Monday, April 6, 2015

30 Random Facts About Me

"Day 06 — Write 30 interesting facts about yourself"

First thing first, I read a lot of this kind of post in other people's blog and I love it so much! Yeah, sometimes I can be a litte bit nosy like that... just because it's fun to see how other people see within themselves. I also done a similar thing before, it was when tagging your friend to do a 20 facts about them on instagram went frenzy.
And in this challenge, I ask to do the same thing again... and well, it's quite a challenge, because it come out not as easy as we think. But hey, it's a fun post, let's give it a try!

1) I shit rainbow. I love everything colorful. Pastel or neon, anything that multi-colors, I love it!
2) I'm such a meticulous person. I have these tendency to go OCD. Just can't stand any mess. Especially when it comes to daily routines and house-cleaning related stuff.... oh no, sorry, but you can't just move that pillow as you want, and no shoes on furnitures!
3) A proud cat lady. But not a crazy cat lady. I can spend hours snuggling with my cat while watching TV and never get bored. Funny story though, I used to be afraid of cat, or any animal really, but a few months ago my brother insisted to bring a kitten to our house... and I don't know how, that love just grow. Now I love my cat... so, sooo much! Meow!
4) I read and collect books. That's why sometimes I don't buy book only based on what's written inside, I do judge the cover too.
5) I'm crazy about aromatherapy. Candle, essential oil, or anything that save to burn and can make my room smell good, I'm in!
6) I love flowers, any kind of flowers really. But my favorite are rose, daisy, and poppy.
7) I'm so into taking care of my skin, because I realize I have this complicated skin condition... not the kind that have many pimples or other sort of thing, but my skin always need an intense care if not it will went ugly and dry and I hate it.
8) I have never broken bone in my body, ever. *Knocks on wood*
9) I can't sing but I love to sing along.
10) I really envy people who can draw, because I'm horrible at it... I only able to draw two things: a heart and a star.
11) But I have a magnificent eyes when it comes to colors, I'm very good in mix and match.
12) I also love to cook, and actually I'm in the middle of learning many new recipes, and gain a succeed so far. Yay me!
13) I can't watch enough crime and investigation channel and detective show. I'm obsess! And I'm actually watch one now...
14) My favorite snack is edamame. A very guilty free snack indeed.
15) I never not watching Friends. If I'm not watching anything else, and just hang out in my room doing nothing, Friends is always on... just in a background eventhough I'm not exactly paying attention to it.
16) I have thousand and thousands songs on my iPod. Too much until I'm not aware which song is which.
17) One of my guilty pleasure is following celebrities' gossips and news. Kardashian? Hellooooo!
18) I'm an avid user of twitter, tumblr, and pinterest.
19) SHINee's Jonghyun and Logan Lerman are my crush. Celebrity crush.
20) "Go to London" is always on top of my bucket list.
21) "...And NYC" is next.
22) A worst texter backer. I always delay answering a text and in the end I'll end up forget about it.
23) I'm not a morning person. In usual basis, I always sleep late and wake up late. If only everyday can be a lazy day.
24) My grilled cheese and mashed potato are top notch! Don't believe me, just come and I'll make it for you. ;)
25) I have this insane phobia over deep water and sharks. I never able to put my head under water more than 5 seconds, because my mind will going crazy and imagining I'm gonna get attack by a vicious shark, that will make me panic and unable to control my breath. That's why I don't swim.
26) A self-acclaimed mind reader. I have this radar that can tell if someone lies right there and right away, but mostly I choose to keep shush. That's the beauty in it, to see someone talking crazy in front of you and think, keep talking you liar.
27) I don't do exercise. Except if shopping can count as exercise, then yes.
28) I have a really bad sight... like -4.50 bad.
29) I eat ice cream when it's rainy and cold.
30) I'm a big believer of tough love. I think there's no use for being such a sweet talker... you said what you feel and what you think, if you do it with a right way in a right time, there's no need to sugar coating it.

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