Friday, August 21, 2015

August Poly-List

Hello, loves!
The time is 12:52 AM and here I am in front of the laptop curating this post for you—or for me, actually. But that's okay, I choose to sleep a little late this night because I don't have anything to do tomorrow anyway. Also, I'm kinda excited for this post because after a long time planning to make this kind of post... today is finally the day!
I don't know if I ever mentioned this before in the blog: I'm a Polyvore junkie, my another ultimate guilty pleasure! What I love the most about Polyvore is that it's giving us the illusion of online shopping where we can freely browsing, liking, and even mix-matching all awesome stuff there and make it as our very own set. It's like magic.
Yeah, obviously, the prices are so out of my reach and makes me wanna cry... but still, it's good to know what's the latest hot items out there and took it as a reference so next time I'm going shopping I can buy a slightly similar items with way, way cheaper price.
Based on that sentiment, I really want to make Polyvore as an annual post in the blog. So from now on, I will try to make a monthly set of the latest items that popped in my Polyvore account, pick some of my favorites, and share it with you... sounds fun isn't it? And let's name it... a Poly-List.
So here we go, my very first Poly-List!

1. Venessa Arizaga 'On The Road Again' ceramic charm silk clutch | 2. Lulu Guinness Women's Catherine Large Lips Envelope Clutch Bag - Red | 3. Markus Lupfer + Disney® Thumbs Up Vintage Mickey sequined merino wool sweater | 4. Markus Lupfer + Disney® Vintage Mickey sequined cotton T-shirt | 5. Linda Farrow Matthew Williamson Women's Peach Gold Lens Sunglasses - Shiny Black | 6. Victoria Beckham D-frame acetate optical glasses | 7. Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate | 8. Rimmel Comic Relief Kate Lipstick | 9. TOPSHOP **Casio Digital Watch | 10. Otm iPhone 6 Case - Fruit Loop | 11. SheIn(sheinside) Black Stiletto High Heel Ankle Strap Sandals | 12. TOPSHOP SALOON Ankle Strap Flats | 13. Levtex 'Blowing Kisses' Pillow | 14. Flutterfluff Black Lola Lux Mink Lashes | 15. FRAME DENIM Le Skinny de Jeanne cropped jeans

So... what do you think of my pick? I especially rooting for the sunglasses, ankle strap sandals, and cropped jeans—because one person can't have enough jeans, right? Also, I'm sort of curious about that false lashes while I actually have no idea to put false lashes to my eyes and I really want to try it sometime later. And that Vintage Mickey... you lie if you tell me you didn't want it too! ;p

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