Monday, April 27, 2015

Good April

"Day 27  Your highs and lows of this month"

Wow, day 27... it's kinda shocking to realize there are only few days left before this blogging challenge over. I'm so excited to finish it!

In this post I asked to tell my highs and lows of this month. Well, to be honest there's not much I can't tell about this month. April, definitely not my month.
But yeah, there's still some exciting thing happened to me this month. The most important is of course, my Dad was got married last month and so this April is a new beginning for my family. And it's so far so good... it feel good to finally have a normal family again, to see my Dad have someone taking care of him.
On more personal side, really, nothing new. Except this month I start to work on my fiction again after a looooong hiatus. Oh how I miss my characters, been a while since the last time I meet them.
And the lows... thank God, I've been granted by a many nice days this past 27 days. I got a busy day doing my work which I love, I got plenty of quality time with my family, I spend a lot of time talk to my friends eventhough it's only by chatting apps, and I even got a couple days for holiday!

So to sum up..... This month is good. Not extravagant, but so good. And I feel really blessed. :)

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