Thursday, April 30, 2015

The 30th Day

"Day 30 — Goals for the next 30 days"

It's 11:11 and I'm writing the last post for the 30 days blogging challenge.
Wow... Today's is the last day of April. Don't you ever think how slow the day goes by but when you thinking about it the next day, you'll realize how fast actually it is.
So does this month... Now that I'm thinking back about it, April just end a little bit too fast too.

Well I don't really have exact goals for next month, of course there are a few things that I hope I can do... But I don't think it's necessary for me to explain it here, because I don't want to jinx it. :p
But I do hope, next month will be a good month for me... For us, even, not just for me.
And ooooh, I'm so glad to be able to finish this challenge. 30 days nonstop blogging, and I magically success in doing it. Yay me! So nice to able to say "Challenge completed!" in the end of the day.
So yeah... Challenge completed and finger crossed, may this May be a great May for us!
Love, U. ❤

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Little Things

"Day 29 — Things that comfort you"

There are so many things in this life that we relay on when we search for a little comfort in our hard times.

For me, it's always the same things... Hot tea, good book, blogging, instant noodle, and cuddling with my cat.
And also for me, small things matter. I'm famous as a meticulous person. I love paying attention to the details, no matter how tiny they are.
When I make a cup of hot tea, I always make it in the same cup... My favorite cup. It's also always an english breakfast, with two sachets of sweet and low sugar.
When I read a book, I always bring a pen/pencil along with me to underlined any sentences that I love. And I usually prefer to read it while curled in my warm blanket.
When I'm blogging, I love to write at night... With a music or TV as the background. And it depends on my mood, sometimes I write on my laptop, or my tablet, or my phone.
When I make an instant noodle, it's always with chilli papper, lots of onions, and bunch of leeks. Then I eat it while watching some Friends. Shocking! ;D
And of course, my ultimate warm and fuzy thing is my cat! My cute and chubby cat... I can spend hours snuggle him, sometimes until we both fall asleep, and he purr in my tummy.

So yeah... Little things matter. It give us a warm feeling of what we love, remind us that no matter bad our day, there's always something that can lift up our day. What's your little things then?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Passion

"Day 28 — 5 things you're passionate about"

Wheee.. 2 days before the final day of the challenge, I'm excited!
I'm not going to write long post today, because I'm kinda busy doing something else *insert a secret project grin here* tee-hee!
So let's just go straight to the topic, 5 things that I'm passionate about.
Truth be told, I'm no daredevil... I don't like to try new things. I'm more the kind of person who choose to stay cozy in something that I'm already familiar with. That's why when I'm passionate about something, the passion will stay for a very long time, forever probably.
And what are my passions you ask?

It's obvious, yes? I don't know exactly when was the first time I start to write... from I was a little girl, I bet. Because I used to wrote a diary all the time, and basically pour my heart out on that diary book with Minnie Mouse picture on the cover. Since then, I can not not write. Ditambah lagi sejak mengenal blog... menulis sudah berubah menjadi kebiasaan. Yes, there's a time when I'm suddenly lazy and not blogging for a while, but I'm always tweeting, itu juga termasuk menulis kan? ;p

I'm a bibliophile. I read, collect, and admire books. For me book is the best form of entertainment in the whole world. I mean when you reading, you enter this new world where you given a freedom to picturing the characters, to imagining the surrounding, even to voicing the characters. It's an infinite world and it's the best.

Collecting quote
I know it's probably odd for some people, but I collect quotes. When I read something, I always have a pen or pencil with me... any sentences that I like, I'll underlined it and wrote that down on my book of quotes later. And not only from book, music lyrics and movies too.

Cooking and eating
Not many people know this about me, but I do enjoy cooking... a lot. Of course I'm nowhere near able to cook any fancy food, just a simple home cooked meal I can do. Yet when it comes to eat, I love to eat... delicious food in our mouth is heaven on earth.

Any form of decorations, really. Interior designs are always fascinate me, but my favorite is the simple style with a lot of white furnitures and a pop of colors here and there.

Sooo... that's it! That's the big 5 of things I'm passionate about.
How about you, what's your passion?

Monday, April 27, 2015

Good April

"Day 27  Your highs and lows of this month"

Wow, day 27... it's kinda shocking to realize there are only few days left before this blogging challenge over. I'm so excited to finish it!

In this post I asked to tell my highs and lows of this month. Well, to be honest there's not much I can't tell about this month. April, definitely not my month.
But yeah, there's still some exciting thing happened to me this month. The most important is of course, my Dad was got married last month and so this April is a new beginning for my family. And it's so far so good... it feel good to finally have a normal family again, to see my Dad have someone taking care of him.
On more personal side, really, nothing new. Except this month I start to work on my fiction again after a looooong hiatus. Oh how I miss my characters, been a while since the last time I meet them.
And the lows... thank God, I've been granted by a many nice days this past 27 days. I got a busy day doing my work which I love, I got plenty of quality time with my family, I spend a lot of time talk to my friends eventhough it's only by chatting apps, and I even got a couple days for holiday!

So to sum up..... This month is good. Not extravagant, but so good. And I feel really blessed. :)

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Dating Possibilities

"Day 26 — Something that you miss"

It's 10:54 PM now and I just arrive home from the holiday. Well, it was short—only 2 days 1 night yet it's such a pleasure. I'll be back there for sure!

Okay... So let's see today's topic. Something that I miss. Hmm, it's quite a thinker.
The first thing that pop up in my mind is... I miss being in a relationship. Of course for now I still stand by my choice to focus on myself and not get into any relationship just yet.
But yes, I miss the feeling and the obligations to take care of that special someone... You know, people said sometimes rather than miss the person, we miss the memories more. Indeed.
And oh no, it's so does not because I'm lonely or hopeless and desperate for love. No, thank God I got plenty of those from my closest people. It's just... I miss the feeling. That's all, and I can't explain more about it. So hard to explain.
But you understand, no?

Being in relationship of course, is exhausting. I mean, day and night we gonna face this constant worries about that significant other... Either it's because we want to know where is he, is he already eat or not, and/or if he still feel the same way about us.
And trust me, I really don't want and don't need to be in that place right now.
But in the other hand, the feeling when we're in love... That's lovely. Basically the best part of being in a relationship.
So yeah, I kinda miss the butterfly in my stomach. Maybe it's time for me to open my heart a little bit for dating possibilities... Why not? Now the question is, how do you reckon I can ask Zayn Malik out for date? ;D

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Problem No Problem

"Day 25 — The problem that you have had"

How's your weekend so far?
I'm actually out of town today, enjoying a quick getaway during weekend at a mountain resort with my family. Lovely!

