Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentino Frenzy

Okay, so this is currently 27 minutes past midnight and I'm just doing some casual blog-walking and scroll some tumblr down before sleep until I saw this awesome line up of Valentino pre fall 2015 collection and I literally unable to get over it. I don't even remember when the last time falling in love with a set of brand new designer's runway collection like this but this one is extraordinary pweeeeety I can't can't fall in love with it! *Squeeeeee*
And it only seems unfair if I don't spread the pictures to the world--or my blog, that's why I'm doing such an impulse blogging at this hour.

Tell me, if those mini/maxi dresses are not beautiful, what is?
And I'm so happy since a month from now I also have some sort of big celebration coming up and I need a new dress for the occasion but still not yet finding what kind of dress I'll make, but now I am! The only problem now is contemplating with myself which kind of the dress I'm going to copy, oh, and what kind of fabric will goes best for it.
Excited? Only yes.

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