Saturday, April 18, 2015


"Day 18 — Your beliefs"

Okay, this is might be the shortest post for this month 30 days challenge I'll ever write. Because I'm actually on the way now, it's Saturday night and I, not a usual, have a plan! So now it's 10.15 and I'm stuck in the traffic, oh Jakarta, you know why everybody have this love and hate relationship with you, right?
And if I don't write it now, I probably will pass today's post and ruin the challenge. So pardon my short post, I'm trying my best... and have a nice weekend, love!

So I look up the meaning of belief on my dictionary app, as you can see on the picture.
And I think that belief is one thing that people need to have to get through life. As for me... The most important beliefs are: Belief in God, obviously. Belief in happiness. Belief that all your hard time is a phase that will bring you to the better time. And, the most important one, Belief in yourself.

How about you, what your beliefs?

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