Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What Future Will Bring

"Day 22 — How have you changed in the past 2 years?"

Hello again...
And happy earth day, earth people! /Insert earth emoji here/

It looks like today I'm going to write about me again. Now that I see it, the general theme of this 30 days blogging challenge looks like go write many stuff about you so in the end you can know a little more about yourself kind of.

Let's see then... The question is how have I changed in this past 2 years. Well, 2 years ago I was 22... Which is my favorite age, BTW.
Why is it my favorite age? Because that age was awesome... I actually feel like I was living in that kind of world described on young adult movies and books. Gosh, I was so happy. I just got out from a crappy relationship at that time—which I'm really thankful for. I also was in my senior year... Sure, the final year in college was hard, but also really enjoyable. I have amazing friends, who always there for me 24/7 and I also enjoy the perks of living away from my parents.
But... The best thing about being 22 is the fact that I was standing in this line between teenage/young adult and young adult/adult phase. I remember how visionary I was in that time... I was so positive about any possibilities that will come through my way and I was so sure life will bring only best thing for me in the future.
Then 2 years later, here I am... a 24 years old. I still have that positive zinc in me, I still pretty much the same person as I am 2 years ago. The only thing change is probably a slightly realistic and humble view for life. You know, you getting older and you getting wiser... that's the cycle.
So yeah, there's no significant change in me this past 2 years. Maybe it's because I already kinda get through the living hell in my early teenage year so I already reach the point of self-actualization that form me to be me right now. This is me.

Yet we never know what future will bring. I'm still young, there's still a long way to go, there're a lot battle to fight, and a lot lessons to learn.

Maybe... maybe, 2 years from now I'm going to write the same exact post again here. Why not? All we know I can become this totally different person from I am today... or not. Probably not.
Okay then, I'll see you again for the same topic 2 years from now.
See you when I'm 26 then! 

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