Saturday, April 25, 2015

Problem No Problem

"Day 25 — The problem that you have had"

How's your weekend so far?
I'm actually out of town today, enjoying a quick getaway during weekend at a mountain resort with my family. Lovely!

So today we're going to talk about problem... ah, an obstacles upon our way. Meaning, the only way we can get rid of it is either face it or just ignore it. Your choice.
I'm not a stranger to problematic life. And I'm sure so do other people, because everybody have their own battle. But if you're one of lucky person who granted by easy life, bless you... You're very lucky indeed.

Well, at first I'm thinking about to share another story about me and my rather bumpy life. Then again I think, hell... I'm on holiday, I don't really want to remember problem I have had, ruined my mood, and bump you guys.
So why don't we talk about it other way round? If I'm not mistaken, I ever wrote about the obvious yet forever sucks problems for us the 20s. Now let me share about my trick on how to stay chill about that...
Having an insane breakup, staying in bad relationship, hate on parents, stupid fight with friends, academic problems, before and after divore anxiety... You name it. Been there, done that. But hey, look at me... I made it through, I survive.
The question now is... How?
It's simple: Keep in your mind that whatever your problem is... It's not the end of your world.
Everything that happened to us, first it happened in our head. So if we suggest ourselves that we can get through it... Hell yeah we can do it!

Just don't lose hope, okay?
Everything that happens to you have a reason. And someday, trust me, you'll understand what. ♡

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