still gonna try to blog it anyway.

The Force Awakens mengambil waktu 30 tahun setelah kehancuran dari Death Star dan Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), the last Jedi, menghilang tanpa jejak. In the galaxy far, far away sisa-sisa dari Galactic Empire yang sekarang bernama the First Order still going strong and get even more evil, if that’s possible, dan masih berusaha keras untuk menghancurkan apapun yang berhubungan dengan the light side and to dominate the galaxy. Di sisi lain galaksi, the Resistance, bagian dari the Republic yang dipimpin oleh Princess Leia—scratch that, she’s now General Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher) juga masih berusaha keras untuk melawan the dark side and looking for Luke.
From this point, here comes our new Star Wars heroes… dimulai dari kemunculan Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac), a Resistance pilot and a hottie yang bertemu dengan Lor San Tekka di planet of Jakku untuk mengambil peta yang katanya akan membawa mereka ke tempat dimana Luke berada. Dan tiba-tiba datanglah serombongan Stormstroopers dipimpin oleh Darth Vader. That’s what I’m thinking first, though… huh? What’s Darth Vader doing there, he’s dead. Turned out it was Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), the descendant of Darth Vader—or using my term, a baby Vader. And Poe is captured but not before he give the map to his droid BB-8. Which by the way we used to unable to resist R2-D2’s cuteness, BB-8 is even way cuter than it! So, BB-8 flee and comes across a scavenger—and our new bad ass heroine, Rey (Daisy Ridley), at junkyard settlement.
Poe Dameron is being tortures by Kylo Ren about the map whereabouts and Kylo Ren successfully learn about BB-8. And here comes the scene of Stormtrooper FN-2187 who unable to kill for the First Order frees Poe and both of them escape in stolen TIE fighter. Poe later ask who’s the Stormtrooper name and he have no name, obviously, he only have a number series. So in the end Poe dubs FN-2187 as Finn (John Boyega).
In the middle of thier run, Poe and Finn TIE fighter crash on Jakku. While Finn survive, Poe Dameron seems didn’t made it dan menghilang di lokasi kecelakaan, leaving his jacket behind and later wears by Finn along the movie—and also eventually become the start of Finn and Poe Dameron undying bromance and the fan-fiction world blow up with gigantic amount of Finn/Poe couple stories in a very short amount of time.
Long story short, Finn then meet Rey and BB-8 along the way but again get attacked by the First Order. Three of them flee the planet in a stolen ship, the Millennium Falcon. Yes, THE Millennium Falcon.
In the middle of their way the Falcon breaks down dan tiba-tiba tertangkap by a much bigger ship that turned out piloted by Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Chewbacca. There the legendary quotes from The Force Awakens, “We’re home, Chewie…” said Han Solo and all Star Wars fans in the whole world break down crying.
Han Solo kemudian menjelaskan kenapa Luke tiba-tiba menghilang. Luke sempat berusaha membangun kembali the Jedi Order tapi rencananya gagal ketika si murid beralih to the dark side dan menghancurkan semua usaha Luke—guess who’s the student?
Suddenly a gangs of intergalaxy criminals muncul—the Indonesian proud, it’s The Raid trio time!. The criminals are looking for Han Solo, nagih hutang sih ya intinya. We see a little martial action here, how come we’re not, it’s The Raid crew after all. So yeah, a little martial arts and the appearance of big, nasty, disgusting galactical animals that look like a giant octopuses. Han Solo refuse to settle the debts and flee with the other four in the Falcon and the criminals inform the First Order kalau Han Solo terlibat dengan the most wanted BB-8, Finn, and Rey.
Their mission is to help BB-8 to reach the Resistance. So they go to planet Takodana and meeting the owner of a cantina there, Maz Kanata (Lupita Nyong’o) who can help them. Finn, ogah berurusan lagi dengan segala urusan the Resistance, let alone facing another the First Order attack memilih untuk berpisah jalan dengan mereka. Di waktu yang bersamaan, Rey is wondering around the cantina alone and being drawn to a vault dan menemukan lightsaber, Anakin and Luke Skywalker’s old lightsaber. Begitu menyentuh lightsaber itu, she experiences a disturbing visions and flees. In the middle of chaos, Maz Kanata give the lightsaber to Finn for a safekeeping.
Beralih ke First Order’s Starkiller Base, planet yang dirubah sedemikian rupa menjadi superweapon yang mampu menghancurkan sistem galaksi. Yeah, what the… it’s the Death Star all over again. It's a Death Star 2.0! Well, in that crazy planet slash superweapon, the Supreme Leader Snoke ordered General Hux (Domnhall Gleeson) untuk mengaktifkan senjata tersebut yang kemudian berhasil menghancurkan the Republic capital. And by the way, mind me, for me this General Hux is way, way more evil than Kylo Ren. Because Kylo Ren still have this mellow side on him, the call of the light side of the force said Snoke. The call Kylo Ren need to overcome. And how to overcome it, by killing his father, Han Solo. I know right, whaaaaat??? The baby Vader is Han Solo’s son? Han Solo and Leia Organa’s to be exact. Seriously though, when Kylo Ren calls Darth Vader as grandfather, mind = blown. And also, of course, Kylo Ren also the Jedi student who betray Luke and made him deserted himself.
Back to Takodana, the planet is being attacked by the First Order. While Han Solo, Chewbacca, BB-8, and Finn, who use the lightsaber in the fight—made us think he’s eventually could be the next Jedi too, but whatever—are saved by Resistance X-wing fighters led by Poe, who is alive, follow by another Finn/Poe bromance moment too of course. But too bad Rey is captured and taken to Starkiller Base where Kylo Ren interrogated Rey, but she resist his mind-reading. It’s the force versus the force! That’s when Rey discover her Force and escapes her cell using Jedi mind trick.
Han Solo, Chewbacca, Finn, and BB-8 arrive at the Resistance base on D’Qar, where they meet Leia—and where I sob because the reunion of Han Solo and Leia. They also meet C-3PO—still annoying as ever, good kind of annoying. Also R2-D2 who been inactive since Luke disappearance.
They then learn that BB-8’s map to Luke’s location is incomplete. Dan disaat yang bersamaan Starkiller Base sedang bersiap untuk menyerang D’Qar, menyebabkan the Resistance terpaksa membuat rencana darurat untuk melumpuhkan serangan tersebut. So along with the Resistance X-wing fighters, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Finn also fly out to try to infiltrate the base. With special request from Leia to Han to bring their son back alive. Aaaw, break my heart… I’m not gonna cry, I’m. Not. Gonna. Cry.
At the base, the infiltration process progress. Chewbacca and Han Solo set explosives in strategic places so it will trigger the chain reaction later. In the middle of that, Han Solo encounter Kylo Ren and confronts him by calling him with his birth name, Ben. Ben Solo. Han Solo begging to his son to abandon the dark side and come home. Kylo Ren then pledges for help from his dad, or that’s what we think, but instead… he kills Han Solo! Freakin’ Kylo Ren kills his father!!
Seeing Han Solo dead like that, Chewbacca gone mad and shoots Kylo Ren and sets off the explosive. Following by the attack from the Resistance X-wing fighters that starting the chain reaction and destroys Starkiller Base.
Kylo Ren, although badly injured, chases Finn and Rey. Finn kembali menggunakan lightsaber to battle dan berakhir terluka. Rey then takes over the lightsaber and fight Ren. Again, it’s the force versus the force. Rey overpowers Kylo Ren and wound him sebelum tiba-tiba dipisahkan tanah yang retak. Dan Kylo Ren gets evacuate by General Hux in Snoke order.
Back in D’Qar, the Resistance celebrate their victory while Leia, Chewbacca and Rey mourn Han’s death. And suddenly to everyone surprise R2-D2 awakens and reveals the rest of the Map, completing the map on BB-8 and there it is, the road to finds Luke Skywalker, which Rey follows accompany by Chewbacca and R2-D2 flying in the Millennium Falcon, taken Han Solo’s seat, to meet Luke in an island in the distant planet to hand back the lightsaber.
The end.