So today we're going to talk about problem... ah, an obstacles upon our way. Meaning, the only way we can get rid of it is either face it or just ignore it. Your choice.
I'm not a stranger to problematic life. And I'm sure so do other people, because everybody have their own battle. But if you're one of lucky person who granted by easy life, bless you... You're very lucky indeed.

Well, at first I'm thinking about to share another story about me and my rather bumpy life. Then again I think, hell... I'm on holiday, I don't really want to remember problem I have had, ruined my mood, and bump you guys.
So why don't we talk about it other way round? If I'm not mistaken, I ever wrote about the obvious yet forever sucks problems for us the 20s. Now let me share about my trick on how to stay chill about that...
Having an insane breakup, staying in bad relationship, hate on parents, stupid fight with friends, academic problems, before and after divore anxiety... You name it. Been there, done that. But hey, look at me... I made it through, I survive.
The question now is... How?
It's simple: Keep in your mind that whatever your problem is... It's not the end of your world.
Everything that happened to us, first it happened in our head. So if we suggest ourselves that we can get through it... Hell yeah we can do it!

Just don't lose hope, okay?
Everything that happens to you have a reason. And someday, trust me, you'll understand what. ♡

Friday, April 24, 2015

An Attraction

"Day 24 — What kind of person attracts you"

I face my first wafering moment in doing this blogging challenge today. It's day 24, you know... The finish line is right there and I'm suddenly lazy.
But hey, I must be strong. So let's do today's topic which is actually easy.

Sooo.. What kind of person attracts me?
Okay, so first thing first is... A person who have a nice smile. Not that creepy smile or smile with white shiny teeth, but smile that make you feel warm and happy just by looking at it... A smile from heart.
Then next is intelligence. I love talking to people who are smarter than me. Bukan jenis yang sok pintar dan jatuhnya malah sombong dan sok tau, tapi pintar yang serba nyambung dan banyak tau kalau diajak ngobrol. Orang yang sedikit-sedikit "Apa? Gue nggak tau" itu major turn off banget buat gue.
A sense of humor is also important... Yang bisa diajak bercanda haha-hihi and no heart feeling.
Dan yang terakhir, dan yang mungkin paling konyol adalah gue bisa dengan sangat mudah tertarik oleh seseorang yang mengikuti trend terkini. Maksudnya adalah dia paham apa buku, musik, film, berita, fashion, dan pritilan-pritilan kekinian lainnya... Karena buat gue itu adalah tolak ukur bahwa seseorang nggak hidup dibawah tempurung and also prove that s/he is care enough to broaden their knowledge.

And I think that's that, untuk kesan pertama those are the things I look forward to the most.
Well... That, plus, okay I'm a little shy to admit it. The pretty fingers and hand. Yes, I'm a hand fettish. It's creepy and weird I know. But I really, really can't stand ugly and dirty hand. It's just.... Gross, ew!

How about you then, what kind of person attracts you the most?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Man Candy

"Day 23 — Give pictures of 5 guys who are famous who you find attractive"

It's a World Book Day today!
Happy Book Day for my fellow bibliophile all over the world! ;D

So today's topic is sooo excited, and I don't even have to write that much today... because today is sort of picture-y kind of post and it's even getting better... it's man candy picture time! *SQUEEEEEEK*
Here I go then... for girls, beware your ovaries and for boys, maybe after this you will consider a visit to barber shop and do something about that hair.
Well, here you go... a feast for our eyes. Happy are we?

SHINee's Kim Jonghyun
My ultimate celebrity crush. He is the one and only reason that got me hooked up with K-pop.
Yeah, I love him that much!
Logan Lerman
Those blue eyes and nerdy vibe he have is too hard to resist!
C.N. Blue's Jung Yonghwa
Cute guy is hot, cute guy who can play guitar is even hotter, cute guy who sing is super hot.
One Direction's Liam Payne
He's the-british-guy-I-love #1. I mean how is it
even possible for someone to become so attractive like that? He's human, right?
Douglas Booth
And he's the-british-guy-I-love #2. I fall in love with him when I see him
on LOL, he's so handsome... I can't.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What Future Will Bring

"Day 22 — How have you changed in the past 2 years?"

Hello again...
And happy earth day, earth people! /Insert earth emoji here/

It looks like today I'm going to write about me again. Now that I see it, the general theme of this 30 days blogging challenge looks like go write many stuff about you so in the end you can know a little more about yourself kind of.

Let's see then... The question is how have I changed in this past 2 years. Well, 2 years ago I was 22... Which is my favorite age, BTW.
Why is it my favorite age? Because that age was awesome... I actually feel like I was living in that kind of world described on young adult movies and books. Gosh, I was so happy. I just got out from a crappy relationship at that time—which I'm really thankful for. I also was in my senior year... Sure, the final year in college was hard, but also really enjoyable. I have amazing friends, who always there for me 24/7 and I also enjoy the perks of living away from my parents.
But... The best thing about being 22 is the fact that I was standing in this line between teenage/young adult and young adult/adult phase. I remember how visionary I was in that time... I was so positive about any possibilities that will come through my way and I was so sure life will bring only best thing for me in the future.
Then 2 years later, here I am... a 24 years old. I still have that positive zinc in me, I still pretty much the same person as I am 2 years ago. The only thing change is probably a slightly realistic and humble view for life. You know, you getting older and you getting wiser... that's the cycle.
So yeah, there's no significant change in me this past 2 years. Maybe it's because I already kinda get through the living hell in my early teenage year so I already reach the point of self-actualization that form me to be me right now. This is me.

Yet we never know what future will bring. I'm still young, there's still a long way to go, there're a lot battle to fight, and a lot lessons to learn.

Maybe... maybe, 2 years from now I'm going to write the same exact post again here. Why not? All we know I can become this totally different person from I am today... or not. Probably not.
Okay then, I'll see you again for the same topic 2 years from now.
See you when I'm 26 then! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I'll Be There For You...

"Day 21 — One of your favorite show"

Okay, first thing first... Selamat Hari Kartini perempuan-perempuan hebat Indonesia! Jadi gimana cerita heboh pakai kebaya ke kantornya hari ini?

And... today's topic is kinda fun and I have some times to spare for writing this, so let's talk a lot about... F.R.I.E.N.D.S!

It's obvious that this particular TV show is everyone's favorite. Well, if you don't like Friends then you can't sit with me.
What I love the most about Friends is how relatable it is for us, their stories are highlighting our daily problems in the most hilarious way possible. Is it lame if I told you I learn so much from Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Ross, and Chandler?
I remember wrote it down on my 30 facts about me several posts ago that I always watching Friends. Like literally, all day everyday. I'm actually watching it now, it's the last episode "The Last One". And right away after it's over I'll replay it and binge watch it all over again. No regret though.

