Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Pompous Leo

Day 07 – Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality

I’m a leo.
And I think zodiac is fun.
I do believe that born under certain time and planet position, movement thingy will give people a perks that distinguish one with another. But I don’t believe on divination, especially when it’s something like “Next week, you’ll win a lottery” kind of prediction.
But yes, when it comes to star sign and personality, I found it shockingly relatable.

I’m going to put some of leo’s quality, the bad and the good, in this post. And all of them are credited to @Leo_Tweets on twitter. So if you also a leo, go follow them, they’re one of the best!

Leo's do not like to depend on anyone or ask favors
Yeah I am! Because I usually found that if I ask for another person help, even I already give them a very details direction, I still end up finding something wrong with it. Jadi daripada ujung-ujungnya gue kebanyakan complain, kalau memungkinkan gue selalu akan melakukan sesuatu sendiri, biar puas aja sih hasilnya.

Leo have days where they hate everyone, don't take it personally
The thing is, I enjoy being alone a little too much. So there are lot of times I tend to stay alone and don't wanna give a damn about anything outside me. Don't take it personally, it's not because I hate you, that's just the way I am.

Leo never lie to someone who trust them and never trust someone who lies to them
I don't know how many times I already share the same thing over and over again in this blog, liar is my mortal enemy. So people, don't be so pathetic and give yourself some credits. I'm really understanding and respect honesty, jadi dibanding susah-susah bohong, jadi apa adanya itu selalu lebih baik. Kalau lo tau ya bagus, nggak tau juga nggak masalah... nggak perlu pakai pura-pura dan sok tau. Malu kan ya kalau diam-diam orang yang lo ajak ngomong itu nangkep kebohongan lo. And don't be mistaken, I always know.

Leo forgives very easily even if they're angry just 10 minutes ago
It's true, I don't get mad long. Because it's surely a waste of energy, just love and don't hate. I only angry and upset for a short time. Soon I'll be back to a cheery merry person again. But once you cross the line, well that's pretty much it. It's a wrap, because I do forgive but never forget.

Leo come off as harsh and insensitive sometimes, but that's only because they believe in honesty and telling things how they are
Again, I'm sorry.

Leo is a strong and loyal lover, who is prepared to go as far as the road takes them
To be honest, this is my quality that I most proud of. I'm really loyal but only to those who have proven their heart to me. I don't give up, but I choose my war wisely. Kalau semisalnya sudah terlihat sangat helpless, I will offer you an easy way, tell me how can the situation becomes so wrong, and what do you want now? A very painful yet quick method indeed.

A leo is a great analyst. Problem is they can't help but recognize and correct the bullshit
Because I'm awesome and irritating like that. :p

A Leo will be the best friend, but when mad, they attack. Usually, their words cut to the core and hurt worse than any physical blow
It's a nice thing I'm not a temperamental person, I rarely get mad... and maybe that's why once I'm mad, it's bloody scary.

Leo's are dominating but somehow they can be romantic too
Well in my case... I'm VERY dominating and VERY romantic.

Leo's sometimes tends to be quite ambitious and like things to be their way and will not put any efforts into something that they think it will not work and waste their energy
I love to lead, and enjoy to sit behind a control seat. I'm a very confident person who always believe in her intuition, also in my ability to make things right.

If a leo loves you, don't let go...you'll regret it because they'll stand by your side through thick and through thin
Apparently this is not only occurs between me and my partner, but also between me and my friends, and me and everyone else. Because I'm bad with separation, why don't we just fight to make things work?

Leo's don't let people get close to them easily. They are like a piece of expensive candy that everyone wants but not everyone can have
I'm selective because I found it difficult to find someone who actually listens and cares about my life and I avoid to getting close to new people because I don't want to be disappointed by my own high expectation, I steer clear of any possibility of heartache. But once I'm yours, I'm yours forever... as long as you able to maintain me, and heads up, I'm pretty high maintain. ;)

Sometimes when leo pushes you to your limits, it's because they have greater faith in you than you have in yourselves
I'm a believer, that's why I dislike to see someone don't have faith in themselves. C'mon people, you have to believe in yourself first in order to make other people believe in you.

Time is what leo want most, but what they use worst
This, I need to fix. Why I have a very bad time management? It's always comes down to so little time so much to do fiasco. Everytime.

Leo lives, acts and thinks straightforwardly. If they say it, they fucking do it
I don't do empty talk or empty threat. What for really? Do you wanna or not, that's what really matter.

A true leo female is a bitch without realizing it
I think this true... I do realize I don't really ever show my weaknesses, that's end up making me looks so arrogant and powerful. But a little hint, I'm not. There're times when I'm weak, when I have no idea what am I gonna do with myself, and so many confusion about what I really want. I'm as normal as any other person, and I'm  proud of it. I might be clingy to my pride, but on the other hand, being humble is feel nice too. But another hint, just between you and me, okay... don't let other people see that, show them how insane you are, that'll make them respect you. And you gonna feel good about yourselves.

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