Friday, April 17, 2015

High and Low

"Day 17 — Yours highs and lows of this past year"

If I ask to talk about this year, well... I don't really have much to say. I really done nothing matter this year.
On March a year ago I graduate from college and I move back in to my house, from there I pretty much spend all my time taking care of the household. There are three person in my house, and I'm the only girl, so basically all responsibilites and chores fall to me while my dad busy with his work and my brother busy with his school.
So maybe my lows this year is the fact that I'm unable to start my life after college as soon as other person could be. I can't look for a job as soon as I'm graduate because after a long and deep deliberation I decided that family should come first. So yeah, I spend this whole year stay at home and take the time to figure out myself...
And now, the highs of this year is coming through. My dad recently got married again, so now I'm no longer become the sole holder of house chores! Yay! Now that my family have a wife and mother again to take care of my dad and my brother, I can become a normal daughter again.
Even though getting out of this comfort zone is sooo hard, but people need to move forward right? I need to brave myself to challenge myself to be better... because when you're not moving forward means you just stay put and you'll stuck forever in this zone. Nobody want it. We have life, we need to live it.

So let's wish us a best luck for a brighter future despite all the highs and lows we've been through. Those ups and downs are only gonna makes us stronger and someday, way in the future we will look back and feel really thankful for that.

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