That’s it, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. That night I walked out from the movie theater dengan puas, a new and extreme crush over Kylo Ren—that one hot villain, dan dengan berbagai setumpuk pertanyaan yang minta cepat-cepat dijawab. Whose Rey’s parents? What is the relationship of Rey and Kylo Ren? What's Kylo Ren will become? And to today’s date, there’s already dozens of fan-theories and I read half of them already… still not enough.
In a more personal field, though. This Star Wars thingy is really unleashed my inner nerd self. Some of my friends not even get what’s with my fuss about all this science-fiction stuff… atau mengutip kata-kata ayah gue, “Apa sih itu? Nggak realistis sama sekali, terlalu jauh dari kenyataan.” Well, Daddy, that’s the great thing about it. It’s not real, it’s techonology, it’s magic, it’s fiction. Capek ya tiap hari ketemunya sama yang realistis-realistis terus, I need that kind of unrealistic things to wind down once in a while.

So yeah, please… go watch the new Star Wars in as soon as you have time. Even you don’t understand it, still, watch it. At least you can enjoy 120 minutes of awesome special effects and sounds. Cause I know I do.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Makeup haul: Beauty Story

Sudah lumayan lama sebenarnya foto-foto untuk makeup haul kali ini ada di camera roll gue, but with so many this and that going on in my life, akhirnya baru sore ini gue sempat meluangkan waktu untuk duduk manis di depan komputer dan menulis review si Beauty Story ini.
For those who don't know yet, Beauty Story adalah brand makeup lokal terbaru yang launching bulan Februari lalu dan nyomot dari keterangan di website mereka, this makeup line born by the inspiration of young girls' creativity and spontaneity.

Gue termasuk salah satu yang super excited mengikuti perkembangan brand kosmetik baru ini, lihat saja, first impression yang semua orang dapat dari packaging mereka pasti nggak akan terpikir kalau ini adalah produk lokal, asli Indonesia. Karena konsep mereka yang mirip-mirip dengan konsep kosmetik Korea sejenis Etude, Face Shop, atau TonyMoly.
Bedanya adalah, selain harganya yang jelas jauh lebih terjangkau (yay, hidup produk dalam negeri!) tentu saja formulanya juga lebih cocok buat iklim dan jenis kulit kita.
Opini pribadi gue secara keseluruhan adalah, oh, I love them! Dari sekian banyak produk Beauty Story yang sudah gue coba, beberapa langsung masuk ke dalam makeup routine dan makeup bag gue. Dan berikut adalah sedikit review setelah gue menggunakan produk-produk mereka sekitar empat bulan belakangan ini. But then again, saran gue, nggak perlu ragu-ragu dicoba sendiri... I guarantee you gonna love some of their products as much as I am.
I also going to post the pictures in the same routine as how I do my daily makeup, just in case anybody wonder what's to put first.

Magical CC Cream
My first favorite! It really is an all-in-one multi-tasking cream just like it claimed. Yang bikin gue jatuh cinta sama CC Cream ini adalah rasanya yang ringan banget di kulit dan juga sangat moisturizing. And the pumping bottle tub-nya juga memudahkan pemakaian, nggak perlu takut tumpah atau terlalu banyak menuang isinya keluar. Gue biasa menyapukan cream ini ke muka menggunakan bantuan face sponge, karena akan berbeda hasilnya kalau dibandingkan dengan metode ditepuk-tepuk langsung dengan tangan. With the help from sponge this cream magically melt into your skin and only leave a magical fair-looking skin.
Price: Rp. 105.000,-

Luminous Smoothing Primer
This is probably my most favorite product from Beauty Story. Sebelumnya gue belum pernah menggunakan primer apapun jadi nggak begitu ngerti fungsi produk ini apa. Tapi begitu pertama kali pakai, langsung jatuh cinta. Mengandung gold, pink, and green pearls base yang mampu membuat kulit lebih bercahaya dan yang lebih menyenangkan, super dewy! Setelah dipakai akan memberi kesan lembab bahkan tanpa harus dilapisi macam-macam, not even a face powder. Kalau berniat mencoba produk Beauty Story tapi budget terbatas, buy this, you need this.
Price: Rp. 77.500,-

Mineral DD Loose Powder
Karena kulit gue cenderung berminyak dan mudah sekali berkeringat, dibanding bedak padat, gue lebih sering menggunakan bedak tabur dengan bantuan powder brush yang hasilnya akan lebih natural dibanding memakai bedak padat yang seringkali memberi kesan topeng dan cakey. Loose powder dari Beauty Story ini terasa so-so saja untuk gue, but it do its job as a face powder. Jadi kalau sedang bosan dengan merk bedak muka yang sedang dipakai saat ini, loose powder ini bisa dicoba, in case you gonna love it.
Price: Rp. 77.500,-

Lovely Secret Natural BB Two Way Pact
I don't really use this very often, because as I told before compact powder is not my go-to item. Jadi bedak padat ini lebih sering menjadi penghuni makeup bag yang biasa gue bawa kemana-mana dan dipakai untuk sedikit touch-up disana-sini. But I have to admit kalau produk ini cukup bisa menyerap minyak berlebih di wajah, yang menjadi alasan gue memilih ini sebagai senjata touch-up andalan tentu saja.
Price: Rp. 105.000,-

High Brow Eyebrow Micro Matic
Bisa dibilang, this eyebrow stick is the most off expectation product from Beauty Story for me. Gue bukan termasuk golongan beralis kotak-bersudut-tajam seperti yang sedang hits sekarang ini... tipe alis kesukaan gue adalah alis yang lurus dan lembut ala Korea. Ditambah dengan alis bawaan gue yang sudah tebal, memilih produk grooming alis jatuhnya jadi susah-susah gampang and sadly this product is not working for me. Tapi untuk yang alisnya cenderung tipis dan mudah dibentuk, nggak liar macam alis gue gini, rumput kali ah liar, I guess this product will do a good job for you.
P.S. Hati-hati dengan ujung stick-nya, I broke mine because I pull it too long dan langsung patah begitu dipakai, it's very delicate.
Price: Rp. 95.000,-

Midnight Dream Black Eyeliner Matic
Eyeliner is also my other big problem in choosing makeup, because I have a single eye-lid, nggak semua eyeliner bisa awet menempel di kelopak mata gue. Kebanyakan akan hilang, luntur, atau malah mbleber kemana-mana dalam hitungan jam. But this Beauty Story's eyeliner terbilang sangat lumayan awetnya. Dan juga mudah sekali diaplikasikan, bahkan pengguna eyeliner pemula yang kadang masih suka ketipisan atau terlalu tebal saat menggambar garis mata nggak akan menemukan kesulitan menggunakan eyeliner ini.
Price: Rp. 55.000,-

