Sunday, April 26, 2015

Dating Possibilities

"Day 26 — Something that you miss"

It's 10:54 PM now and I just arrive home from the holiday. Well, it was short—only 2 days 1 night yet it's such a pleasure. I'll be back there for sure!

Okay... So let's see today's topic. Something that I miss. Hmm, it's quite a thinker.
The first thing that pop up in my mind is... I miss being in a relationship. Of course for now I still stand by my choice to focus on myself and not get into any relationship just yet.
But yes, I miss the feeling and the obligations to take care of that special someone... You know, people said sometimes rather than miss the person, we miss the memories more. Indeed.
And oh no, it's so does not because I'm lonely or hopeless and desperate for love. No, thank God I got plenty of those from my closest people. It's just... I miss the feeling. That's all, and I can't explain more about it. So hard to explain.
But you understand, no?

Being in relationship of course, is exhausting. I mean, day and night we gonna face this constant worries about that significant other... Either it's because we want to know where is he, is he already eat or not, and/or if he still feel the same way about us.
And trust me, I really don't want and don't need to be in that place right now.
But in the other hand, the feeling when we're in love... That's lovely. Basically the best part of being in a relationship.
So yeah, I kinda miss the butterfly in my stomach. Maybe it's time for me to open my heart a little bit for dating possibilities... Why not? Now the question is, how do you reckon I can ask Zayn Malik out for date? ;D

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