Monday, July 27, 2015

Oh, for the love of Brownies!

As you all maybe already know—since I'm talking about this A LOT, especially on Twitter, I found a new love; a love for baking. And it's no joke, for me baking is turn out to be something really therapeutic. Someone who used to hate anything related to the kitchen, fall in love with baking.
Well... so long story short, the first cake I ever bake is no other than a plate of brownies. Funny story, when I was asked around the recipe for brownies most people suggested me to just buy the instant dough... but when it's an instant dough, you barely can call it baking really. So I end up consulting with the one and only source left, Google it is.
After a few attempts, and practice do make perfect I finally found my ultimate brownies recipe... now I even able to make so many variations of brownies, like what you can see in the picture above it's not basic brownies... I add a little touch of strawberries and milk chocolate to balance the sourness of the berries and the bitter brownies itself.
But what I'm gonna post today is only the recipe of basic brownies and another basic recipe of chocolate frosting (a normal chocolate frosting, not the milk chocolate as I use in the picture above). Why with frosting, you ask? Because I love to top my brownies with frosting rather than with toasted walnuts.

220gr Terigu
400gr Gula pasir
1sdt Vanilla extract
70gr Coklat bubuk
4 Telur
1/2sdt Garam
200gr Minyak goreng
100gr Chocolate chips (I prefer dark chocolate chips)
150gr Kenari panggang (Or in my case, I use strawberries sufficiently)
Chocolate Frosting
200gr Gula pasir
200gr Gula halus
5sdm Margarine
100gr Coklat bubuk
55gr Susu cair
1/2sdm Vanilla extract

- Siapkan loyang kotak 22x22 atau dua loyang persegi panjang 20x10, tebal loyang bisa disesuaikan. Alasi loyang dengan baking paper, olesi dengan minyak goreng.
- Campur terigu, coklat bubuk, dan garam. Aduk rata lalu sisihkan.
- Menggunakan mixer; kocok telur, gula, dan vanilla extract hingga gula larut dan adonan mengental.
- Ayak campuran tepung ke dalam adonan telur, aduk hingga rata.
- Panaskan oven. Kalau gue sih karena pakainya oven "main-main", mengukur panasnya pakai feeling. Tapi idealnya kira-kira 180˚C.
- Lanjut dengan adonan yang sudah mengental; masukkan minyak goreng, kenari (or any garnish you want), dan chocolate chips. Aduk lagi hingga rata.
- Tuang adonan ke dalam loyang, panggang kira-kira 20-30 menit.
- Keluarkan loyang, biarkan dingin. Oleskan chocolate frosting (if you want to) lalu potong-potong.
Chocolate Frosting
- Kocok margarine hingga halus. Bisa dengan whisk biasa atau mixer.
- Dalam mangkok terpisah campur coklat bubuk dan gula pasir.
- Masukkan campuran coklat bubuk dan gula pasir dengan margarine yang sudah dihaluskan, lalu tambahkan susu sedikit demi sedikit sambil terus diaduk.
- Masukkan vanilla extract dan aduk kembali hingga mengental. Jika terlalu cair bisa ditambah campuran coklat bubuk dan gula pasir lagi, jika terlalu kental tambahkan susu.
- Terakhir tambahkan gula halus and blend it well. Then spread it on your brownies (or any cake, for that matter).

Voilà, there you go! I hope you can find this recipe useful. Happy baking, Loves!  

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Read This If Nobody Texted You Good Morning (Cr: Thought Catalog)