Midnight Dream Volumizing Mascara
The unique S-shaped curve applicator is the best feature of this mascara. Also they claimed that this mascara able to curl up, essence in, volumizing our eyelashes... not to mention, also important, it's waterproof. For me, it's not really work by only using this mascara alone, but if you combine it with a great eyelash-curler, it's gonna make your eyelashes looks oh-so-good.
Price: Rp. 88.500,-

Lip & Cheek Multi-Purpose Blush  in Sweet pea
What I love the most about this blusher is how practical it is. Bisa dipakai sebagai perona pipi dan perona bibir. Juga texture-nya yang silky dan creamy membuatnya sangat mudah dipakai, cukup di-blend menggunakan ujung jari and it gonna make you blush. Dan ditambah lagi, hasil akhirnya adalah efek dewy yang membuat wajah terlihat natural. Another Beauty Story must try!
Price: Rp. 72.500,-

Fruity Tinted Lip Balm  in Strawberry flavor
Containing avocado oil, bees wax, and shea butter this lip balm does its job generally well. I especially love the subtle pink color I get after putting it on my lips. It also smell delicious... a strong fruity, strawberry-ish smell. Although it's kinda pricey for a lip balm, I think the pretty decent result pay off well.
Price: Rp. 33.500,-

Sweet & Chic Lipstick  in Lily
Dari beberapa merk lipstick lokal yang sudah pernah gue coba, kelebihan lipstick milik Beauty Story adalah kemampuan menciptakan moist look yang nggak cuma kelihatannya saja, but feel as moist as well. Dan juga, untuk bibir gue pribadi, hasil warna yang menempel sesuai dengan warna yang terlihat pada lipstick, jadi nggak terasa tertipu seperti pengalaman gue dengan beberapa merk lipstick lain.
Price: Rp. 55.000,-

For more information about Beauty Story checkout their official account here:

Saturday, October 24, 2015

An Open Letter

It's been a long time since the last time I open this blog, let alone writing anything. But I'm here today to tell a story, a story about me, a story I don't remember I've ever dare to tell out loud before.
People often see me as a badass, one heck of super girl who live like there's nothing could go wrong in her life. The fact is, there was some moments in my life where I actually facing a complete opposite situation from that label everyone seen me asa situation where there's nothing going right in my life.
Granted to live for this past 25 years, my life is an insanely extreme rollercoaster. I've been taste the best thing life could offer and I too have been taste how is it like to hit a rock bottom; I was once a rich spoiled little girl who can have anything I want in this world and I also was once become so poor to the point my family go bankrupt; I know how it feel to be surrounded by a bunch of friendsboth fake and real and I do know how it feel like to be alone in the time when you need a shoulder to cry on the most; I was once an arrogant youngster and I also was once become very intimidated by life, by people more superior than me; I know how is it feel to be loved and I know how is it feel to be broke into pieces.
Yes, I know.
No, I'm not saying that I live the most miserable life on earth.
It's just that I come to realize that my life is not an easy life and it's gonna be getting even more harder in the future.

About a month ago, I have a mental breakdown. The situation that so bad that it had me experience my first ever panic attack in my lifeso close to a depression. For days I was short at breath, I couldn't think straight, I cried a lot, and I feel like it's better to just poison myself so I can get it all over with.
And I've never been feel so vulnerable before, like I merely a transparent figure in this huge, harsh world and how invisible I am. Just a fragment of dot in the universe.
I feel unimportant and I lost my purpose in life. I don't even know what I want, except for the world to stop spinning and to let myself drown in my own confusion.
It took me some time to recover from that meltdown, for me to get back on my feet. To finally gather the courage to face other people and to face life again. And of course to admit that my world is fall apart, I need to get my shit together all over again.

Maybe this is what people call as a quarter life crisis, but I don't know if it's happened to other person as badly and extreme as it happened to me. I hope not, though... now that I know how hard it is to overcome the situation.
It's so hard that I'm not sure I already fully recovered from that meltdown moment even until this second. That obliviousness pounded so deep in my heart and in my brain that I know it's gonna leave a scar anyway, a scar named a turning point. That once or twice in a lifetime moment where after life slap you hard in the face it made you realize the only way to getaway is by change the way you think, they way you feel, and the way you live.
They said there's a sunshine after the rain, well, I don't see any ray of sunshine in my life yet. It's still all foggy, I'm still trying to figure things out. Yet one thing I'm very aware is, stuck in this bad place is not an option and I need to move forwardof course, easier to be said than done.
And also, this is just a beginning... the pressure is on and it's going be on and on for the rest of my life. Frankly speaking, I'm not ready yet. But life is not according to me, life got its own way and I have to deal with it anyway. Hence I don't have control on how my life gonna goes on, I do have control over myself... to not let myself get anymore meltdown, to be stronger and to be braver. Most of all, I want to be happy.

It took a lot of courage for me to write this post, I know I've been writing about myself quite a lot but it never been this personal, this is an open letter for myself.
And I'm writing this not because I seek for attention nor to put myself on pathetic act. I write this as one of many ways to heal myself, to let it all out, to admit that my life is never as perfect as I once ever dreamed. To remind myself that I'm not that special, I'm only human... an ordinary person living an ordinary, albeit, rather rocky life.
I also know that I'm not the only who suffer, everybody fighting their own fight. But dear me, dear my fellow 20-something out there... let's at least try to win the fight. I don't know how and when, but later in the future let's look back to this day and smile, because we all gonna survive, somehow.

P.S. This is my magic quote: "She was a girl who knew how to be happy even when she was sad. And that's importantyou know."

Friday, August 21, 2015

August Poly-List

Hello, loves!
The time is 12:52 AM and here I am in front of the laptop curating this post for you—or for me, actually. But that's okay, I choose to sleep a little late this night because I don't have anything to do tomorrow anyway. Also, I'm kinda excited for this post because after a long time planning to make this kind of post... today is finally the day!
I don't know if I ever mentioned this before in the blog: I'm a Polyvore junkie, my another ultimate guilty pleasure! What I love the most about Polyvore is that it's giving us the illusion of online shopping where we can freely browsing, liking, and even mix-matching all awesome stuff there and make it as our very own set. It's like magic.
Yeah, obviously, the prices are so out of my reach and makes me wanna cry... but still, it's good to know what's the latest hot items out there and took it as a reference so next time I'm going shopping I can buy a slightly similar items with way, way cheaper price.
Based on that sentiment, I really want to make Polyvore as an annual post in the blog. So from now on, I will try to make a monthly set of the latest items that popped in my Polyvore account, pick some of my favorites, and share it with you... sounds fun isn't it? And let's name it... a Poly-List.
So here we go, my very first Poly-List!

