Sunday, April 19, 2015

Daddy's Little Girl

"Day 19 — Disrespecting your parents"

I have such a dynamic relationship with my parents. Both my dad and my mom are close to me, that before they got divorced and I spend much more time with my dad. So in short, I'm a daddy's little girl.
It's weird that now I spend so much time worrying about my dad as he getting older, maybe this was exactly how he felt when he waited for me to come home in a late of night when I'm younger.
So yeah, no need more explanation, my parents are my everything and disrespecting your parents is never an option.
I mean, I understand that some family have their own obstacles. Some have a problematic moms, some have an irresponsible dads. Yet to speak in general; you, will never alive here in this world until today if it's not because your dad's sperm and your mom's nine months long suffering when she carry you.
Of course there was a time when I feel my parents are sucks and super annoying. The way they can become freakishly possessive and controlling over our life when we're still in our teenage years. But looking back at it now, years later, I realize that they do that because they love us so much... they just didn't want their child walk towards a wrong direction. All they want is for us to grow up become a good person with happy childhood memories.
Sometimes I even missed the moment when my mom speak nonsense just to prove her point and when my dad sulking everytime a boy come to our house to pick me up for date. I missed being their little girl, even though I know I'll be forever be that way for them, but still now I'm the big girl who they look for when they need some comfort... and I feel so lucky because of that, to still have time to make them happy and repay their love—although impossible.
So for the youngsters out there, linger in your mind: Disrespecting your parents is stupid and something that you'll regret forever. Respect them, they just trying to do their best for you. Because they love you so much, a love that you'll never imagine someone can have over something until you experience it by yourself way in the future, when you finally hug your own child.
If they hurt your feeling, it's only accidentally, tell them and speak to them, show them that you love them as much as they love you. Do it now, before they gone and you'll regret it for a lifetime.

Now put down your phone, turn off your computer and go see your parents and hug them... or if you currently away from them, dial they're number and call them. Share the latest stories about your life and your love. And tell them how much you love them.

And I do..... I love you mom, I love you dad.

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  1. you are right sweet girl. i'm interest in your article.