Hello, it's me again!
Is it weird to see me blogging in the morning like this? Well, not morning per se... it's almost brunch o'clock, but just in case you're wondering what an all-nighter like me doing at this early hour; I'm trying to fix my sleeping schedule, so I can fall asleep at night and wake up as fresh as a daisy in the morning like a normal human being.
Also, writing in the morning actually feels better... since I still have this empty room in my head to thinking more clear and straight rather than when I write in the middle of the night where usually all kind of thoughts already cramping my brain and slowly driving me crazy.
This morning I want to share this awesome blog post from Thought Catalog on twitter. I actually already curated a similar post like this and I'm halfway writing it, but then I read TC's post and immediately think, brilliant and inspiring post like this should be read by a whole human population. So I'm going to paste it here, all credits belong to them and the writer... thank you for this amazing piece of read. Happy reading, loves!
First of all: Good morning, beautiful.
Is it too late to say that? I know you’ve probably been awake a while – likely hours or even all day. I know you may have gone this whole time without hearing it – shrugging back to friends and family who asked you how you’re doing with a non-committal “Fine” because that is what we’re meant to do as humans – answer meaningful questions with arbitrary phrases. I know that you may not be fine. I know you may have had a lacklustre day. And I know that something as incredibly mundane as a “Good morning” text may have made all the difference in the world. It’s okay if that’s the case. It’s okay to sometimes ache for those simple and kind-hearted gestures.
Because the truth is that good morning texts are more than a half-hearted means of communication. They are a sign that we are thought of. Cared for. Adored, by someone who may not be immediately present. They are a reminder – one we perhaps should not need but sometimes do – that we are appreciated in our entireties. So if you did not get one this morning, here is what I want you to know:
You deserve to have a good day today. Not because of some universal law that necessitates good things happening to worthwhile people, but because we all do. We all deserve to have a beautiful morning and a correspondingly fantastic day, regardless of who loves us or appreciates us or thinks of us first thing when they wake up in the AM. Just because someone is not around to appreciate the complexities of who you are does not mean that you deserve anything less than pure joy. And in case there’s no one else to remind you, here is what else I want you to know:
There’s a particular way you laugh that can make an entire room light up, if only for a moment in time. There is a way you tilt your head when you are concentrating that makes you look unbearably kissable – as if you were placed on this earth only to stare at things and frown in the most endearing form humanely possible. There is a noise you make when you are falling asleep – a soft, almost inaudible sigh that sounds like the ethereal embodiment of all that is tranquil and calm. There are a thousand minute intricacies that make up the tapestry of who you are and not a single one has ceased to exist since the last time that somebody loved you.
I know we’re not supposed to need reminders of that. I know that we’re supposed to be strong and self-sufficient and reassured – certain of our own worth, questioning only the value of others. But we’re human. We forget.
We forget that we are loveable. We forget that we’re desired. We forget that we are anything other than the hard-shelled, busybody workaholics that we’ve all been trained to behave as. We forget that we, too, merit adoration.
And here’s what it’s easiest to forget: Who you are doesn’t cease to exist because there’s nobody there to admire it. The way you bite your pencil is still cute, even when there’s nobody to tease you for it. The way you hold yourself still exudes confidence, even if there’s no one to assert it to. The way your eyes light up when you’re talking about what you love is – and endlessly will be – attractive, regardless of who is there to listen to you speak. All the little quirks that make you up are not extinguished because somebody once chose against them. You still deserve to have a good day, even when there’s no one there to wish it to you. Even if you forget to remind yourself.
Someday someone’s going to love all of those tiny things about you. Someone’s going to love the way you cough. They’re going to laugh at the way you lose your keys while you’re actually holding them. Someday, someone is going to stare at you from across a crowded room and know exactly how you’re feeling based on the way your head is tilting or the type of wine you’ve used to fill your glass. Someone is going to appreciate all of your obscurities eventually but right now they are all only your own. And that’s okay. First and foremost, you will always belong to yourself.
Here’s what I urge of you if you did not receive a good morning text today: Don’t forget about what makes you incredible. Don’t let your own intricacies slide. Because the loveable parts of you are not gone – I absolutely promise you that much.
You are so much more than the person who nobody texted this morning. You are encompassing. You are fierce. You are a blazing, roaring fire in a world full of people who’ve been burnt. So please, refuse to let the wounded people extinguish you. Refuse to be tamed. Refuse to flicker down into a meagre, burnt-out coal because somebody else is not tending to your flame.
At the end of the day, we’re all in charge of what we bring to our lives. So be the person who brings light to your own, even if nobody else shows up to it. Be the person who has a good day, even if nobody wishes it to them. Find a way to fuel your flame when no one else remembers to, because the world needs the light you give off.
And you, my dear, are too intense a power to be reduced by something as small and insignificant as the lack of a good morning text.

Monday, July 20, 2015

A Little Update About Moi and the Blog, Post Eid Al-Fitr

It’s 6:44 AM when I’m start writing this. What am I doing this early in a holiday, you ask? Because I have a trouble sleeping… same old, same old.

Oh, and I almost forget… happy eid Mubarak to everybody who celebrate it, may all the good deeds we did this past Ramadan bring us even more goodness in the future. Aamiin! Hope you spend a wonderful time with your friends and family this eid Al-Fitr. 

And today marking another new week, another Monday and me being myself, of course, full with another new spirit.
Believe it or not, there are so many things I want to share in the blog I literally have no idea where I should start. So many things going on in my life right now, all exciting and important for me. So let’s put it in the blog slowly, like a puzzle… and let’s see how my life onwards gonna present itself.

Also, as usual, diligently write in this blog is always on top of my to-do list and wish list. Although I feel like this blog will have a little change at heart in the future, since I don’t think I will have that much time to compile a post other than a post about me—some sort of diary, online diary. So for this, I think I need to warn you in advance… this blog is going private, contents-wise. And I really have no problem sharing half of my personal life in the blog, and of course it won’t be a raw sharing, but I’ll filter it so the post still contains some benefit to those who read it. Maybe it’s because me—the curator herself—also have a little change at heart related to this blog affairs, more than blogging for followers, as time goes on… bethink I’m not a professional blogger after all, having this blog as a place to share small and random things has finally become my perks and my choice. But no further worries, other than a slight change in its contents this blog still have a long way to go! (And guess what, the title: Blah-ger has finally back on my twitter bio!)

And that’s it for this morning—plus, I actually forget about other things I meant to write in this post… tsk, classic me! LOL.
I’m going to grab my breakfast now… happy Monday, happy holiday, happy mudik, and happy fourth day of lebaran you guys! Have a lovely day today! XO

Thursday, July 16, 2015

“The truth is, I pretend to be a cynic, but I am really a dreamer who is terrified of wanting something she may never get.”
— Joanna Hoffman

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A to Z

Good morning!
It’s 5:53 AM and I’m wide awake after my suhoor, the last two suhoor before eid Al-Fitr and the end of this year’s breakfasting month.
To be honest, this past 30 days is pretty hard for me… there are one and two things that happened and it happened badly. But hey, I survive!

The reason why I’m writing in such an early time like this because an idea that popped in my head a few days ago; another project for the blog, let’s call it an A-Z project—inspired by David Levithan’s The Lover’s Dictionary. I think it’s time for me to open my dictionary again and randomly pick a word then write something about it. Sounds good, no? And this time I’ll write it slowly, no deadline… just anytime I have the idea and a time to write.

So I guess, I’ll see you soon then… start from the letter A: Abundance.