Monday, April 13, 2015

London and New York

Day 13 – Somewhere you’d like to move or visit

I remember wrote this down on my last 30 facts about you topic that London and New York are always on top of my bucket list.
For people who know me well, they’ll probably know that I’m very western minded, because I practically grow up watching all those cynical cartoon, reality show, sitcom, and a little bit too much E!... oh, and MTV! So yeah, since I was little I always fascinate about the way they live, which is pretty different with Asian lifestyle. No. not the sort of things like free sex or the way they party and stuff but into how they manage their life.
Like how to make the kids do the chores to earn some extra allowance. Also a moving class system in their schools, and how their homework and assignment given. And how the society think it’s necessary for us to start living alone after college. Stuff like that.
I think it’s awesome if some of those way of living adopted to our life. So the main thing that attracted me the most about those two cities are their way to live a life.
I always keep it on top of my mind: someday I’ll move to somewhere in England—maybe London or Brighton, someday I’ll visit NYC.
Now, why London or Brighton? I don’t know… I have this weird interest over these two cities, London is a big city in the shadow of history and Brighton, with its windy beach, oh my God, that’s a dream.
And why NYC? Well it only because I’m curious about how is it to live like the Friends’ characters. Tee-hee.

Other places that I want to travel to are Greece and South Korea! Someday, I’ll fill my passport with those cities’ stamp.

How about you, is there any place you want to move or visit?

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