Sunday, April 12, 2015

Bullet My Sunday

"Day 12 — Bullet your whole day"

Today is such a loooong day and I'm actually very tired to the point I can't even make myself sit and take my laptop from my desk, let alone turn it on and write.
Thank God for this marvelous mobile blogging application. Definitely a must have for everybody who blog!

Okay, so according to today's topic, I need to bullet my whole day. The date is April 12th and it's Sunday.

As usual, Sunday is a rather busy day for me. Because I prefer to take a rest on Saturday, and do chores on Sunday. That's why my Sunday is never lazy...

I wake up around 5.03, my family is always noisy in the morning so it's impossible for me to not wake up by all the ruckus even though I don't want to.
Then I do my subuh prayer, wash my face and brush my teeth. Around 5.30 me, my brother, my dad, and my mom go for jogging—a new habit that we try to do, go jogging together every Sunday.
On our way after jogging, around 6.40, we stop by the food stall to take-out our breakfast and head to my grandma's house—which is our habit too. Since my house and my grandma's house is pretty close, only 15 minutes away by foot, we always spare our time to visit her at least once a week, usually for Sunday breakfast.
We spend quite some time at grandma's, and we walk back home around 9.10, which I hate because the sun is already up and it's getting so hot on our way home.
Arrive at home, I always go straight and sit in front of my refrigerator and chug on a bottle of cold water. Then I spend few minutes playing with my cat before I go do the chores. On Sunday I always do a major room cleaning, because on other day our maid is the one who do it and I'm pretty clingy about the tidiness of my room so I always make time to clean it up by myself.
Then I help my mom in the kitchen, she's usually preparing lunch already. But not today, because today we already make a plan to go out for lunch.
So around 11.30 I go take a bath and get ready for lunch.
We have lunch at a steak house, because my brother has been craving for steak and begging to have it. So it's sirloin steak for him and chicken cordon bleu for me.
We finish our lunch around 1.50 and go to the hardware store because my dad need to buy a hammer and I need to buy a fresh candle, I burn out the last one already.
At 4.30 we head back home and stop by the pet shop to buy Miko's food.
It's 5.20 in the afternoon and finally... we're home! I told you it's quite a long day Sunday.
I clean my face and decided to take a nap for a while. Around 6.05 my dad wake me up for maghrib pray.
After that I just chilling' in my room, enjoying the fresh bed sheet and the delicious scent from my new candle while watch some Friends—I'm currently on season 3 now... probably for a hundred time.
And then... I wake up and it's 9.15 already! I don't even realize I fall asleep. I go out to the dining room and dinner was served, everybody already ate, so I end up eating alone.
Now it's 10.12 and I'm here on my phone, typing this. My eyes are hurt by the way, I think I need to sleep.

So let's call it a day then. Another wonderful day.

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