1. Venessa Arizaga 'On The Road Again' ceramic charm silk clutch | 2. Lulu Guinness Women's Catherine Large Lips Envelope Clutch Bag - Red | 3. Markus Lupfer + Disney® Thumbs Up Vintage Mickey sequined merino wool sweater | 4. Markus Lupfer + Disney® Vintage Mickey sequined cotton T-shirt | 5. Linda Farrow Matthew Williamson Women's Peach Gold Lens Sunglasses - Shiny Black | 6. Victoria Beckham D-frame acetate optical glasses | 7. Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate | 8. Rimmel Comic Relief Kate Lipstick | 9. TOPSHOP **Casio Digital Watch | 10. Otm iPhone 6 Case - Fruit Loop | 11. SheIn(sheinside) Black Stiletto High Heel Ankle Strap Sandals | 12. TOPSHOP SALOON Ankle Strap Flats | 13. Levtex 'Blowing Kisses' Pillow | 14. Flutterfluff Black Lola Lux Mink Lashes | 15. FRAME DENIM Le Skinny de Jeanne cropped jeans

So... what do you think of my pick? I especially rooting for the sunglasses, ankle strap sandals, and cropped jeans—because one person can't have enough jeans, right? Also, I'm sort of curious about that false lashes while I actually have no idea to put false lashes to my eyes and I really want to try it sometime later. And that Vintage Mickey... you lie if you tell me you didn't want it too! ;p

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

"I'm not telling you it's going to be easy, I'm telling you it's going to be worth it."

Monday, July 27, 2015

Oh, for the love of Brownies!

As you all maybe already know—since I'm talking about this A LOT, especially on Twitter, I found a new love; a love for baking. And it's no joke, for me baking is turn out to be something really therapeutic. Someone who used to hate anything related to the kitchen, fall in love with baking.
Well... so long story short, the first cake I ever bake is no other than a plate of brownies. Funny story, when I was asked around the recipe for brownies most people suggested me to just buy the instant dough... but when it's an instant dough, you barely can call it baking really. So I end up consulting with the one and only source left, Google it is.
After a few attempts, and practice do make perfect I finally found my ultimate brownies recipe... now I even able to make so many variations of brownies, like what you can see in the picture above it's not basic brownies... I add a little touch of strawberries and milk chocolate to balance the sourness of the berries and the bitter brownies itself.
But what I'm gonna post today is only the recipe of basic brownies and another basic recipe of chocolate frosting (a normal chocolate frosting, not the milk chocolate as I use in the picture above). Why with frosting, you ask? Because I love to top my brownies with frosting rather than with toasted walnuts.

220gr Terigu
400gr Gula pasir
1sdt Vanilla extract
70gr Coklat bubuk
4 Telur
1/2sdt Garam
200gr Minyak goreng
100gr Chocolate chips (I prefer dark chocolate chips)
150gr Kenari panggang (Or in my case, I use strawberries sufficiently)
Chocolate Frosting
200gr Gula pasir
200gr Gula halus
5sdm Margarine
100gr Coklat bubuk
55gr Susu cair
1/2sdm Vanilla extract

- Siapkan loyang kotak 22x22 atau dua loyang persegi panjang 20x10, tebal loyang bisa disesuaikan. Alasi loyang dengan baking paper, olesi dengan minyak goreng.
- Campur terigu, coklat bubuk, dan garam. Aduk rata lalu sisihkan.
- Menggunakan mixer; kocok telur, gula, dan vanilla extract hingga gula larut dan adonan mengental.
- Ayak campuran tepung ke dalam adonan telur, aduk hingga rata.
- Panaskan oven. Kalau gue sih karena pakainya oven "main-main", mengukur panasnya pakai feeling. Tapi idealnya kira-kira 180˚C.
- Lanjut dengan adonan yang sudah mengental; masukkan minyak goreng, kenari (or any garnish you want), dan chocolate chips. Aduk lagi hingga rata.
- Tuang adonan ke dalam loyang, panggang kira-kira 20-30 menit.
- Keluarkan loyang, biarkan dingin. Oleskan chocolate frosting (if you want to) lalu potong-potong.
Chocolate Frosting
- Kocok margarine hingga halus. Bisa dengan whisk biasa atau mixer.
- Dalam mangkok terpisah campur coklat bubuk dan gula pasir.
- Masukkan campuran coklat bubuk dan gula pasir dengan margarine yang sudah dihaluskan, lalu tambahkan susu sedikit demi sedikit sambil terus diaduk.
- Masukkan vanilla extract dan aduk kembali hingga mengental. Jika terlalu cair bisa ditambah campuran coklat bubuk dan gula pasir lagi, jika terlalu kental tambahkan susu.
- Terakhir tambahkan gula halus and blend it well. Then spread it on your brownies (or any cake, for that matter).

Voilà, there you go! I hope you can find this recipe useful. Happy baking, Loves!  

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Read This If Nobody Texted You Good Morning (Cr: Thought Catalog)

Hello, it's me again!
Is it weird to see me blogging in the morning like this? Well, not morning per se... it's almost brunch o'clock, but just in case you're wondering what an all-nighter like me doing at this early hour; I'm trying to fix my sleeping schedule, so I can fall asleep at night and wake up as fresh as a daisy in the morning like a normal human being.
Also, writing in the morning actually feels better... since I still have this empty room in my head to thinking more clear and straight rather than when I write in the middle of the night where usually all kind of thoughts already cramping my brain and slowly driving me crazy.
This morning I want to share this awesome blog post from Thought Catalog on twitter. I actually already curated a similar post like this and I'm halfway writing it, but then I read TC's post and immediately think, brilliant and inspiring post like this should be read by a whole human population. So I'm going to paste it here, all credits belong to them and the writer... thank you for this amazing piece of read. Happy reading, loves!
First of all: Good morning, beautiful.
Is it too late to say that? I know you’ve probably been awake a while – likely hours or even all day. I know you may have gone this whole time without hearing it – shrugging back to friends and family who asked you how you’re doing with a non-committal “Fine” because that is what we’re meant to do as humans – answer meaningful questions with arbitrary phrases. I know that you may not be fine. I know you may have had a lacklustre day. And I know that something as incredibly mundane as a “Good morning” text may have made all the difference in the world. It’s okay if that’s the case. It’s okay to sometimes ache for those simple and kind-hearted gestures.
Because the truth is that good morning texts are more than a half-hearted means of communication. They are a sign that we are thought of. Cared for. Adored, by someone who may not be immediately present. They are a reminder – one we perhaps should not need but sometimes do – that we are appreciated in our entireties. So if you did not get one this morning, here is what I want you to know:
You deserve to have a good day today. Not because of some universal law that necessitates good things happening to worthwhile people, but because we all do. We all deserve to have a beautiful morning and a correspondingly fantastic day, regardless of who loves us or appreciates us or thinks of us first thing when they wake up in the AM. Just because someone is not around to appreciate the complexities of who you are does not mean that you deserve anything less than pure joy. And in case there’s no one else to remind you, here is what else I want you to know:
There’s a particular way you laugh that can make an entire room light up, if only for a moment in time. There is a way you tilt your head when you are concentrating that makes you look unbearably kissable – as if you were placed on this earth only to stare at things and frown in the most endearing form humanely possible. There is a noise you make when you are falling asleep – a soft, almost inaudible sigh that sounds like the ethereal embodiment of all that is tranquil and calm. There are a thousand minute intricacies that make up the tapestry of who you are and not a single one has ceased to exist since the last time that somebody loved you.
I know we’re not supposed to need reminders of that. I know that we’re supposed to be strong and self-sufficient and reassured – certain of our own worth, questioning only the value of others. But we’re human. We forget.
We forget that we are loveable. We forget that we’re desired. We forget that we are anything other than the hard-shelled, busybody workaholics that we’ve all been trained to behave as. We forget that we, too, merit adoration.
And here’s what it’s easiest to forget: Who you are doesn’t cease to exist because there’s nobody there to admire it. The way you bite your pencil is still cute, even when there’s nobody to tease you for it. The way you hold yourself still exudes confidence, even if there’s no one to assert it to. The way your eyes light up when you’re talking about what you love is – and endlessly will be – attractive, regardless of who is there to listen to you speak. All the little quirks that make you up are not extinguished because somebody once chose against them. You still deserve to have a good day, even when there’s no one there to wish it to you. Even if you forget to remind yourself.
Someday someone’s going to love all of those tiny things about you. Someone’s going to love the way you cough. They’re going to laugh at the way you lose your keys while you’re actually holding them. Someday, someone is going to stare at you from across a crowded room and know exactly how you’re feeling based on the way your head is tilting or the type of wine you’ve used to fill your glass. Someone is going to appreciate all of your obscurities eventually but right now they are all only your own. And that’s okay. First and foremost, you will always belong to yourself.
Here’s what I urge of you if you did not receive a good morning text today: Don’t forget about what makes you incredible. Don’t let your own intricacies slide. Because the loveable parts of you are not gone – I absolutely promise you that much.
You are so much more than the person who nobody texted this morning. You are encompassing. You are fierce. You are a blazing, roaring fire in a world full of people who’ve been burnt. So please, refuse to let the wounded people extinguish you. Refuse to be tamed. Refuse to flicker down into a meagre, burnt-out coal because somebody else is not tending to your flame.
At the end of the day, we’re all in charge of what we bring to our lives. So be the person who brings light to your own, even if nobody else shows up to it. Be the person who has a good day, even if nobody wishes it to them. Find a way to fuel your flame when no one else remembers to, because the world needs the light you give off.
And you, my dear, are too intense a power to be reduced by something as small and insignificant as the lack of a good morning text.