My favorite character on Friends is Monica and my second favorite is Chandler. See, Monica and Chandler. ;D
My friends actually accused me for being too Monica-ish. Eventhough I guess they're right, I'm such an obsessive and meticulous person yet I'm not as neurotic as Monica is, thank God. Well I can be a little crazy sometime, just a little, not so much.
And why Chandler? Because his sarcastic attitude is a way of life. "I'm not good in giving advice, can I interest you with sarcastic comment?" and "I tend to use humor as a defence mechanism." I mean, he's such a funny guy and I love him very much. I don't mind get a Chandler as a boyfriend. Plus he have this sophisticated side of him and oh my God, the way he loves Monica is too sweet!

And I do realize that Friends is actually air way before my era. I was born in 1990 and Friends pilot aired in 1994. I was only 4 at that time, I barely able to read let alone speak fluently in English. And Friends final was aired in 2004, I was 14 then, and my parents eventually forbid me to watch Friends because they mind the adult content in that show. So me, being such a rebel, watch it furtively... and I actually not even understand the jokes yet. But I see the characters, and I bear in mind, when I'm older, I probably will be like them.
Now here I am, in the exact same age as Rachel when Friends first aired and wow, their life is totally relatable. You know... So no one told you life was gonna be this way. Your job's a joke, you're broke, your love life's D.O.A. I mean, if you're in your 20s, single, and still trying to cope with you freakin' job, how the hell you're not feeling it?
Yes, we're in this screwed up world together friends...

But what I love the most about Friends is how we actually can see the characters growing up through the seasons. Hello... coffee house Rachel to fashion executive Rachel? They grow up and I envy people who can grow up with them together.
My generation now can only took their silly examples and rather mischievous advice from them while we turn on the TV and watch them while eating a big gallon of ice cream after a bad date and listen to Phoebe's singing her weird folk songs—and FYI, my favorite lyric is "'Cause your love oh your love, your love... it's like a giant pigeon... crapping on my heart" from the pilot episode. While my favorite quote is also from the pilot episode, it's Monica's "Welcome to the real world, it's sucks... you're gonna love it!"

Well as you see how I'm blabbering around about Friends, and believe me I can tell you every single plot of every single episode if you want me to, I'm really obsessed and I can't got enough of it!

So excuse me now, I'm going to make a cup of coffee and back to watch Friends again,,, from the top of first season. And I think you should do it too... C'mon, let's watch Friends together!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Educate You

"Day 20 — How important you think education is"

Whew, it's day 20 already... time flies, eh? And in fact, it's 10:47 PM now and I just start typing today's post like 5 minutes ago. So finger cross I can finish this post before midnight.

Now, straight to the topic... how important education is for me?
Well... it's probably the most important thing for everyone. And by that not only the formal education at school and college, but also many other form of education.
Why you ask? Well, because I hate stupid people. Not stupid because someone is a slow reader or bad in math, but stupid because they refuse to broaden their knowledge... I mean what's the harm in learning new things, right? Knowledge is something that won't waste no matter how long time gonna passed, if any, you can pass down those knowledge to your child and later your child to your grandchild, and so on...
That's why educate yourself is so important. I don't buy those crap about how a girl don't need to educate themselves as high as possible. I tell you what, a woman is destined to be first educator in her house... who do you think will teach your child his first manner if it's not his smart mother? That's why women needs to be educate. Let alone man, trust me, people judge your knowledge and you don't want to judge as a stupid bloke, no?

And learning something new is fun, seriously. You will have this pride to know you can start and finish something by a knowledge which you learn from scratch. Yeah it might be easier to pay some money for someone to do it for you, but you won't feel the same satisfaction.
Then yeah, take it as a positive campaign: Get up your lazy ass and go learn something, educate yourself, and be smart! ;)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Daddy's Little Girl

"Day 19 — Disrespecting your parents"

I have such a dynamic relationship with my parents. Both my dad and my mom are close to me, that before they got divorced and I spend much more time with my dad. So in short, I'm a daddy's little girl.
It's weird that now I spend so much time worrying about my dad as he getting older, maybe this was exactly how he felt when he waited for me to come home in a late of night when I'm younger.
So yeah, no need more explanation, my parents are my everything and disrespecting your parents is never an option.
I mean, I understand that some family have their own obstacles. Some have a problematic moms, some have an irresponsible dads. Yet to speak in general; you, will never alive here in this world until today if it's not because your dad's sperm and your mom's nine months long suffering when she carry you.
Of course there was a time when I feel my parents are sucks and super annoying. The way they can become freakishly possessive and controlling over our life when we're still in our teenage years. But looking back at it now, years later, I realize that they do that because they love us so much... they just didn't want their child walk towards a wrong direction. All they want is for us to grow up become a good person with happy childhood memories.
Sometimes I even missed the moment when my mom speak nonsense just to prove her point and when my dad sulking everytime a boy come to our house to pick me up for date. I missed being their little girl, even though I know I'll be forever be that way for them, but still now I'm the big girl who they look for when they need some comfort... and I feel so lucky because of that, to still have time to make them happy and repay their love—although impossible.
So for the youngsters out there, linger in your mind: Disrespecting your parents is stupid and something that you'll regret forever. Respect them, they just trying to do their best for you. Because they love you so much, a love that you'll never imagine someone can have over something until you experience it by yourself way in the future, when you finally hug your own child.
If they hurt your feeling, it's only accidentally, tell them and speak to them, show them that you love them as much as they love you. Do it now, before they gone and you'll regret it for a lifetime.

Now put down your phone, turn off your computer and go see your parents and hug them... or if you currently away from them, dial they're number and call them. Share the latest stories about your life and your love. And tell them how much you love them.

And I do..... I love you mom, I love you dad.

Saturday, April 18, 2015


"Day 18 — Your beliefs"

Okay, this is might be the shortest post for this month 30 days challenge I'll ever write. Because I'm actually on the way now, it's Saturday night and I, not a usual, have a plan! So now it's 10.15 and I'm stuck in the traffic, oh Jakarta, you know why everybody have this love and hate relationship with you, right?
And if I don't write it now, I probably will pass today's post and ruin the challenge. So pardon my short post, I'm trying my best... and have a nice weekend, love!

So I look up the meaning of belief on my dictionary app, as you can see on the picture.
And I think that belief is one thing that people need to have to get through life. As for me... The most important beliefs are: Belief in God, obviously. Belief in happiness. Belief that all your hard time is a phase that will bring you to the better time. And, the most important one, Belief in yourself.

How about you, what your beliefs?

