Friday, April 24, 2015

An Attraction

"Day 24 — What kind of person attracts you"

I face my first wafering moment in doing this blogging challenge today. It's day 24, you know... The finish line is right there and I'm suddenly lazy.
But hey, I must be strong. So let's do today's topic which is actually easy.

Sooo.. What kind of person attracts me?
Okay, so first thing first is... A person who have a nice smile. Not that creepy smile or smile with white shiny teeth, but smile that make you feel warm and happy just by looking at it... A smile from heart.
Then next is intelligence. I love talking to people who are smarter than me. Bukan jenis yang sok pintar dan jatuhnya malah sombong dan sok tau, tapi pintar yang serba nyambung dan banyak tau kalau diajak ngobrol. Orang yang sedikit-sedikit "Apa? Gue nggak tau" itu major turn off banget buat gue.
A sense of humor is also important... Yang bisa diajak bercanda haha-hihi and no heart feeling.
Dan yang terakhir, dan yang mungkin paling konyol adalah gue bisa dengan sangat mudah tertarik oleh seseorang yang mengikuti trend terkini. Maksudnya adalah dia paham apa buku, musik, film, berita, fashion, dan pritilan-pritilan kekinian lainnya... Karena buat gue itu adalah tolak ukur bahwa seseorang nggak hidup dibawah tempurung and also prove that s/he is care enough to broaden their knowledge.

And I think that's that, untuk kesan pertama those are the things I look forward to the most.
Well... That, plus, okay I'm a little shy to admit it. The pretty fingers and hand. Yes, I'm a hand fettish. It's creepy and weird I know. But I really, really can't stand ugly and dirty hand. It's just.... Gross, ew!

How about you then, what kind of person attracts you the most?

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