Monday, July 20, 2015

A Little Update About Moi and the Blog, Post Eid Al-Fitr

It’s 6:44 AM when I’m start writing this. What am I doing this early in a holiday, you ask? Because I have a trouble sleeping… same old, same old.

Oh, and I almost forget… happy eid Mubarak to everybody who celebrate it, may all the good deeds we did this past Ramadan bring us even more goodness in the future. Aamiin! Hope you spend a wonderful time with your friends and family this eid Al-Fitr. 

And today marking another new week, another Monday and me being myself, of course, full with another new spirit.
Believe it or not, there are so many things I want to share in the blog I literally have no idea where I should start. So many things going on in my life right now, all exciting and important for me. So let’s put it in the blog slowly, like a puzzle… and let’s see how my life onwards gonna present itself.

Also, as usual, diligently write in this blog is always on top of my to-do list and wish list. Although I feel like this blog will have a little change at heart in the future, since I don’t think I will have that much time to compile a post other than a post about me—some sort of diary, online diary. So for this, I think I need to warn you in advance… this blog is going private, contents-wise. And I really have no problem sharing half of my personal life in the blog, and of course it won’t be a raw sharing, but I’ll filter it so the post still contains some benefit to those who read it. Maybe it’s because me—the curator herself—also have a little change at heart related to this blog affairs, more than blogging for followers, as time goes on… bethink I’m not a professional blogger after all, having this blog as a place to share small and random things has finally become my perks and my choice. But no further worries, other than a slight change in its contents this blog still have a long way to go! (And guess what, the title: Blah-ger has finally back on my twitter bio!)

And that’s it for this morning—plus, I actually forget about other things I meant to write in this post… tsk, classic me! LOL.
I’m going to grab my breakfast now… happy Monday, happy holiday, happy mudik, and happy fourth day of lebaran you guys! Have a lovely day today! XO

Thursday, July 16, 2015

“The truth is, I pretend to be a cynic, but I am really a dreamer who is terrified of wanting something she may never get.”
— Joanna Hoffman

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A to Z

Good morning!
It’s 5:53 AM and I’m wide awake after my suhoor, the last two suhoor before eid Al-Fitr and the end of this year’s breakfasting month.
To be honest, this past 30 days is pretty hard for me… there are one and two things that happened and it happened badly. But hey, I survive!

The reason why I’m writing in such an early time like this because an idea that popped in my head a few days ago; another project for the blog, let’s call it an A-Z project—inspired by David Levithan’s The Lover’s Dictionary. I think it’s time for me to open my dictionary again and randomly pick a word then write something about it. Sounds good, no? And this time I’ll write it slowly, no deadline… just anytime I have the idea and a time to write.

So I guess, I’ll see you soon then… start from the letter A: Abundance.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

"Princess Diaries: Royal Wedding" : A Grown Up Princess

Okay, so I gotta write it fast while the hysteria still linger around...
Oh my God, I'm practically hyperventilating now. Heaven knows how obsess I am towards the life of Princess Mia and friends. Besides Harry Potter series, Princess Diaries is another number that I’m literally growing up with. I started reading it when I was 14 years old (exactly the same age with Mia when the series begin, thank you very much) and it goes on and on throughout the year until the book taken a hiatus—eventhough I’m not gonna lie, I thought that was the end and boy did I cried my eyes out back then—around 2009 if I’m not mistaken.
And now, 6 years later… boom, there comes the 11th books of the series titled Royal Wedding. The first adult installment of Princess Diaries. Yes, it’s Mia Thermopolis 6 years later, 25 years old (and here I am again, in exactly the same age still).

I actually have no idea that Ms. Cabot ever have any project to continue the series, trust me for a first view years after book number 10 I stalked her like crazy, hoping that she will release the next book. But no… no next book.
So you can imagine how shock I am when few days ago I was casually browsing for an interesting book on Goodreads until I found out a bunch of new reviews about new Princess Diaries novel. I bought it online right away—God bless Google play—and it cost me around 145IDR, totally worth it!
And last night I binge read it, 448 pages nonstop! And impressively done in one night, with no sleep at all.

Now let’s spoil it, so for those who not willing to know the goes of the story, you can stop reading this and go ahead read it by yourself. It’s awesome, as always.