Friday, April 17, 2015

High and Low

"Day 17 — Yours highs and lows of this past year"

If I ask to talk about this year, well... I don't really have much to say. I really done nothing matter this year.
On March a year ago I graduate from college and I move back in to my house, from there I pretty much spend all my time taking care of the household. There are three person in my house, and I'm the only girl, so basically all responsibilites and chores fall to me while my dad busy with his work and my brother busy with his school.
So maybe my lows this year is the fact that I'm unable to start my life after college as soon as other person could be. I can't look for a job as soon as I'm graduate because after a long and deep deliberation I decided that family should come first. So yeah, I spend this whole year stay at home and take the time to figure out myself...
And now, the highs of this year is coming through. My dad recently got married again, so now I'm no longer become the sole holder of house chores! Yay! Now that my family have a wife and mother again to take care of my dad and my brother, I can become a normal daughter again.
Even though getting out of this comfort zone is sooo hard, but people need to move forward right? I need to brave myself to challenge myself to be better... because when you're not moving forward means you just stay put and you'll stuck forever in this zone. Nobody want it. We have life, we need to live it.

So let's wish us a best luck for a brighter future despite all the highs and lows we've been through. Those ups and downs are only gonna makes us stronger and someday, way in the future we will look back and feel really thankful for that.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Sound of Music

"Day 16 — Your views on mainstream music"

Many people take their music as an representation of their personality. I do agree, actually... on some level, you can judge a person based on their music sense. Of course it won't be a hundred person legit judgement. But think it this way, people listen to music to express the depth of their feeling. Things that their unable to say. So that makes what you hear, you.

I also very familiar with when person comparing their music library with another person. And I do understand why actually, because when your iTunes library looks awesome with those broad variety of music it become a little pride for you... humble brag alert! :p

Now, about mainstream music... I'm going to cut it short: I love it!
I have a very mediocre taste in music. I listen to top 40 and I enjoy what's popular at the moment. But I also very open to listen to any kind of music. Some of my friends even call me a "walking Shazam", because I listen to so much music and that makes me know a lot about them, even though I only know the refrain part and failed to remember who sang it or what the title of it most of times.
I have this habit to listen to every music samples I could lay my hand on. And when I decided it's catcy and it looks like I'm gonna love it, I'll download the album straight away. Even though in the end I'll realize that only that one song that catchy enough to listen over and over again while the other songs are practially sucks, yet I never delete it from my library, I just keep it there and later when I have a time to spare I'm going to dig more into it. More than once it happened, the song that I hate turn out to be so great after I hear it a couple more times.
Yet some people, even I don't see why, really alergic to the mainstream music and rather choose to stick to their favorite genre no matter what, or some other more proud to label themselves as an indie listener. I mean, it's okay really... as long as you don't make it as an excues to act all special. It maybe makes sense if you're the one who make the music, but if you only listen to it then why so much hate? Also, there's no harm to open your ears a little bit to new and hip music around—and vice versa, for those who hate and underestimate underground music. Try to listen then hate it if you really can't stand it... but don't go around mock other people who don't have a similar taste with you.

Because as Mr. Billy Joel said, "I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music"
So music, whatever it is, mainstream or not mainstream supposed to be a tools for peace and humanity. No need to hate then, just turn on your iPod and turn up the volumes... and listen. And be happy.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tumblr Land

"Day 15 — Your favorite tumblrs"

I finally able to spend some time to properly write a blog post. This blog post. Sitting on my desk, facing my laptop, sipping a hot tea while Friends playing on the background, and write.
And today's topic is tumblr... yay!
I'm obsessed with tumblr, I practically use it everyday everyday. And I've been a tumblr user for about 5 years. It's quite a long time.
Now if I must pick favorite tumblr account, well... I don't really have any. I follow so many accounts on my tumblr, maybe around 450-ish. And me being such an avid reblogger, waste a lot of time scrolling and reblogging, literally, everything. So I'll just open my following list now, and randomly pick the accounts that most familiar for me, because if it's familiar then I have reblog a lot of stuff from them. So yeah, let's see...

The best thing about internet is how amazing that you can find people who are similar to you, that's why everybody feel belong in the internet world. Tumblr is the internet place I feel most belong to, so many relatable things.
Annnnd... before I forget and before I end today's post, other than those awesome tumblr accounts I've listed above, why don't you follow me on tumblr too? It's and I do blog and reblog a lot there. 

So, if you haven't heard about tumblr and haven't got one, go get one... it's awesome and you gonna enjoy it very much! See you on the other side of internet then! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Happy Childhood

"Day 14 — Your earliest memory"

Okay, so this topic is another challenge for me. Because, oh my... only God knows how forgetful I am. I can't even remember what I had for lunch yesterday, let alone a random memory from my early childhood.
But let me think a little harder, hmm, my earliest memory.....
There are actually three memories that I remember pretty clearly from my childhood.
The first is when my parents took me to the doctor for my immunization, I were a little fuzy and the doctor kinda scared me... so I was there, sat on my dad's lap, screaming bloody murder. And I also remember what made me stop crying, a chocolate milk! Duh, I'm such an easy kid. :p
The second memory is when my uncle accidentaly hurt the top of my head, while played with me and he was gave me a helicopter ride and bang my head against the ceiling fan... it caused me several stitches and a deeply trauma over ceiling fan.
The third is my dad read a fairy tales to me every night before I sleep. The prince and princess, the beautiful castle, and of course the happy ending. Probably one of the reason why I grow up as a hopeless romantic like this.

...And that's it, I don't remember much about another thing. But one thing that I'm sure, I have a very happy childhood. The best that a 4 years old can get, and I'm very thankful for that, to have such a wonderful start in this wonderful life.

Monday, April 13, 2015

London and New York

Day 13 – Somewhere you’d like to move or visit

I remember wrote this down on my last 30 facts about you topic that London and New York are always on top of my bucket list.
For people who know me well, they’ll probably know that I’m very western minded, because I practically grow up watching all those cynical cartoon, reality show, sitcom, and a little bit too much E!... oh, and MTV! So yeah, since I was little I always fascinate about the way they live, which is pretty different with Asian lifestyle. No. not the sort of things like free sex or the way they party and stuff but into how they manage their life.
Like how to make the kids do the chores to earn some extra allowance. Also a moving class system in their schools, and how their homework and assignment given. And how the society think it’s necessary for us to start living alone after college. Stuff like that.
I think it’s awesome if some of those way of living adopted to our life. So the main thing that attracted me the most about those two cities are their way to live a life.
I always keep it on top of my mind: someday I’ll move to somewhere in England—maybe London or Brighton, someday I’ll visit NYC.
Now, why London or Brighton? I don’t know… I have this weird interest over these two cities, London is a big city in the shadow of history and Brighton, with its windy beach, oh my God, that’s a dream.
And why NYC? Well it only because I’m curious about how is it to live like the Friends’ characters. Tee-hee.

Other places that I want to travel to are Greece and South Korea! Someday, I’ll fill my passport with those cities’ stamp.

How about you, is there any place you want to move or visit?

