Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I Feel Infinite

"Day 08 — A moment you feel the most satisfied with your life"

For me, there are so many occasions that I'm thankful for in life. Despite of many hard times and obstacles that I've been face so far. I'm a positive thinker... so if I'm thinking back about it right now, every moment I've been through has its own merit.
But the most satisfied moment 'till now is... hmm, I think it was when I started college. Back in that time... I felt so invincible, I felt infinite. Like there is nothing I can't do.
I'm so ignorant back then, and I guess it's normal... that was the first time I have this whole new life, a life outside my comfort zone—you know... family, parents, home, old friends—and also the first time I realize I have this whole control over my own life, I remember I want to scream "freedom!" on top of my lungs at that time. Well turn out with a great power comes a big responsibility. And in my case, being responsible over myself is quite a challenge.
But oh my God, I'm so happy at that time. I really energized to face every new day. Morning was always looked so good, now it's just ugh, another morning.
Well what's to hate? I was 19, I feel so young and fearless, I had a boyfriend too back then, my family just got out from an insane divorce process, and I'm quite a bright and active student at campus too. So as you see, my life seems perfect. And as time goes by, I'm getting older and life getting harder. But I'm not complaining here, that's an awesome phase that I'll cherish forever. When I feel down, I love bring back and play those memories in my head and it always makes me smile. To remember, that I've been once this girl... a positive and full-spirited person, young and restless. What a moment to remember. ♥

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