So the story starts a few days before Mia’s 26th birthday… and with the usual Princess Diaries’ antique: a total big problem emerge right away. This time it's because Mia’s dad caught by the police for car-speeding, totally ruined the condition where he’s actually currently in a run for the new Genovian prime minister. But other than that, Mia have her own problem, that is Michael, oh yeah… after all this time, it’s still Michael. And Mia being slash by media for having a too long relationship and why the hell Michael haven’t popped the question yet.
Mia now living at Genovian consulate office, in the apartment locate in the top floor of the building. And of course with Fat Louie! Although he’s an old one now, but still as Louie as ever.
And here comes the first twist in this book, we found out that Frank Gianini alias Mr. G alias Mia’s algebra teacher alias Mia’s stepdad has passed away. Soooob! So that makes Mia’s mom now a widow, raise a 10 years old Rocky by herself.
He dies because a sudden heart attack and as Mia’s token to remember him, she build a teen help center under Mr. G’s name where there work Perin and Ling Su—who are now in relationship, if you don’t know yet.
And Mia’s other friends are in the book too! Lilly, now a law student who currently try to pass the bar test. Tina Hakim Baba, a medical student at NYU, almost graduate. And Boris, OMG, or Boris P. as he now widely known is a superstar and a teen heartthrob! He even got his own fanbase, Borettes or something… complete with insane fangirl and stalker.
The second twist in this book is… Michael. That after 8 years long relationship with Mia finally propose! EEEEEK! Yes, Michael and Mia now engaged—and married at the end of the book! I mean, this is madness, I still remember Mia as a dramatic 16 years old who stubbornly only want to lose her virginity on prom night—which she did. And now, she’s a lady… a real princess, not a princess in the making/training anymore. And the proposal event Michael held, was beyond beautiful!
And of course, guess who went gaga after hearing the news of Michael and Mia’s engagement? Grandmère. Oh yes, she still alive and healthy as ever… not only her, Rommel too!
The next twist of the book is, and this is the big one… Mia found out she’s pregnant! Wait for it… with twins!!!!!!!!!
This is no kidding, this book contain so many stories it almost like the author gets back at us with all might she have to pay for those 6 years hiatus. Which is awesome, but also give me a shock multiple times.
Because not only that, there are still two big plot that change the story forever. First, that Mia is actually having a long-lost sister. Whaaaat?! So it turns out that exactly 14 years ago, Mia’s dad was fell in love over the heel with one woman and despite the fatal cancer that made him, supposedly, fertile. Magic happened, he still able to impregnated that woman. So that’s that, Mia has a sister, a smart and beautiful 12 years old sister name Olivia, Princess Olivia Grace Clarisse Mignonette Harrison, the other princess of Genovia… oh, and I almost forget, that kid is African-American-Genovian. Not that anyone have a problem with that… only, shocking!
And second shocking plot is, almost at the end of the book Mia’s dad and Mia’s mom are getting back together!! Yes, I know, it’s crazy. Of course I always think Helen Thermopolis and Prince Arthur Phillipe are never stop loving each other. What I don’t know is after 26 years of Mia’s life and after almost 15 years long series… it finally does happen.

Well played, Ms. Cabot, well played. *Bow down*

And of course, Ms. Cabot doesn't bring us down, Princess Diaries: Royal Wedding still accessorize by load amount of slick pop culture references. Only this time it’s less Britney and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and more social media related thingies. Which totally make my dream come true, to be able living inside Princess Mia’s world in today’s generation era.

Obviously, there are still a lot of details of the book I don’t spoil here… because I’m a lousy review/spoiler writer as you all know. But yes, the feeling—my feeling is overwhelming.
So if you happened never yet read Princess Diaries, do read. It’s so good.
Well for some people this kind of literary genre is sort of lame, but hey… it’s my favorite genre, it’s all about YA-chicklit-romance-epistolary-with a touch of slapstick humor. It’s a perfect easy read!
Now I can't wait for the next book, now that Mia is pregnant she have to give birth and raise her kids, right? Right!

In sort: It’s 10/10 stars!
"Why delay happiness, even for a matter of principle, if you can have it right away?" — Princess Mia

Monday, May 25, 2015

It Sucks, Gotta Live It Anyway

Hello, blog-land!
It’s been a while since the last time I write anything here.
Truth be told, I’m not currently in a mood to write because lately I’ve been in this bad place, personally. You know, the whole soon 25 and it makes me confuse thingy.

So I don’t really have anything to share in this post, I just think it’s been quite sometimes I haven’t talked to the internet. What’s the point of having a blog after all, huh?
Actually, if you still feeling like you can believe me—which proven at some point that you better not—I do have so many things prepared to blog already. I’m not lying, I have these bunch of topics listed down on my book of idea ready to write, but then again… don’t believe my excuse, it’s lame.

Well, I have a question: do you ever feel at some point in life, you feel so busy and have no time spare to even sit and having a deep thought about yourself?
That’s what happened to me sometimes yesterday. I’ve been too busy to keep myself busy, even though I do aware that actually I can do so much more important stuff with my time instead of just keep doing what I do.
And in the end when I finally sit myself and thinking through everything, that’s where reality hits me, what a useless life I’ve been living. Then the next bad and stupid thing I do is to catch up with some of my friends’ life… through their social media. Oh yeah, stalking alert! Which is definitely a stupid, stupid thing to do. Because news flash my friend, if you’re currently in a bad place about yourself, looking through your friends’ social media life—where everything already bedazzled with goodness and filters with hundred layers of perfection that only social media can offer—is a major bad idea.

Human live with a scary amount of enviousness within us, no sugar coating stuff, even the holiest people on earth I believe ever compare his life with someone else’s life. It’s our self-control that shield us from such thing, and maybe that’s what differ me from the holiest people on earth… who by their awesome capability to control their mind and feeling, me in the other hand is a mere ordinary human who once took a glance on other’s so-called perfect life, drown in the enviousness. It’s like everything you think is wrong with yourself, was true… that’s how I feel when I’m starting to compare my life with another people’s life. Yeah of course it’s easy to say, “So just don’t compare your life with other person’s life then. Grow up and be thankful of what you already had!” You want the hard truth, honey? In some point of your life, you gonna answer: Be thankful my ass, there’s nothing to be thankful for.
Sorry if I sound so childish and senseless in this post, but this is the truth.

Again, it’s not like I’m the most miserable person on earth. Not at all. I might be currently jobless and have no idea what I’m going to do with my life right now. But I do granted by a house that I can rest in comfortably, food that I can eat whenever I’m hungry, family that eventhough sometimes driving me crazy but still it’s a decent loving family.
It’s just, reality sucks. And comparing your life with others also sucks.
There will always be something that we don't have and other people have. It might be a little thing or a big thing. But there will always be a thing.

And right now, I’m not in a positive mood to give an enlightening closing to this post. Yet I’m glad I have this blog to spill the bean, it’s one of the best thing that I have actually—the ability to speak my mind.
Life is, a never ending roller coaster that we gotta ride anyway… so I guess when this kind of shitty feeling comes up, we just got to swallowed it and move on. Sure it feels weird and wrong and confusing now, maybe it will always be. I’m just hoping someday I’m gonna realize why everything that been happening now is do happened for a reason.

The one who hope things gonna make more sense someday

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The 30th Day

"Day 30 — Goals for the next 30 days"

It's 11:11 and I'm writing the last post for the 30 days blogging challenge.
Wow... Today's is the last day of April. Don't you ever think how slow the day goes by but when you thinking about it the next day, you'll realize how fast actually it is.
So does this month... Now that I'm thinking back about it, April just end a little bit too fast too.

Well I don't really have exact goals for next month, of course there are a few things that I hope I can do... But I don't think it's necessary for me to explain it here, because I don't want to jinx it. :p
But I do hope, next month will be a good month for me... For us, even, not just for me.
And ooooh, I'm so glad to be able to finish this challenge. 30 days nonstop blogging, and I magically success in doing it. Yay me! So nice to able to say "Challenge completed!" in the end of the day.
So yeah... Challenge completed and finger crossed, may this May be a great May for us!
Love, U. ❤

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Little Things

"Day 29 — Things that comfort you"

There are so many things in this life that we relay on when we search for a little comfort in our hard times.