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bullet My Sunday

"Day 12 — Bullet your whole day"

Today is such a loooong day and I'm actually very tired to the point I can't even make myself sit and take my laptop from my desk, let alone turn it on and write.
Thank God for this marvelous mobile blogging application. Definitely a must have for everybody who blog!

Okay, so according to today's topic, I need to bullet my whole day. The date is April 12th and it's Sunday.

As usual, Sunday is a rather busy day for me. Because I prefer to take a rest on Saturday, and do chores on Sunday. That's why my Sunday is never lazy...

I wake up around 5.03, my family is always noisy in the morning so it's impossible for me to not wake up by all the ruckus even though I don't want to.
Then I do my subuh prayer, wash my face and brush my teeth. Around 5.30 me, my brother, my dad, and my mom go for jogging—a new habit that we try to do, go jogging together every Sunday.
On our way after jogging, around 6.40, we stop by the food stall to take-out our breakfast and head to my grandma's house—which is our habit too. Since my house and my grandma's house is pretty close, only 15 minutes away by foot, we always spare our time to visit her at least once a week, usually for Sunday breakfast.
We spend quite some time at grandma's, and we walk back home around 9.10, which I hate because the sun is already up and it's getting so hot on our way home.
Arrive at home, I always go straight and sit in front of my refrigerator and chug on a bottle of cold water. Then I spend few minutes playing with my cat before I go do the chores. On Sunday I always do a major room cleaning, because on other day our maid is the one who do it and I'm pretty clingy about the tidiness of my room so I always make time to clean it up by myself.
Then I help my mom in the kitchen, she's usually preparing lunch already. But not today, because today we already make a plan to go out for lunch.
So around 11.30 I go take a bath and get ready for lunch.
We have lunch at a steak house, because my brother has been craving for steak and begging to have it. So it's sirloin steak for him and chicken cordon bleu for me.
We finish our lunch around 1.50 and go to the hardware store because my dad need to buy a hammer and I need to buy a fresh candle, I burn out the last one already.
At 4.30 we head back home and stop by the pet shop to buy Miko's food.
It's 5.20 in the afternoon and finally... we're home! I told you it's quite a long day Sunday.
I clean my face and decided to take a nap for a while. Around 6.05 my dad wake me up for maghrib pray.
After that I just chilling' in my room, enjoying the fresh bed sheet and the delicious scent from my new candle while watch some Friends—I'm currently on season 3 now... probably for a hundred time.
And then... I wake up and it's 9.15 already! I don't even realize I fall asleep. I go out to the dining room and dinner was served, everybody already ate, so I end up eating alone.
Now it's 10.12 and I'm here on my phone, typing this. My eyes are hurt by the way, I think I need to sleep.

So let's call it a day then. Another wonderful day.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Girl and Her iPod

Day 11 – Put your iPod on shuffle and write 10 songs that pop up

Today’s topic is pretty easy and probably gonna be one of my favorite. I love music and I love my iPod sooo much, can’t live without both of it. And currently there are around 7800 songs on my iPod… and I’m constantly, always listen to it.
So I’m going to put my iPod on shuffle now, and I’ll also googling the lyrics of the song and put some of the part that I like the most here. Let’s!

Origami // Capital Cities
You got a head full of paper, but baby nothing like origami
Shredded thoughts and make up won't make up for the missing piece of mind
I saw you look in the mirror, the scenery was suddenly boring

Just Keep Breathing // We The Kings
The beginning's just another end
It's not too late to start again
When hope is all too hard to hold
Just take a breath and let it go

Kissing You Goodbye // The Used
And leave me with your complications
Take your life, you feel like taking mine
Meeting god we stand in line, not alone

바보 // Juniel ft. Jung Yonghwa
You and I calling each other friends is awkward
It’s better to use the word lovers
Oh, I will confess my heart for the first time
I will bring the stars in the sky for you, whatever you want,
Oh I can do it for you

Forever // Lionel Richie
And I don’t wanna see you with another man 
This is crazy 
All you gotta do is come back 
Baby if you are the world that I gent that 
You now that I need you

Could It Be Another Change // The Samples
The only time I feel good falling
Is when I'm falling fast and hard for you
I can't tell if you are stalling
So if you are please tell me what to do

좋았던 건, 아팠던 건 // S.M. The Ballad
For me, it was good
How we used to care for each other
For me, it’ll be painful
Even when the seasons endlessly change
But it’s alright, but it’s alright

The Sweet Escape // Gwen Stefani
If I could escape and recreate a place that's my own world
And I could be your favorite girl forever, perfectly together
and tell me boy now wouldn't that be sweet?
If I could be sweet
I know I've been a real bad girl
I didn't mean for you to get hurt, whatsoever
We can make it better
And tell me boy now wouldn't that be sweet?

She Will Be Loved // Maroon 5
It's not always rainbows and butterflies
It's compromise that moves us along
My heart is full and my door's always open
You come anytime you want

Pretty Hurts // Beyoncé
Perfection is a disease of a nation, pretty hurts
Pretty hurts, we shine the light on whatever's worst
We try to fix something but you can't fix what you can't see
It's the soul that needs the surgery

Friday, April 10, 2015

Not a Grand Love Story

Day 10 – Discuss your first love and first kiss

Wow, this topic looks fun!
Where should I start? My first love and first kiss… well as a matter of fact, it’s with different person, the first love and the first kiss.

My first kiss was when I were in junior high school, I believe. But when we talk about a “kiss” kiss here… the one that makes you want to squeak and make you unable to sleep for three nights in a row, it happened when I was 16 years old. So let’s talk about that one, because the one before that was just a stupid quick peck and oh my God it was so awkward. I even feel awkward just thinking about it now.
So when I was 16, I know this guy, who is way older than me… I’m 16, he’s 21. I know him as a good friend of my friend. We’re such a good friend, me and him—yes, just friend. We did went for a few dates… hell, we went out together so many times actually. We went out for movies, lunch, dinner, coffee… well you name it. He even spend few times hang out at my house, my family know him pretty well. We’re practically a couple already, but the age difference made us a little bit uncomfortable. So I think that’s why we’re not officially dating at that time. Which I think is such a stupid reason, isn't age is just a number? And honestly, except the number, he’s only bring out the best in me. But what’s the stupid 16 me know at that time, huh?
So yeah, we end up just goofing around… just a casual friendship. Until one night, it was rainy, and he stuck at my house after he walked me home from our dinner date. It was around 10-ish and the rain stopped around midnight. We end up spend the time talking in my living room, while watched some television. And even until today I still remember that feeling, the sad and hopeless feeling because you know you can’t have someone and you know the end is near. He said that he enjoy being with me, and I do too, I said that to him. Then he ask me, “Do you see we’re going anywhere?” And I said, no, I’m not. He know me so well, he realized that I’m too young for any serious relationship, I still got a lot to do with my life and he didn't think he can deal with that. He don’t want to be my obstacles… after that, he kissed me, a sweet and tender kiss that I know I won’t forget forever.
And that’s that. My first kiss.
After that we kind of growing apart, we still hang out few times after that night but as he said, I’m still too young and what he said become true… not long after that I found a new life and a new love. I even forget I was sad because of him, and I feel really thankful that he give me that room to grow instead of pushing me into a supposedly unhealthy relationship that he know I won’t be happy with.
Last time I hear, he’s now happily married and he just having his first child. So thank you, you… for being such a good friend and teach me that love don’t need to be selfish, love is making each other happy, even if it’s not with each other. :)

