Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Little Things

"Day 29 — Things that comfort you"

There are so many things in this life that we relay on when we search for a little comfort in our hard times.

For me, it's always the same things... Hot tea, good book, blogging, instant noodle, and cuddling with my cat.
And also for me, small things matter. I'm famous as a meticulous person. I love paying attention to the details, no matter how tiny they are.
When I make a cup of hot tea, I always make it in the same cup... My favorite cup. It's also always an english breakfast, with two sachets of sweet and low sugar.
When I read a book, I always bring a pen/pencil along with me to underlined any sentences that I love. And I usually prefer to read it while curled in my warm blanket.
When I'm blogging, I love to write at night... With a music or TV as the background. And it depends on my mood, sometimes I write on my laptop, or my tablet, or my phone.
When I make an instant noodle, it's always with chilli papper, lots of onions, and bunch of leeks. Then I eat it while watching some Friends. Shocking! ;D
And of course, my ultimate warm and fuzy thing is my cat! My cute and chubby cat... I can spend hours snuggle him, sometimes until we both fall asleep, and he purr in my tummy.

So yeah... Little things matter. It give us a warm feeling of what we love, remind us that no matter bad our day, there's always something that can lift up our day. What's your little things then?

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