For me, it's always the same things... Hot tea, good book, blogging, instant noodle, and cuddling with my cat.
And also for me, small things matter. I'm famous as a meticulous person. I love paying attention to the details, no matter how tiny they are.
When I make a cup of hot tea, I always make it in the same cup... My favorite cup. It's also always an english breakfast, with two sachets of sweet and low sugar.
When I read a book, I always bring a pen/pencil along with me to underlined any sentences that I love. And I usually prefer to read it while curled in my warm blanket.
When I'm blogging, I love to write at night... With a music or TV as the background. And it depends on my mood, sometimes I write on my laptop, or my tablet, or my phone.
When I make an instant noodle, it's always with chilli papper, lots of onions, and bunch of leeks. Then I eat it while watching some Friends. Shocking! ;D
And of course, my ultimate warm and fuzy thing is my cat! My cute and chubby cat... I can spend hours snuggle him, sometimes until we both fall asleep, and he purr in my tummy.

So yeah... Little things matter. It give us a warm feeling of what we love, remind us that no matter bad our day, there's always something that can lift up our day. What's your little things then?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Passion

"Day 28 — 5 things you're passionate about"

Wheee.. 2 days before the final day of the challenge, I'm excited!
I'm not going to write long post today, because I'm kinda busy doing something else *insert a secret project grin here* tee-hee!
So let's just go straight to the topic, 5 things that I'm passionate about.
Truth be told, I'm no daredevil... I don't like to try new things. I'm more the kind of person who choose to stay cozy in something that I'm already familiar with. That's why when I'm passionate about something, the passion will stay for a very long time, forever probably.
And what are my passions you ask?

It's obvious, yes? I don't know exactly when was the first time I start to write... from I was a little girl, I bet. Because I used to wrote a diary all the time, and basically pour my heart out on that diary book with Minnie Mouse picture on the cover. Since then, I can not not write. Ditambah lagi sejak mengenal blog... menulis sudah berubah menjadi kebiasaan. Yes, there's a time when I'm suddenly lazy and not blogging for a while, but I'm always tweeting, itu juga termasuk menulis kan? ;p

I'm a bibliophile. I read, collect, and admire books. For me book is the best form of entertainment in the whole world. I mean when you reading, you enter this new world where you given a freedom to picturing the characters, to imagining the surrounding, even to voicing the characters. It's an infinite world and it's the best.

Collecting quote
I know it's probably odd for some people, but I collect quotes. When I read something, I always have a pen or pencil with me... any sentences that I like, I'll underlined it and wrote that down on my book of quotes later. And not only from book, music lyrics and movies too.

Cooking and eating
Not many people know this about me, but I do enjoy cooking... a lot. Of course I'm nowhere near able to cook any fancy food, just a simple home cooked meal I can do. Yet when it comes to eat, I love to eat... delicious food in our mouth is heaven on earth.

Any form of decorations, really. Interior designs are always fascinate me, but my favorite is the simple style with a lot of white furnitures and a pop of colors here and there.

Sooo... that's it! That's the big 5 of things I'm passionate about.
How about you, what's your passion?

Monday, April 27, 2015

Good April

"Day 27  Your highs and lows of this month"

Wow, day 27... it's kinda shocking to realize there are only few days left before this blogging challenge over. I'm so excited to finish it!

In this post I asked to tell my highs and lows of this month. Well, to be honest there's not much I can't tell about this month. April, definitely not my month.
But yeah, there's still some exciting thing happened to me this month. The most important is of course, my Dad was got married last month and so this April is a new beginning for my family. And it's so far so good... it feel good to finally have a normal family again, to see my Dad have someone taking care of him.
On more personal side, really, nothing new. Except this month I start to work on my fiction again after a looooong hiatus. Oh how I miss my characters, been a while since the last time I meet them.
And the lows... thank God, I've been granted by a many nice days this past 27 days. I got a busy day doing my work which I love, I got plenty of quality time with my family, I spend a lot of time talk to my friends eventhough it's only by chatting apps, and I even got a couple days for holiday!

So to sum up..... This month is good. Not extravagant, but so good. And I feel really blessed. :)

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Dating Possibilities

"Day 26 — Something that you miss"

It's 10:54 PM now and I just arrive home from the holiday. Well, it was short—only 2 days 1 night yet it's such a pleasure. I'll be back there for sure!

Okay... So let's see today's topic. Something that I miss. Hmm, it's quite a thinker.
The first thing that pop up in my mind is... I miss being in a relationship. Of course for now I still stand by my choice to focus on myself and not get into any relationship just yet.
But yes, I miss the feeling and the obligations to take care of that special someone... You know, people said sometimes rather than miss the person, we miss the memories more. Indeed.
And oh no, it's so does not because I'm lonely or hopeless and desperate for love. No, thank God I got plenty of those from my closest people. It's just... I miss the feeling. That's all, and I can't explain more about it. So hard to explain.
But you understand, no?

Being in relationship of course, is exhausting. I mean, day and night we gonna face this constant worries about that significant other... Either it's because we want to know where is he, is he already eat or not, and/or if he still feel the same way about us.
And trust me, I really don't want and don't need to be in that place right now.
But in the other hand, the feeling when we're in love... That's lovely. Basically the best part of being in a relationship.
So yeah, I kinda miss the butterfly in my stomach. Maybe it's time for me to open my heart a little bit for dating possibilities... Why not? Now the question is, how do you reckon I can ask Zayn Malik out for date? ;D

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Problem No Problem

"Day 25 — The problem that you have had"

How's your weekend so far?
I'm actually out of town today, enjoying a quick getaway during weekend at a mountain resort with my family. Lovely!

So today we're going to talk about problem... ah, an obstacles upon our way. Meaning, the only way we can get rid of it is either face it or just ignore it. Your choice.
I'm not a stranger to problematic life. And I'm sure so do other people, because everybody have their own battle. But if you're one of lucky person who granted by easy life, bless you... You're very lucky indeed.

Well, at first I'm thinking about to share another story about me and my rather bumpy life. Then again I think, hell... I'm on holiday, I don't really want to remember problem I have had, ruined my mood, and bump you guys.
So why don't we talk about it other way round? If I'm not mistaken, I ever wrote about the obvious yet forever sucks problems for us the 20s. Now let me share about my trick on how to stay chill about that...
Having an insane breakup, staying in bad relationship, hate on parents, stupid fight with friends, academic problems, before and after divore anxiety... You name it. Been there, done that. But hey, look at me... I made it through, I survive.
The question now is... How?
It's simple: Keep in your mind that whatever your problem is... It's not the end of your world.
Everything that happened to us, first it happened in our head. So if we suggest ourselves that we can get through it... Hell yeah we can do it!

Just don't lose hope, okay?
Everything that happens to you have a reason. And someday, trust me, you'll understand what. ♡

Friday, April 24, 2015

An Attraction

"Day 24 — What kind of person attracts you"

I face my first wafering moment in doing this blogging challenge today. It's day 24, you know... The finish line is right there and I'm suddenly lazy.
But hey, I must be strong. So let's do today's topic which is actually easy.

