Sunday, June 7, 2015

"Princess Diaries: Royal Wedding" : A Grown Up Princess

Okay, so I gotta write it fast while the hysteria still linger around...
Oh my God, I'm practically hyperventilating now. Heaven knows how obsess I am towards the life of Princess Mia and friends. Besides Harry Potter series, Princess Diaries is another number that I’m literally growing up with. I started reading it when I was 14 years old (exactly the same age with Mia when the series begin, thank you very much) and it goes on and on throughout the year until the book taken a hiatus—eventhough I’m not gonna lie, I thought that was the end and boy did I cried my eyes out back then—around 2009 if I’m not mistaken.
And now, 6 years later… boom, there comes the 11th books of the series titled Royal Wedding. The first adult installment of Princess Diaries. Yes, it’s Mia Thermopolis 6 years later, 25 years old (and here I am again, in exactly the same age still).

I actually have no idea that Ms. Cabot ever have any project to continue the series, trust me for a first view years after book number 10 I stalked her like crazy, hoping that she will release the next book. But no… no next book.
So you can imagine how shock I am when few days ago I was casually browsing for an interesting book on Goodreads until I found out a bunch of new reviews about new Princess Diaries novel. I bought it online right away—God bless Google play—and it cost me around 145IDR, totally worth it!
And last night I binge read it, 448 pages nonstop! And impressively done in one night, with no sleep at all.

Now let’s spoil it, so for those who not willing to know the goes of the story, you can stop reading this and go ahead read it by yourself. It’s awesome, as always.

So the story starts a few days before Mia’s 26th birthday… and with the usual Princess Diaries’ antique: a total big problem emerge right away. This time it's because Mia’s dad caught by the police for car-speeding, totally ruined the condition where he’s actually currently in a run for the new Genovian prime minister. But other than that, Mia have her own problem, that is Michael, oh yeah… after all this time, it’s still Michael. And Mia being slash by media for having a too long relationship and why the hell Michael haven’t popped the question yet.
Mia now living at Genovian consulate office, in the apartment locate in the top floor of the building. And of course with Fat Louie! Although he’s an old one now, but still as Louie as ever.
And here comes the first twist in this book, we found out that Frank Gianini alias Mr. G alias Mia’s algebra teacher alias Mia’s stepdad has passed away. Soooob! So that makes Mia’s mom now a widow, raise a 10 years old Rocky by herself.
He dies because a sudden heart attack and as Mia’s token to remember him, she build a teen help center under Mr. G’s name where there work Perin and Ling Su—who are now in relationship, if you don’t know yet.
And Mia’s other friends are in the book too! Lilly, now a law student who currently try to pass the bar test. Tina Hakim Baba, a medical student at NYU, almost graduate. And Boris, OMG, or Boris P. as he now widely known is a superstar and a teen heartthrob! He even got his own fanbase, Borettes or something… complete with insane fangirl and stalker.
The second twist in this book is… Michael. That after 8 years long relationship with Mia finally propose! EEEEEK! Yes, Michael and Mia now engaged—and married at the end of the book! I mean, this is madness, I still remember Mia as a dramatic 16 years old who stubbornly only want to lose her virginity on prom night—which she did. And now, she’s a lady… a real princess, not a princess in the making/training anymore. And the proposal event Michael held, was beyond beautiful!
And of course, guess who went gaga after hearing the news of Michael and Mia’s engagement? Grandmère. Oh yes, she still alive and healthy as ever… not only her, Rommel too!
The next twist of the book is, and this is the big one… Mia found out she’s pregnant! Wait for it… with twins!!!!!!!!!
This is no kidding, this book contain so many stories it almost like the author gets back at us with all might she have to pay for those 6 years hiatus. Which is awesome, but also give me a shock multiple times.
Because not only that, there are still two big plot that change the story forever. First, that Mia is actually having a long-lost sister. Whaaaat?! So it turns out that exactly 14 years ago, Mia’s dad was fell in love over the heel with one woman and despite the fatal cancer that made him, supposedly, fertile. Magic happened, he still able to impregnated that woman. So that’s that, Mia has a sister, a smart and beautiful 12 years old sister name Olivia, Princess Olivia Grace Clarisse Mignonette Harrison, the other princess of Genovia… oh, and I almost forget, that kid is African-American-Genovian. Not that anyone have a problem with that… only, shocking!
And second shocking plot is, almost at the end of the book Mia’s dad and Mia’s mom are getting back together!! Yes, I know, it’s crazy. Of course I always think Helen Thermopolis and Prince Arthur Phillipe are never stop loving each other. What I don’t know is after 26 years of Mia’s life and after almost 15 years long series… it finally does happen.

Well played, Ms. Cabot, well played. *Bow down*

And of course, Ms. Cabot doesn't bring us down, Princess Diaries: Royal Wedding still accessorize by load amount of slick pop culture references. Only this time it’s less Britney and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and more social media related thingies. Which totally make my dream come true, to be able living inside Princess Mia’s world in today’s generation era.

Obviously, there are still a lot of details of the book I don’t spoil here… because I’m a lousy review/spoiler writer as you all know. But yes, the feeling—my feeling is overwhelming.
So if you happened never yet read Princess Diaries, do read. It’s so good.
Well for some people this kind of literary genre is sort of lame, but hey… it’s my favorite genre, it’s all about YA-chicklit-romance-epistolary-with a touch of slapstick humor. It’s a perfect easy read!
Now I can't wait for the next book, now that Mia is pregnant she have to give birth and raise her kids, right? Right!

In sort: It’s 10/10 stars!
"Why delay happiness, even for a matter of principle, if you can have it right away?" — Princess Mia