Monday, July 27, 2015

Oh, for the love of Brownies!

As you all maybe already know—since I'm talking about this A LOT, especially on Twitter, I found a new love; a love for baking. And it's no joke, for me baking is turn out to be something really therapeutic. Someone who used to hate anything related to the kitchen, fall in love with baking.
Well... so long story short, the first cake I ever bake is no other than a plate of brownies. Funny story, when I was asked around the recipe for brownies most people suggested me to just buy the instant dough... but when it's an instant dough, you barely can call it baking really. So I end up consulting with the one and only source left, Google it is.
After a few attempts, and practice do make perfect I finally found my ultimate brownies recipe... now I even able to make so many variations of brownies, like what you can see in the picture above it's not basic brownies... I add a little touch of strawberries and milk chocolate to balance the sourness of the berries and the bitter brownies itself.
But what I'm gonna post today is only the recipe of basic brownies and another basic recipe of chocolate frosting (a normal chocolate frosting, not the milk chocolate as I use in the picture above). Why with frosting, you ask? Because I love to top my brownies with frosting rather than with toasted walnuts.

220gr Terigu
400gr Gula pasir
1sdt Vanilla extract
70gr Coklat bubuk
4 Telur
1/2sdt Garam
200gr Minyak goreng
100gr Chocolate chips (I prefer dark chocolate chips)
150gr Kenari panggang (Or in my case, I use strawberries sufficiently)
Chocolate Frosting
200gr Gula pasir
200gr Gula halus
5sdm Margarine
100gr Coklat bubuk
55gr Susu cair
1/2sdm Vanilla extract

- Siapkan loyang kotak 22x22 atau dua loyang persegi panjang 20x10, tebal loyang bisa disesuaikan. Alasi loyang dengan baking paper, olesi dengan minyak goreng.
- Campur terigu, coklat bubuk, dan garam. Aduk rata lalu sisihkan.
- Menggunakan mixer; kocok telur, gula, dan vanilla extract hingga gula larut dan adonan mengental.
- Ayak campuran tepung ke dalam adonan telur, aduk hingga rata.
- Panaskan oven. Kalau gue sih karena pakainya oven "main-main", mengukur panasnya pakai feeling. Tapi idealnya kira-kira 180˚C.
- Lanjut dengan adonan yang sudah mengental; masukkan minyak goreng, kenari (or any garnish you want), dan chocolate chips. Aduk lagi hingga rata.
- Tuang adonan ke dalam loyang, panggang kira-kira 20-30 menit.
- Keluarkan loyang, biarkan dingin. Oleskan chocolate frosting (if you want to) lalu potong-potong.
Chocolate Frosting
- Kocok margarine hingga halus. Bisa dengan whisk biasa atau mixer.
- Dalam mangkok terpisah campur coklat bubuk dan gula pasir.
- Masukkan campuran coklat bubuk dan gula pasir dengan margarine yang sudah dihaluskan, lalu tambahkan susu sedikit demi sedikit sambil terus diaduk.
- Masukkan vanilla extract dan aduk kembali hingga mengental. Jika terlalu cair bisa ditambah campuran coklat bubuk dan gula pasir lagi, jika terlalu kental tambahkan susu.
- Terakhir tambahkan gula halus and blend it well. Then spread it on your brownies (or any cake, for that matter).

Voilà, there you go! I hope you can find this recipe useful. Happy baking, Loves!  

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