Sooo.. What kind of person attracts me?
Okay, so first thing first is... A person who have a nice smile. Not that creepy smile or smile with white shiny teeth, but smile that make you feel warm and happy just by looking at it... A smile from heart.
Then next is intelligence. I love talking to people who are smarter than me. Bukan jenis yang sok pintar dan jatuhnya malah sombong dan sok tau, tapi pintar yang serba nyambung dan banyak tau kalau diajak ngobrol. Orang yang sedikit-sedikit "Apa? Gue nggak tau" itu major turn off banget buat gue.
A sense of humor is also important... Yang bisa diajak bercanda haha-hihi and no heart feeling.
Dan yang terakhir, dan yang mungkin paling konyol adalah gue bisa dengan sangat mudah tertarik oleh seseorang yang mengikuti trend terkini. Maksudnya adalah dia paham apa buku, musik, film, berita, fashion, dan pritilan-pritilan kekinian lainnya... Karena buat gue itu adalah tolak ukur bahwa seseorang nggak hidup dibawah tempurung and also prove that s/he is care enough to broaden their knowledge.

And I think that's that, untuk kesan pertama those are the things I look forward to the most.
Well... That, plus, okay I'm a little shy to admit it. The pretty fingers and hand. Yes, I'm a hand fettish. It's creepy and weird I know. But I really, really can't stand ugly and dirty hand. It's just.... Gross, ew!

How about you then, what kind of person attracts you the most?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Man Candy

"Day 23 — Give pictures of 5 guys who are famous who you find attractive"

It's a World Book Day today!
Happy Book Day for my fellow bibliophile all over the world! ;D

So today's topic is sooo excited, and I don't even have to write that much today... because today is sort of picture-y kind of post and it's even getting better... it's man candy picture time! *SQUEEEEEEK*
Here I go then... for girls, beware your ovaries and for boys, maybe after this you will consider a visit to barber shop and do something about that hair.
Well, here you go... a feast for our eyes. Happy are we?

SHINee's Kim Jonghyun
My ultimate celebrity crush. He is the one and only reason that got me hooked up with K-pop.
Yeah, I love him that much!
Logan Lerman
Those blue eyes and nerdy vibe he have is too hard to resist!
C.N. Blue's Jung Yonghwa
Cute guy is hot, cute guy who can play guitar is even hotter, cute guy who sing is super hot.
One Direction's Liam Payne
He's the-british-guy-I-love #1. I mean how is it
even possible for someone to become so attractive like that? He's human, right?
Douglas Booth
And he's the-british-guy-I-love #2. I fall in love with him when I see him
on LOL, he's so handsome... I can't.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What Future Will Bring

"Day 22 — How have you changed in the past 2 years?"

Hello again...
And happy earth day, earth people! /Insert earth emoji here/

It looks like today I'm going to write about me again. Now that I see it, the general theme of this 30 days blogging challenge looks like go write many stuff about you so in the end you can know a little more about yourself kind of.

Let's see then... The question is how have I changed in this past 2 years. Well, 2 years ago I was 22... Which is my favorite age, BTW.
Why is it my favorite age? Because that age was awesome... I actually feel like I was living in that kind of world described on young adult movies and books. Gosh, I was so happy. I just got out from a crappy relationship at that time—which I'm really thankful for. I also was in my senior year... Sure, the final year in college was hard, but also really enjoyable. I have amazing friends, who always there for me 24/7 and I also enjoy the perks of living away from my parents.
But... The best thing about being 22 is the fact that I was standing in this line between teenage/young adult and young adult/adult phase. I remember how visionary I was in that time... I was so positive about any possibilities that will come through my way and I was so sure life will bring only best thing for me in the future.
Then 2 years later, here I am... a 24 years old. I still have that positive zinc in me, I still pretty much the same person as I am 2 years ago. The only thing change is probably a slightly realistic and humble view for life. You know, you getting older and you getting wiser... that's the cycle.
So yeah, there's no significant change in me this past 2 years. Maybe it's because I already kinda get through the living hell in my early teenage year so I already reach the point of self-actualization that form me to be me right now. This is me.

Yet we never know what future will bring. I'm still young, there's still a long way to go, there're a lot battle to fight, and a lot lessons to learn.

Maybe... maybe, 2 years from now I'm going to write the same exact post again here. Why not? All we know I can become this totally different person from I am today... or not. Probably not.
Okay then, I'll see you again for the same topic 2 years from now.
See you when I'm 26 then! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I'll Be There For You...

"Day 21 — One of your favorite show"

Okay, first thing first... Selamat Hari Kartini perempuan-perempuan hebat Indonesia! Jadi gimana cerita heboh pakai kebaya ke kantornya hari ini?

And... today's topic is kinda fun and I have some times to spare for writing this, so let's talk a lot about... F.R.I.E.N.D.S!

It's obvious that this particular TV show is everyone's favorite. Well, if you don't like Friends then you can't sit with me.
What I love the most about Friends is how relatable it is for us, their stories are highlighting our daily problems in the most hilarious way possible. Is it lame if I told you I learn so much from Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Ross, and Chandler?
I remember wrote it down on my 30 facts about me several posts ago that I always watching Friends. Like literally, all day everyday. I'm actually watching it now, it's the last episode "The Last One". And right away after it's over I'll replay it and binge watch it all over again. No regret though.

My favorite character on Friends is Monica and my second favorite is Chandler. See, Monica and Chandler. ;D
My friends actually accused me for being too Monica-ish. Eventhough I guess they're right, I'm such an obsessive and meticulous person yet I'm not as neurotic as Monica is, thank God. Well I can be a little crazy sometime, just a little, not so much.
And why Chandler? Because his sarcastic attitude is a way of life. "I'm not good in giving advice, can I interest you with sarcastic comment?" and "I tend to use humor as a defence mechanism." I mean, he's such a funny guy and I love him very much. I don't mind get a Chandler as a boyfriend. Plus he have this sophisticated side of him and oh my God, the way he loves Monica is too sweet!

And I do realize that Friends is actually air way before my era. I was born in 1990 and Friends pilot aired in 1994. I was only 4 at that time, I barely able to read let alone speak fluently in English. And Friends final was aired in 2004, I was 14 then, and my parents eventually forbid me to watch Friends because they mind the adult content in that show. So me, being such a rebel, watch it furtively... and I actually not even understand the jokes yet. But I see the characters, and I bear in mind, when I'm older, I probably will be like them.
Now here I am, in the exact same age as Rachel when Friends first aired and wow, their life is totally relatable. You know... So no one told you life was gonna be this way. Your job's a joke, you're broke, your love life's D.O.A. I mean, if you're in your 20s, single, and still trying to cope with you freakin' job, how the hell you're not feeling it?
Yes, we're in this screwed up world together friends...

But what I love the most about Friends is how we actually can see the characters growing up through the seasons. Hello... coffee house Rachel to fashion executive Rachel? They grow up and I envy people who can grow up with them together.
My generation now can only took their silly examples and rather mischievous advice from them while we turn on the TV and watch them while eating a big gallon of ice cream after a bad date and listen to Phoebe's singing her weird folk songs—and FYI, my favorite lyric is "'Cause your love oh your love, your love... it's like a giant pigeon... crapping on my heart" from the pilot episode. While my favorite quote is also from the pilot episode, it's Monica's "Welcome to the real world, it's sucks... you're gonna love it!"

Well as you see how I'm blabbering around about Friends, and believe me I can tell you every single plot of every single episode if you want me to, I'm really obsessed and I can't got enough of it!

So excuse me now, I'm going to make a cup of coffee and back to watch Friends again,,, from the top of first season. And I think you should do it too... C'mon, let's watch Friends together!