And how about my first love?
It happened not long after my first kiss. And this is a funny—slightly heartbreaking—kind of first love.
After we first met, a very teenager-ish kind of meeting though, we met at a basketball match. We become a really, really good friend. And we’re friend for a very long time, around 7 years on my last count. And both of us just realized that we’re actually in love with each other on the 4th years of our friendship. And on that 7 years, we both already get in and get out on other relationships for so many times. 
So what that makes us? Stuck in a friend zone, yes.
And from that, things got pretty damn complicated. He, in one hand, asked me to bring our relationship to a new level. While me, in another hand, was being such a coward, firmly stood on my opinion that if we bring our relationship to that new level, it will only bring badness for us… we could get in a fight and we going to break up, and there will be no relationship at all between us.
That argument kinda create a distance between us… him with his life, and me with mine. After a considerate amount of time, we finally back on track and successfully push back our feeling, and be friend as we used to be—which is I realize later... is impossible.
Until one day, karma slaps me right in my face, and I realized, oh my God, I’m deeply in love with him… that feeling still linger and there’s nothing I can do about it. Because I’m the one who brought that friendship crap, and he’s already in a serious relationship at that time. So yeah, we did discussed it, I brace myself to tell him all my feeling. And in the end, we choose to separate for good. So either way, the thing I’m afraid of really did come true, there is no relationship at all in the end.
Well, I took it as a lesson. In love and war, you win or you lose.

So my first kiss and my first love both end up at dejected town. But no regret, just lesson learned and it did made me wiser anyway. Those experiences sure hurt yet I cherish it very much, and it’s all in the past anyway. And someday, I will love again… I will create another grand love story, and hopefully the next one will end up with happily ever after.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Old and Complicated

"Day 09  How you hope your future will be like"

I'm kinda confused about the topic today, since a few days ago I just did a similar topic which is where you'd like to see yourself in 10 years.
But I assume while that post focus more about me 10 years ahead, this one is more like what I hope my future will be like in general. Well, my hope is pretty much the same, I want to be happy.
On the last post I talk a lot about what I wish my relationship, career, and family 10 years from now. Today I'm gonna talk more about myself. For me personal development is very important, a person must courage herself to be a better person. I don't care how pretty you're on the outside, if your personality stink then you're suck.
So in the future, I wish I'll be a better person than I am today.
I'll be more patient, thoughtful, and even stronger than I am now. I realize that more older we are, our life will getting more complicated. So can you imagine if we are not do some progress in our personality, also our capability to handle a problems that will come ahead, life will gonna be so stressful.
That's why in the future, I hope I will grow towards a better direction... be more mature and of course, the most important, love myself more.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I Feel Infinite

"Day 08 — A moment you feel the most satisfied with your life"

For me, there are so many occasions that I'm thankful for in life. Despite of many hard times and obstacles that I've been face so far. I'm a positive thinker... so if I'm thinking back about it right now, every moment I've been through has its own merit.
But the most satisfied moment 'till now is... hmm, I think it was when I started college. Back in that time... I felt so invincible, I felt infinite. Like there is nothing I can't do.
I'm so ignorant back then, and I guess it's normal... that was the first time I have this whole new life, a life outside my comfort zone—you know... family, parents, home, old friends—and also the first time I realize I have this whole control over my own life, I remember I want to scream "freedom!" on top of my lungs at that time. Well turn out with a great power comes a big responsibility. And in my case, being responsible over myself is quite a challenge.
But oh my God, I'm so happy at that time. I really energized to face every new day. Morning was always looked so good, now it's just ugh, another morning.
Well what's to hate? I was 19, I feel so young and fearless, I had a boyfriend too back then, my family just got out from an insane divorce process, and I'm quite a bright and active student at campus too. So as you see, my life seems perfect. And as time goes by, I'm getting older and life getting harder. But I'm not complaining here, that's an awesome phase that I'll cherish forever. When I feel down, I love bring back and play those memories in my head and it always makes me smile. To remember, that I've been once this girl... a positive and full-spirited person, young and restless. What a moment to remember. ♥

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Pompous Leo

Day 07 – Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality

I’m a leo.
And I think zodiac is fun.
I do believe that born under certain time and planet position, movement thingy will give people a perks that distinguish one with another. But I don’t believe on divination, especially when it’s something like “Next week, you’ll win a lottery” kind of prediction.
But yes, when it comes to star sign and personality, I found it shockingly relatable.

I’m going to put some of leo’s quality, the bad and the good, in this post. And all of them are credited to @Leo_Tweets on twitter. So if you also a leo, go follow them, they’re one of the best!

Leo's do not like to depend on anyone or ask favors
Yeah I am! Because I usually found that if I ask for another person help, even I already give them a very details direction, I still end up finding something wrong with it. Jadi daripada ujung-ujungnya gue kebanyakan complain, kalau memungkinkan gue selalu akan melakukan sesuatu sendiri, biar puas aja sih hasilnya.

Leo have days where they hate everyone, don't take it personally
The thing is, I enjoy being alone a little too much. So there are lot of times I tend to stay alone and don't wanna give a damn about anything outside me. Don't take it personally, it's not because I hate you, that's just the way I am.

Leo never lie to someone who trust them and never trust someone who lies to them
I don't know how many times I already share the same thing over and over again in this blog, liar is my mortal enemy. So people, don't be so pathetic and give yourself some credits. I'm really understanding and respect honesty, jadi dibanding susah-susah bohong, jadi apa adanya itu selalu lebih baik. Kalau lo tau ya bagus, nggak tau juga nggak masalah... nggak perlu pakai pura-pura dan sok tau. Malu kan ya kalau diam-diam orang yang lo ajak ngomong itu nangkep kebohongan lo. And don't be mistaken, I always know.

Leo forgives very easily even if they're angry just 10 minutes ago
It's true, I don't get mad long. Because it's surely a waste of energy, just love and don't hate. I only angry and upset for a short time. Soon I'll be back to a cheery merry person again. But once you cross the line, well that's pretty much it. It's a wrap, because I do forgive but never forget.

