Monday, April 20, 2015

Educate You

"Day 20 — How important you think education is"

Whew, it's day 20 already... time flies, eh? And in fact, it's 10:47 PM now and I just start typing today's post like 5 minutes ago. So finger cross I can finish this post before midnight.

Now, straight to the topic... how important education is for me?
Well... it's probably the most important thing for everyone. And by that not only the formal education at school and college, but also many other form of education.
Why you ask? Well, because I hate stupid people. Not stupid because someone is a slow reader or bad in math, but stupid because they refuse to broaden their knowledge... I mean what's the harm in learning new things, right? Knowledge is something that won't waste no matter how long time gonna passed, if any, you can pass down those knowledge to your child and later your child to your grandchild, and so on...
That's why educate yourself is so important. I don't buy those crap about how a girl don't need to educate themselves as high as possible. I tell you what, a woman is destined to be first educator in her house... who do you think will teach your child his first manner if it's not his smart mother? That's why women needs to be educate. Let alone man, trust me, people judge your knowledge and you don't want to judge as a stupid bloke, no?

And learning something new is fun, seriously. You will have this pride to know you can start and finish something by a knowledge which you learn from scratch. Yeah it might be easier to pay some money for someone to do it for you, but you won't feel the same satisfaction.
Then yeah, take it as a positive campaign: Get up your lazy ass and go learn something, educate yourself, and be smart! ;)

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