Friday, April 3, 2015

Me, Drugs, and Alcohol

"Day 03  Your views on drugs and alcohol"

Jujur saja, gue nggak pernah paham apa maksud dan manfaat dari orang-orang yang terlalu banyak mengkonsumsi alkoholeventhough I can understand the situation of social drinkerbut an alcoholic is a big no no. Let alone kecanduan obat-obatan. I mean, why there are people who willing to put that kind of harm to their own body? Why so stupid?
I'm not trying to be such a goodie-goodie here, and it's up to you whether to believe me or not; I never, not even once, ever touch those stuff. I'm 24 and completely legal to drink yet I have no idea how is the taste of beer, and wine, and anything in that category at all. Yes, I have occasionally hang out at bar with my friends... but I only order either virgin mojito, virgin pina colada, or coca-cola.
And I don't even want to know.
I mean, for a lifetime my body has been alcohol free. Why should I start ruin my body just for the sake of curiousity or other lame excuse such as tuntutan pergaulan?
Tapi gue pun nggak pernah dan nggak ingin sok suci dengan melarang orang lain enjoying their drink. Toh itu tubuh mereka sendiri yang mereka rusak... which is none of my business.

In other hand, drugs, is another level of stupidity.
First, it'll cost you so much. Second, I don't care if you actually able to buy those, it still gonna cost you a lot, things beyond your money.
Coba-coba, bukan alasan. Awalnya cuma sekali dan dua kali, seterusnya lo bakal ketagihan dan lo akan berakhir dengan masalah baru. Mulai dari maksa memenuhi kecanduan lo dengan menghalalkan segala cara. Belum lagi a total shock and a struggle you will put your family and closest one into while watching you battling against yourself. And worst, you'll end up dying.
Now tell me, if that's not stupid, then what is it?

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