Leo come off as harsh and insensitive sometimes, but that's only because they believe in honesty and telling things how they are
Again, I'm sorry.

Leo is a strong and loyal lover, who is prepared to go as far as the road takes them
To be honest, this is my quality that I most proud of. I'm really loyal but only to those who have proven their heart to me. I don't give up, but I choose my war wisely. Kalau semisalnya sudah terlihat sangat helpless, I will offer you an easy way, tell me how can the situation becomes so wrong, and what do you want now? A very painful yet quick method indeed.

A leo is a great analyst. Problem is they can't help but recognize and correct the bullshit
Because I'm awesome and irritating like that. :p

A Leo will be the best friend, but when mad, they attack. Usually, their words cut to the core and hurt worse than any physical blow
It's a nice thing I'm not a temperamental person, I rarely get mad... and maybe that's why once I'm mad, it's bloody scary.

Leo's are dominating but somehow they can be romantic too
Well in my case... I'm VERY dominating and VERY romantic.

Leo's sometimes tends to be quite ambitious and like things to be their way and will not put any efforts into something that they think it will not work and waste their energy
I love to lead, and enjoy to sit behind a control seat. I'm a very confident person who always believe in her intuition, also in my ability to make things right.

If a leo loves you, don't let'll regret it because they'll stand by your side through thick and through thin
Apparently this is not only occurs between me and my partner, but also between me and my friends, and me and everyone else. Because I'm bad with separation, why don't we just fight to make things work?

Leo's don't let people get close to them easily. They are like a piece of expensive candy that everyone wants but not everyone can have
I'm selective because I found it difficult to find someone who actually listens and cares about my life and I avoid to getting close to new people because I don't want to be disappointed by my own high expectation, I steer clear of any possibility of heartache. But once I'm yours, I'm yours forever... as long as you able to maintain me, and heads up, I'm pretty high maintain. ;)

Sometimes when leo pushes you to your limits, it's because they have greater faith in you than you have in yourselves
I'm a believer, that's why I dislike to see someone don't have faith in themselves. C'mon people, you have to believe in yourself first in order to make other people believe in you.

Time is what leo want most, but what they use worst
This, I need to fix. Why I have a very bad time management? It's always comes down to so little time so much to do fiasco. Everytime.

Leo lives, acts and thinks straightforwardly. If they say it, they fucking do it
I don't do empty talk or empty threat. What for really? Do you wanna or not, that's what really matter.

A true leo female is a bitch without realizing it
I think this true... I do realize I don't really ever show my weaknesses, that's end up making me looks so arrogant and powerful. But a little hint, I'm not. There're times when I'm weak, when I have no idea what am I gonna do with myself, and so many confusion about what I really want. I'm as normal as any other person, and I'm  proud of it. I might be clingy to my pride, but on the other hand, being humble is feel nice too. But another hint, just between you and me, okay... don't let other people see that, show them how insane you are, that'll make them respect you. And you gonna feel good about yourselves.

Monday, April 6, 2015

30 Random Facts About Me

"Day 06 — Write 30 interesting facts about yourself"

First thing first, I read a lot of this kind of post in other people's blog and I love it so much! Yeah, sometimes I can be a litte bit nosy like that... just because it's fun to see how other people see within themselves. I also done a similar thing before, it was when tagging your friend to do a 20 facts about them on instagram went frenzy.
And in this challenge, I ask to do the same thing again... and well, it's quite a challenge, because it come out not as easy as we think. But hey, it's a fun post, let's give it a try!

1) I shit rainbow. I love everything colorful. Pastel or neon, anything that multi-colors, I love it!
2) I'm such a meticulous person. I have these tendency to go OCD. Just can't stand any mess. Especially when it comes to daily routines and house-cleaning related stuff.... oh no, sorry, but you can't just move that pillow as you want, and no shoes on furnitures!
3) A proud cat lady. But not a crazy cat lady. I can spend hours snuggling with my cat while watching TV and never get bored. Funny story though, I used to be afraid of cat, or any animal really, but a few months ago my brother insisted to bring a kitten to our house... and I don't know how, that love just grow. Now I love my cat... so, sooo much! Meow!
4) I read and collect books. That's why sometimes I don't buy book only based on what's written inside, I do judge the cover too.
5) I'm crazy about aromatherapy. Candle, essential oil, or anything that save to burn and can make my room smell good, I'm in!
6) I love flowers, any kind of flowers really. But my favorite are rose, daisy, and poppy.
7) I'm so into taking care of my skin, because I realize I have this complicated skin condition... not the kind that have many pimples or other sort of thing, but my skin always need an intense care if not it will went ugly and dry and I hate it.
8) I have never broken bone in my body, ever. *Knocks on wood*
9) I can't sing but I love to sing along.
10) I really envy people who can draw, because I'm horrible at it... I only able to draw two things: a heart and a star.
11) But I have a magnificent eyes when it comes to colors, I'm very good in mix and match.
12) I also love to cook, and actually I'm in the middle of learning many new recipes, and gain a succeed so far. Yay me!
13) I can't watch enough crime and investigation channel and detective show. I'm obsess! And I'm actually watch one now...
14) My favorite snack is edamame. A very guilty free snack indeed.
15) I never not watching Friends. If I'm not watching anything else, and just hang out in my room doing nothing, Friends is always on... just in a background eventhough I'm not exactly paying attention to it.
16) I have thousand and thousands songs on my iPod. Too much until I'm not aware which song is which.
17) One of my guilty pleasure is following celebrities' gossips and news. Kardashian? Hellooooo!
18) I'm an avid user of twitter, tumblr, and pinterest.
19) SHINee's Jonghyun and Logan Lerman are my crush. Celebrity crush.
20) "Go to London" is always on top of my bucket list.
21) "...And NYC" is next.
22) A worst texter backer. I always delay answering a text and in the end I'll end up forget about it.
23) I'm not a morning person. In usual basis, I always sleep late and wake up late. If only everyday can be a lazy day.
24) My grilled cheese and mashed potato are top notch! Don't believe me, just come and I'll make it for you. ;)
25) I have this insane phobia over deep water and sharks. I never able to put my head under water more than 5 seconds, because my mind will going crazy and imagining I'm gonna get attack by a vicious shark, that will make me panic and unable to control my breath. That's why I don't swim.
26) A self-acclaimed mind reader. I have this radar that can tell if someone lies right there and right away, but mostly I choose to keep shush. That's the beauty in it, to see someone talking crazy in front of you and think, keep talking you liar.
27) I don't do exercise. Except if shopping can count as exercise, then yes.
28) I have a really bad sight... like -4.50 bad.
29) I eat ice cream when it's rainy and cold.
30) I'm a big believer of tough love. I think there's no use for being such a sweet talker... you said what you feel and what you think, if you do it with a right way in a right time, there's no need to sugar coating it.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Life Worth Living

