Saturday, April 4, 2015

Talking About Religion

"Day 04 — Your views on religion"

Well, hello again! :)
Day fourth on this 30 days challenge and I almost run out of time writing this one. Not to mention, today's topic is actually sort of serious yet I don't really have enough time to write it seriously.

My views on religion... hmm, it's a pretty sensitive case, eh?
Let me just start with myself. I'm a moslem, obviously, since you know I'm wearing a hijab. And I'm in love with Islam. This whole life I've been learning, and still learning, all I can see is the beauty in it. I know, for some people Islam is come out a little bit scary. With its strict rules towards everything and those insane extrimist rumours flying around out there. But believe me, anything that ruin and hurt and causing trouble for others, it's not Islam. Because as all other religion teach, they teach only kindness and peace.
I believe that if you attach yourself to a religion, it means that you find an inner peace inside it. You find that great things you can use to guard your life into the right direction. You firmly stand on your feet that your religion is give you that warm feeling inside your heart, everytime you speak to your God through your pray, you feel like you have that string that pull you up and makes you strong to face this life.
And those who not believe in religion and God, I think it's fine too, it's up to them actually.
Only if it were me, since there are so many things unexplained happens around us, it's just mesmerizing and come out impossible that there's no "something" out of our reach made those that way. And I think that's my basic view of religion.

But then again, it's a really sensitive case to discuss. So let's just leave it as it is. Only one addition, a reminder to be exact, kalau lo sudah memutuskan untuk memeluk suatu agama... please, do it seriously. Lakukan yang baik, dan jauhi yang dilarang. Believe me, it will bring nothing but goodness to you. Jangan setengah-setengah dalam memeluk agama, sayang saja sih... karena kalau percaya agama, percaya juga dong dengan pahala dan dosa?
Oh, and one more... berbeda agama dan kepercayaan bukan berarti bermusuhan. Kita kan sama-sama manusia, cuma berbeda cara beribadahnya saja. So, eventhough we're slightly different, please be kind with each other. ♥

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