Saturday, January 3, 2015

Troisième Anniversaire

Today is Le Retenoire 3rd anniversary!
And to be honest, I would totally forget about today if it wasn't for me filled on my new 2015 agenda’s calendar yesterday.
I don’t have anything much to say in this birthday post except to state how grateful I am for the existence of this blog. I get an infinite room to express myself in this blog… a place where I can rambling all I want, and a place that feel like a friend to me—for it give me comfort through its presence, to feel happy and sure I have this whole site to pouring my ideas.
As I tweeted yesterday, I've been blogging since I was 19, as long as I remember. But I never really have a fix blog, because most of times I will just end up bored with it and delete it… that goes on and off for a while, until I created Le Retenoire on 2013. Not to mention how I build this blog all by myself from scratch... me, whom basically is a coding illiterate.
And, why do I blog? My smart answer will be because I want to have my very own space to sounding what I think and what I want the world to hear. But the true answer is way more simple than that, I start blogging exactly several days after I stop writing my diary; so by the by, this blog, is non-other than my brand new diary, only it’s online and I keep no secret within it anymore.
Since I always describing myself as an open book—and I am, I have this strong tendency to say out loud everything I think, but not orally, if I want to say something rather than speak it, I write it. So that’s why I can’t even picturing myself without twitter, let alone without blog. And that’s that. :)

This day three years ago, I posted my first ever blog post, a poem by Charlotte Brontë titled Life—one of my most favorite poem, by the way. And even though in most time the blog become so empty and silent since I only take care of it once in a while, still, Le Retenoire is a big part of myself… and it always will be, and I will keep writing on it. 

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