Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Sound of Music

"Day 16 — Your views on mainstream music"

Many people take their music as an representation of their personality. I do agree, actually... on some level, you can judge a person based on their music sense. Of course it won't be a hundred person legit judgement. But think it this way, people listen to music to express the depth of their feeling. Things that their unable to say. So that makes what you hear, you.

I also very familiar with when person comparing their music library with another person. And I do understand why actually, because when your iTunes library looks awesome with those broad variety of music it become a little pride for you... humble brag alert! :p

Now, about mainstream music... I'm going to cut it short: I love it!
I have a very mediocre taste in music. I listen to top 40 and I enjoy what's popular at the moment. But I also very open to listen to any kind of music. Some of my friends even call me a "walking Shazam", because I listen to so much music and that makes me know a lot about them, even though I only know the refrain part and failed to remember who sang it or what the title of it most of times.
I have this habit to listen to every music samples I could lay my hand on. And when I decided it's catcy and it looks like I'm gonna love it, I'll download the album straight away. Even though in the end I'll realize that only that one song that catchy enough to listen over and over again while the other songs are practially sucks, yet I never delete it from my library, I just keep it there and later when I have a time to spare I'm going to dig more into it. More than once it happened, the song that I hate turn out to be so great after I hear it a couple more times.
Yet some people, even I don't see why, really alergic to the mainstream music and rather choose to stick to their favorite genre no matter what, or some other more proud to label themselves as an indie listener. I mean, it's okay really... as long as you don't make it as an excues to act all special. It maybe makes sense if you're the one who make the music, but if you only listen to it then why so much hate? Also, there's no harm to open your ears a little bit to new and hip music around—and vice versa, for those who hate and underestimate underground music. Try to listen then hate it if you really can't stand it... but don't go around mock other people who don't have a similar taste with you.

Because as Mr. Billy Joel said, "I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music"
So music, whatever it is, mainstream or not mainstream supposed to be a tools for peace and humanity. No need to hate then, just turn on your iPod and turn up the volumes... and listen. And be happy.

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