Saturday, February 21, 2015

Clutch Essentials

Most people probably choose to bring a smaller bag with them everywhere. But as for me, I'm such a heavy packer, if I can I probably will bring every stuff at my house on the go. That's why for daily use I prefer a bigger handbag rather than a compact one.
But there is a time when it's impossible for me to bring those big handbag considering how heavy and inconvenient it isto a formal party and date night, for example. Not to mention sometimes big bag doesn't come off too pretty if wear with a fancy and beautiful dress, that's why we always end up with small size handbag or clutch. Here comes the tricky part, what essentials we should go with a small bag's compartment like that? So I'll give a simple how-to in this post. I rarely use a clutch but since yesterday I just attended a formal party and haven't unpack the bag yet, why not I show the essentials I bought on my clutch while I unpack it?

Pack of tissues  Tissues are great for correcting make-up smudges and minimize the oily surface on your face. And if you accidentally spill something too.

Oil control film  Especially when you use a lot make-up, there will be a need to blotting off the oil from your skin.

Pain reliever  Loud music or a room full with people can give you a sudden headache that's why it's important to always have this little pills to survive the occasion.

Bandages  Sometimes we can go on party too hard and dance like we're in a Taylor Swift's concert then hobble and fall. This is your first aid kid. Or maybe, when you feel like dying because your feet hurt from that gorgeous but hurts so bad new pair of shoes.

Mints and lip perfume  Another first aid kit, just in case we accidentally eat something smelly at dinner and kissing your date terrifying you.

Sanitary pad  This is also important if somehow the red day decided to come early and if it not you, trust me one of your girl friend will need it and you'll be glad you can help.

Antiseptic spray  To apply after we touch something grubby. Please, do not eat something or touch your face with a bare dirty hand. It also can use to clean the toilet seat in a public bathroom. 

Backup phone charger  So we won't freak out when we stranded and having a where-the-hell-are-the-other-people-go situation and find out the phone died. And also, to avoid losing access to your camera and social media accounts.

Fish-eye lenses  This one is just for fun. Because you know... first, lemme take a selfie.

Small mirror  How else we can check our lips and eyes?

Eye drops  Because I use contact lenses, it's essential for me to use this once every few hours.

Powder  A compact powder is essential to keep your skin fresh instead of faded and ruin your perfect look for the second round of a night out.

Lipstick and gloss  Eating and drinking is the biggest enemy of lipstick. So make sure you always bring some color in your bag for reapplication.

Lip tint  For a faster reapplication, when you feel lazy to visit the ladies room for touch up you can just dab it to your lips without mirror.

Eyeliner  If you have a single eye lid like me, you must noticed that our eye liner get smudge or fades so fast so I always bring a pen eyeliner with me just in case.

Mini perfume  I never leave home without a mini perfume on my make-up bag. This is such an immediate savior from smelling on your surroundings.

Hand cream  I always think that a soft and moist hand is important, especially when we need to shake hand with someone.

ID card and credit/debit card  Always double check that you haven't forget to bring these important cards before you leave your house.

Cash and change  I personally dislike to bring a cash and coins with me. But there are still many places that unable to take debit card so having a few bills in our bag is always a good idea.

Safety pins  This is to save me if I lost one that I use on my hijab, also important to save us from other fashion emergency such as losing a button or broken zipper. (For you who not wearing hijab, I think bring small brush, bobby pins, and hairband are also essential to save you from a sudden bad hair attack.)

Keys  Sometimes we forget to bring our keys along, since we're too excited to get out of the house only to find we lock ourselves out when we come home at a late of night.

Then how about you, what's your clutch essentials that you can't leave the house without?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentino Frenzy

Okay, so this is currently 27 minutes past midnight and I'm just doing some casual blog-walking and scroll some tumblr down before sleep until I saw this awesome line up of Valentino pre fall 2015 collection and I literally unable to get over it. I don't even remember when the last time falling in love with a set of brand new designer's runway collection like this but this one is extraordinary pweeeeety I can't can't fall in love with it! *Squeeeeee*
And it only seems unfair if I don't spread the pictures to the world--or my blog, that's why I'm doing such an impulse blogging at this hour.

Tell me, if those mini/maxi dresses are not beautiful, what is?
And I'm so happy since a month from now I also have some sort of big celebration coming up and I need a new dress for the occasion but still not yet finding what kind of dress I'll make, but now I am! The only problem now is contemplating with myself which kind of the dress I'm going to copy, oh, and what kind of fabric will goes best for it.
Excited? Only yes.