Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tumblr Land

"Day 15 — Your favorite tumblrs"

I finally able to spend some time to properly write a blog post. This blog post. Sitting on my desk, facing my laptop, sipping a hot tea while Friends playing on the background, and write.
And today's topic is tumblr... yay!
I'm obsessed with tumblr, I practically use it everyday everyday. And I've been a tumblr user for about 5 years. It's quite a long time.
Now if I must pick favorite tumblr account, well... I don't really have any. I follow so many accounts on my tumblr, maybe around 450-ish. And me being such an avid reblogger, waste a lot of time scrolling and reblogging, literally, everything. So I'll just open my following list now, and randomly pick the accounts that most familiar for me, because if it's familiar then I have reblog a lot of stuff from them. So yeah, let's see...

The best thing about internet is how amazing that you can find people who are similar to you, that's why everybody feel belong in the internet world. Tumblr is the internet place I feel most belong to, so many relatable things.
Annnnd... before I forget and before I end today's post, other than those awesome tumblr accounts I've listed above, why don't you follow me on tumblr too? It's and I do blog and reblog a lot there. 

So, if you haven't heard about tumblr and haven't got one, go get one... it's awesome and you gonna enjoy it very much! See you on the other side of internet then! 

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