"Day 05 - A time you thought about ending your own life"

If that was a question, my answer will be... I have thought about it, once, a long time ago.
My life has been quite a roller-coaster. There are this time when I'm in such a high place, happy and feels like on top of the world. But there is too, time when I'm in a very low place. Literally flat to the ground, if you need an image.
But those ups and downs, only make me stronger. Hence, it is... what doesn't kill you make you stronger. I know it looks like easy for me to just say it. Well trust me... been there, done that. That's why ending your life is never an option. And it's not just an empty saying, because if I manage to survive. Why don't you?
I know too, different people probably different circumstances. But all we need is one: A will, to earn a better life and stay okay.
Of course there are times when everything just seems hopeless and dark. For me it was when my parents got divorced. What made me feel like I wanna kill myself was not exactly the divorce, but a long and hurtfull process before it. Seeing your parents that you love so much bickering with each other all day long is such an ugly experience, no?
I was only 17 at that time, a really unfortunate age to lost a parent figure. Oh, don't be mistaken, my mom and my dad both are wonderful person. It's just when they were together they were the worst. And their divorce process kind of take all their time that they no longer put much attention to me and my brother.
But as an old Indonesian saying, badai pasti berlalu. So does my storm. Sekarang hidup gue sudah baik-baik saja. I live a perfectly fine life right now... of course the damage had been done, I'm still a person who once ever wish to die just because I'm too sad.
But thinking about it now, looking back to that time... I'm smiling, that bad experience bring out the best in me.

So if right now, you feel stuck and feel like your life isn't worthy anymore. Don't. You're matter. If not for someone else, you're matter... to you.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Talking About Religion

"Day 04 — Your views on religion"

Well, hello again! :)
Day fourth on this 30 days challenge and I almost run out of time writing this one. Not to mention, today's topic is actually sort of serious yet I don't really have enough time to write it seriously.

My views on religion... hmm, it's a pretty sensitive case, eh?
Let me just start with myself. I'm a moslem, obviously, since you know I'm wearing a hijab. And I'm in love with Islam. This whole life I've been learning, and still learning, all I can see is the beauty in it. I know, for some people Islam is come out a little bit scary. With its strict rules towards everything and those insane extrimist rumours flying around out there. But believe me, anything that ruin and hurt and causing trouble for others, it's not Islam. Because as all other religion teach, they teach only kindness and peace.
I believe that if you attach yourself to a religion, it means that you find an inner peace inside it. You find that great things you can use to guard your life into the right direction. You firmly stand on your feet that your religion is give you that warm feeling inside your heart, everytime you speak to your God through your pray, you feel like you have that string that pull you up and makes you strong to face this life.
And those who not believe in religion and God, I think it's fine too, it's up to them actually.
Only if it were me, since there are so many things unexplained happens around us, it's just mesmerizing and come out impossible that there's no "something" out of our reach made those that way. And I think that's my basic view of religion.

But then again, it's a really sensitive case to discuss. So let's just leave it as it is. Only one addition, a reminder to be exact, kalau lo sudah memutuskan untuk memeluk suatu agama... please, do it seriously. Lakukan yang baik, dan jauhi yang dilarang. Believe me, it will bring nothing but goodness to you. Jangan setengah-setengah dalam memeluk agama, sayang saja sih... karena kalau percaya agama, percaya juga dong dengan pahala dan dosa?
Oh, and one more... berbeda agama dan kepercayaan bukan berarti bermusuhan. Kita kan sama-sama manusia, cuma berbeda cara beribadahnya saja. So, eventhough we're slightly different, please be kind with each other. ♥

Friday, April 3, 2015

Me, Drugs, and Alcohol

"Day 03  Your views on drugs and alcohol"

Jujur saja, gue nggak pernah paham apa maksud dan manfaat dari orang-orang yang terlalu banyak mengkonsumsi alkoholeventhough I can understand the situation of social drinkerbut an alcoholic is a big no no. Let alone kecanduan obat-obatan. I mean, why there are people who willing to put that kind of harm to their own body? Why so stupid?
I'm not trying to be such a goodie-goodie here, and it's up to you whether to believe me or not; I never, not even once, ever touch those stuff. I'm 24 and completely legal to drink yet I have no idea how is the taste of beer, and wine, and anything in that category at all. Yes, I have occasionally hang out at bar with my friends... but I only order either virgin mojito, virgin pina colada, or coca-cola.
And I don't even want to know.
I mean, for a lifetime my body has been alcohol free. Why should I start ruin my body just for the sake of curiousity or other lame excuse such as tuntutan pergaulan?
Tapi gue pun nggak pernah dan nggak ingin sok suci dengan melarang orang lain enjoying their drink. Toh itu tubuh mereka sendiri yang mereka rusak... which is none of my business.

In other hand, drugs, is another level of stupidity.
First, it'll cost you so much. Second, I don't care if you actually able to buy those, it still gonna cost you a lot, things beyond your money.
Coba-coba, bukan alasan. Awalnya cuma sekali dan dua kali, seterusnya lo bakal ketagihan dan lo akan berakhir dengan masalah baru. Mulai dari maksa memenuhi kecanduan lo dengan menghalalkan segala cara. Belum lagi a total shock and a struggle you will put your family and closest one into while watching you battling against yourself. And worst, you'll end up dying.
Now tell me, if that's not stupid, then what is it?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

10 years later...

"Day 02 – Where you’d like to be in 10 years"

Truth be told, I’m not that kind of visionary people. If I must said, I’m actually cherished let’s live in the moment and do our best today sort of lifestyle. You know, que sera sera... whatever will be, will be.
So if the question is where you’d be like to be in 10 years, I only have one answer: In a happy place—yet slightly better—as I’m today.

But for the sake of today’s post, let’s imagine what I’ll be like 10 years from now.

First, and hopefully, I’m in a good health and in a good shape condition. 10 years from now, I’ll be 35. By that age, I wish I already own a little place for myself, or my family. If that so, it means I’m already married and maybe I have my own little girl or boy...
On personal side, by that age I think I already able to repay (although impossible) my parents' love, I'm gonna make them happy.
And I have this kick-ass career that I can humble brag around. :p
Also hopefully, my relationship with this blog is still going strong, that'll be awesome.
And I think, that'll be all.

It's been my lifelong wish, to live a simple yet full life. I never dream for a fancy car or big mansion house. Happiness for me is as simple as coming home and back to my lovely family, able to eat a good food, and maybe a shopping spree and go travel once in while.
Pretty standard, huh?

10 years are such a long time, bet there'll be a lot of change around our life. And it's good, right? Because when nothing change, means you're not going anywhere. We don't want to be stuck, are we?

And in the end, being happy and thankful is what matter the most.

How about you? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?